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As the war raged on, gargantuan trenches with rivers at the bottom have been observed to appear overnight. Scientists were baffled, as to what could have created them. Neither the Britains nor the Germans have records of a machine creating such valleys and so the scientists decided to dig deeper. Over night, scouts have reported seeing a gargantuan creature, towering over the hills and digging up the trenches. The idea seemed so incredibly ridiculous of how a creature of such size could sustain its size on land. The "hoaxes" continued on for a few more months until the head researcher got fed up and decided to wander outside herself, armed with a smoke bomb and a flare gun. As expected, she walked away from the facility for 2 hours before she nearly fell into one of the trenches. Within the trench was a gargantuan organic mass, scaly and alive. She snapped a few pictures as the creature reared out and bellowed, a sound potentially reaching the entire region. As the head researcher returned, she stumbled a bit, muttering "It's real..." from time to time as a mixture of of realisation, glee and shock blanketed their face.

Kucker is a large semi-aquatic and semi-fossorial varanid of gargantuan size. Its head resembles that of an alligator at most, yet it sports an impressive frill of barb-covered horns, preventing attacks head-on. On the back is a 3 plated carapace with 2 sails protruding from the shoulders. These sails resemble the wings of European dragons. Its forelimbs resemble the posture of a gorilla, while the hindlimbs resemble those of a theropod. The tail taps off in a sharp bit of keratin, which is used as a knife. Within the mouth is an opening to an organ just at the bottom of the mouth.

Knucker will eat stones and other minerals and transfer them into this organ. The organ will then somehow turn these rocks into bullets of energy and, in some cases, beams. With the beams, it's quite easy as to what he does with it. With the bullets, it will have the choice to either blast it out in a "sniper" style (bullet becomes long and narrow), "rifle" style (bullet remains as default), "spray" style (a few bullets will clump together and make 1 big bullet with up to 14 smaller ones) or rapid fire (standard rapid fire).
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very cool,, How do you draw your dragons?! They're so good!