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Kaijune 1 - Barrage

By AluminumFox
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Plunderer is an odd kaiju, sporting only muscular back legs and no forelimbs. The tail is fairly long and can be used like an arm, but the most unusual part is the attack at the area of the mouth. Instead of a massive beam of energy, flames, ice or radioactivity, it shoots small harpoons created of ice at an alarmingly fast rate. This means you can be big and you can be tough, but you won't survive once he finds your weak point. Gender isn't certain, as we have no clue where to look. Some call it a "he", some call it a "she". Really you can call it whatever because it doesn't care.

First sketch of Kaijune 2020! The first prompt was "Barrage", and I at first wanted to do something robotic. Then I realised this is my art and I can do whatever the hell I want. So I made a Trex that shoots Ice Spears.
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Pretty cool kaiju you got there. I actually drew a monster that looks kinda similar to this, but I haven't posted it yet though.

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AluminumFox Traditional Artist

hey, maybe they've got some relation.