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Artificial Friendship

By Alumx
(title hinted by Psaturn)

Well, I gotta say  it was the most organized drawing I've ever made, I even color coded layers....COLOR CODED!
but yea, it was fun little experience, rendering was the best part :3 so much fun~

Turned out okay

***add info***
approx 5h
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© 2014 - 2021 Alumx
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Is this Twilight or an OC?
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Hello Alumx, i truly love this artwork, it is amazing! would you mind if i used a copy for a song of mine? you will of course be credited in the video and the description. thank you so much in advance
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Greetings raver, as long as you credit me I'm cool with it :3
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Did i say before how i love dat art? No?

Just was lurking through my favs and saw it again.
Princess Luna Like a boss Emoticon 
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Blew my mind away!
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Woah!!! Looks epic!!! :omfg: :omfg: :omfg:
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glad you like it :D
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Hey! Can I ask, does Psaturn have a Deviant Art account? He/she (I'm assuming he) made an incredible and brilliantly hilarious comic featuring me and Apple Bloom, and I wanted to compliment him on it! :lmao:

This is incredible BTW!! :wow: 
All the feels... :tears:
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I don't know anything about him ._.
I'm kinda cofused tbh
BlackGryph0n's avatar
AH! Ok, I must be confused then...
I found this ridiculous comic featuring me and AB on 4Chan:…
It's signed "Psaturn", so I searched the word on DA (assuming it was a name) and found this.
I assumed perhaps you knew who it was since you wrote: 
(title hinted by Psaturn)
I guess I was wrong though.. My bad. XP
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*techno dance*
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Hold shit that looks so cool * - *
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*presses shift*
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Oh wow... This is so beautifully terrifying, I can tell that a crapton of love was put into this, that shading is just beautiful! <3
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yep, you're right in saying so.
I drew this after doodling for few hours in post it notes :P
so when I went back to photoshop, everything felt like heaven compared to prior.
So yes, this is made with pure joy and satisfaction in mind ^^
I'm happy to hear that you like it
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Bro I'm not kidding when I say you got some awesome art skills!! Really good job on this!
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well for every 1000 bad drawings , there should be 1 good :P
thank you ^^
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Brohoof to that my friend! /)
youre very welcome~
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