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Kaijune 4 - Toxic

By AluminumFox
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This is by far the worst kaiju to come across, as every attempt to kill or subdue the creature will fail miserably. Overdose is the odd combination of a centipede, scorpion and rattlesnake. One main reason it was named "Overdose" is because whenever attacking a city or fighting something, there will always be patches of it's venom around. This is unknown, but a leading theory is that the venom acts much like poison, too. This means that it can leak into the skin of other creatures, damaging them from the inside too. If the tail can't reach the target, the pincers up front may do a lot of damage. The edges are actually covered in thousands of rows of cone-shaped "teeth", which allow it to grab tightly and finish the job with another weapon.

4th Kaijune doodle, I went all out with a snake, scorpion and centipede. The centipede's aspects are hard to spot, they're the pair of limbs at each end of the kaiju.
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