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Solaris Study

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Genome 25
Codename: Solaris
Danger Level: High
Containment Status: Escaped
Lifestyle: Terrestrial, Aerial
Aggression: Average
Major Flaw: Low Weight
Creation Purpose: Creating a large flighted herbivore with use of chemical defense.

Solaris is incredibly dangerous for mostly the wrong reasons. He is herbivorous, favouring flowers instead of other creatures. He is the mate of Lunaris, and the 2, when transferred into the Biodome, dance around the lake, often having expressions that resemble 2 young individuals in love. On his tail is a large gland, containing a few sacks of chemicals that when, mixed, spontaneously combust. When angered or if Lunaris is hurt badly, he quite literally flies into a rage, flying around the attacking and trailing smoke behind him before hovering infront and blasting the attacker with flames, often cooking the foe alive.

He is currently in London, flying around the city and stealing flowers from people's vases. The children love his sight, for his dragon-like appearance and usage of flames may lead to them mistaking him for a legendary serpent.
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