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Anomaly 386

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Containment Procedures
Anomaly 386 is to be contained in a circular saltwater aquarium (40 Metres in diameter and 60 Metres tall) with a variety of shark species, preferably the species of Sphyrna mokarran (Great Hammerhead). Saltwater, coral selection and shark species are to be switched every week. 3-8 dozens of fish, preferably Tuna, are to be released in the tank every day on feeding time. Guards are to be positioned at every entrance and exit near it. Drains must be watched by surveillance cameras.

Anomaly 386 is a large semiaquatic entity. It most resembles Sphyrna mokarran in physical traits, but also exhibits traits from Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator). 386 is a sapient being, showing intelligence much like ours. This means it requires entertainment and company, otherwise it would break out indefinitely to find such things. It's record swimming speed when looking to escape, is currently around 95 miles per hour. This means it was incredibly hard to catch and contain, as whenever it spotted one of our helicopters it would just run away.

386 was found in the ocean, swimming with a group of sharks. This group wasn't natural, and included usually solitary species like Carcharodon carcharias (Great White Shark) and Isurus oxyrinchus (Mako Shark). 

Observation Log (The Speaker is Commander Arkens)
Earlier this year we have recovered the news of two massive sharks, off the coast of Bimini and Florida. This seemed abnormal, as hammerhead should grow to 19 feet, 20 at max. These two were said to be 20 feet at least, possibly larger. And so we searched until we found this f-cking piece of runaway sh-t in the Atlantic Ocean. Took us bloody forever to catch the damn thing, and once we got it in a net it would just spin in its place, cut through it all and swim away again. It was worth though, he really is an interesting creature. Endearing could be a word to describe it, it really did warm up to us.

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