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The Eldritch Serpent of the Otherworld

A creature resembling a dragon, this alien beast is a master apex predator in all environments. Despite having limbs for standing, it can levitate slightly off the ground to move instead of dragging it's body along the rugged terrain. The 4 mantis-like forelimbs act like grabbing appendages, snatching and holding prey while the mouth tears it apart. If unable, these limbs also act like spears, plunging into prey and tearing it apart with no remorse. Echolocation has been suggested to be a possibility, yet no sound except territorial roars and snarls have been recorded.

When first discovered, it was inside a cocoon-like object inside of a meteor created from a foreign material. Once emerged, he was fairly small, estimated to be the size of a chihuahua. Noticeably, he was missing his signature halos. But over time, it began to grow to massive sizes, reaching the height of a monster truck in under a week. That was the last size observed because that night, it broke out. It's current location is in an underwater cave in Australia, right below a fossil site in New South Wales, feeding on marine life and cooperating with other intelligent life. So far, a pod of orcas has taken him into their hunting strategy when craving the flesh of larger creatures.
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