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Soulseer Study

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Genone 83
Codename: Soulseer
Danger Level: HIGH
Containment Status: Escaped
Lifestyle: Semi-aquatic
Aggression: High
Traits: Regenerative properties, emits an EMP shockwave that surrounds his entire body every 5 or so minutes. This EMP shockwave may actually be turned into either a beam or a blast, able to knock out many creatures in direct contact and shut down many different machines.
Major Flaw: Blind, sightless.
Creation Purpose: Creating a blind apex predator.

Soulseer is one of the most recent 
experiments, the one supposed to be a test on how the scientists of Altar Laboratories could push the limits of using genetic material, which explains why a lot of his Genetic makeup is from a multitude of different reptiles, most prominently, from Alligator Mississippiensis, Orcinus Orca and Irritator Challengeri. Lacking a set of nostrils and presumably a set of lungs, some would presume he breathes with his skin like amphibians. However, every studied inch of his reptilian physique is scaled, heavily armoured and coated in a deadly neurotoxin. So it is not yet known how he breathes, though some suggest he DOES have lungs but instead uses his mouth to breathe. Around his waist area is a set of quills. These quills act very much like porcupine quills with one extra little nitpick. Instead of JUST piercing and lodging onto the flesh, his quills go straight for the bone.

Soulseer has the intelligence of a 10-11-year-old child and is often seen mispronouncing worlds and/or saying things he doesn't know anything about. This came from, believe it or not, the HUMAN DNA incorporated in his genetics. This also means that he is incredibly attached to comedy and music. However, believe it or not, he is actually only a few hours old, ranging from 2-7 hours in total. Because of his intelligence level, he is very mentally unstable, latching on and clinging to those who show positive emotions toward him.

However, this doesn't matter now. He is running wild around the world, devouring all who get in his way. Squirrels, deer, crocodiles, even large cougars are eaten. He travels from place to place mainly by swimming across oceans.

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