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Altenorus - Origin Form!

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Also known as Alter, he is the main aquatic creature in the Raven's Crest.

Altenorus, the dragon of contradiction.

Altenorus is an odd fellow, often him contradicting himself. He is aquatic, though spends a lot of time in the desert. He is lazy and seemingly useless, yet the main contributor to a lot. He is cold and emotionless, yet too emotional. He is incredibly weak, yet one of the most formidable creatures in the entire clan. He is carnivorous, yet the one in the clan to eat the most vegetation. He possesses abilities that only creature-like machines may have (removing limbs, reattaching limbs, turning limbs around in full 360-degree motion), yet his entire form is organic. He rarely likes to travel, yet can be seen descending down to earth to defend the weak. He is supposedly very calm, yet can get very violent.

He enjoys being alone, yet, with powerful magic, he is often seen with 2 heads protruding from his shoulder. In this form, he is reported to be very calm and collected. The other 2 heads... are a bit different. His right head, often entirely black, made of bones with a line of violet fire within the ribs is the angriness that builds up in Alter from time to time. His left head is often blue and manifests with a few crests running down the neck. This is the fun, happy and innocent side of Alter. The 2 heads normally attack each other both physically and with insults.

He is commonly found in the desert, swimming through the dunes. However, he can also be found in the ocean while hunting. If called to a meeting in a cave, he will attempt to locate a patch of sand. If no sand is located, he will then search for water. There is no otherwise, as everyone else has caught wind of this and now try to find a cave along the ocean. The only consistent things he likes doing are playing cards, watching animations and fishing.

Fun Facts:
- The blade on his tail is used like a sabre, and he definitely fights like it is.
- He actually hates a lot of things despite seemingly emotionless when reacting.
- Don't touch his sail. It's what attracts the electricity when he flies and is the thing that carries it.
- His roar and call are like those of the male Muto, which helps him alert others for help.

If you wanna use him, better get my approval first as he is my main OC.
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