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Lunaris Study

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Genome 26
Codename: Lunaris
Danger Level: Average
Containment Status: Escaped
Lifestyle: Semi-aquatic
Aggression: Low
Major Flaw: Low Defense
Creation Purpose: Creating a large creature able to travel on the surface of the water without breaking the surface of the water.

Lunaris is a pacifist. She spends a lot of her time skating across lakes and generally enjoying the serene environment. Her base was that of a beluga whale, believe it or not, and her genes were just altered so much and added to that now she has long spider-like limbs with webs at the ends of them. She has average intelligence and is capable of understanding emotions. Because of this, she often mourns over dead friends or cries over the huge massacre that was the Breaching Incident. A large sack which connects to the trachea stores and cools down water, which she can then blast at opponents to either trap opponents in their spot or freeze over the ground, making it slippery for most attackers.

Now in Vyracta, she is seen skating across the surface of the ocean. She does on occasion stray too close to civilization, where she is able to interact with both civilians and animals, often playing with these supposed "friends".
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