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I realize I seem to have been inactive on here for a VERY long time.  I'm still drawing a bit, though not so much as I used to.  I can post a few things soon.  I've thrown myself more into my writing for a while now as that is more my passion.  I don't really like posting written things here, and I'm wanting to see if I can make more of a careeer type thing.  Anyways the whole point of all that was to say that I have made an "author's site."  Check it out if you like.  Don't hold your breath for updates here though.  I'm kinda lazy about it, but I will get around to it at some point!  lol… <-- My site.
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I realize I haven't been active for sometime.  I feel like I've fallen a bit out of the drawing groove for a while.  After all, it's not my passion.  I have been writing more and more though, as that one is more my passion.  I admit though I'm not sure if I want to keep posting them on here.  DA has lost it's appeal to me.  Too much popularity talk and stolen art.  But I have recently discovered the wonders of Goodreads.  It's also a place to post your own writing, so even if I don't post it here I will certainly update there.  If any of you have an account feel free to add me.  I am somewhat active there.…;<--My Goodreads.  Go!
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Just a quick update.  Not really a lot to post here.  Honestly I don't much care for DA anymore.  All my decent art and life junk is on facebook.  If you guys want you can add me there.

In good news though, the GF has had her webcomic and and running and now we have a face book for it!  You guys can click that little like button and keep up to date on everything.  As well as visit the page itself.

Here is a link.
Go there.
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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 3, 2010, 12:04 AM

Ya know, I'm really disappointed in people these days.  On here that is.  All I keep seeing now is "OMG give me points and I'll fave your stuff.  Give my lots of points and I'll even COMMENT! Wooo"

Seriously?  Is that all this site is anymore?  It seems like fewer people actually care about the art anymore.  Don't come to me begging for points.  I refuse to give any.  Even the llama junk stopped being interesting.  I get all these random llamas from people solely because they expect to get one back.  Sure I endulged in it too when it started, but I gave them to people whom I know.  If you aren't on my page because of my art, then I don't need you here.  I don't give points and I won't give you a llama.

These bots are annoying too.  I got all excited to get a watch, and then I come to find out it was just a bot thing faving EVERYONE.  It's sad these bot account with NOTHING on it got 50,000 more pageviews then me in a day.  Not that I'm whining about my pageviews cause again I don't care about that either, but things like that start taking the enjoyment out of the work those of us really put into our accounts.  People need to open their eyes to these things too.  You won't believe how many watchers those accounts get.

All in all I just don't enjoy DA as much anymore.  It's all about popularity.  What happened to the art?

(Awesome stamp up top by :iconskeleion:)

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Journal Entry: Sun May 2, 2010, 12:01 AM
So I realize some people might be a wee bit confused seeing that I've Dev-Watched them.  At least the people who already knew I watched them.

I purged my deviant watch list.  I cleared everyone and rewatched only my favorites or the people important to me.  I admire all types of art, but my list was an embarrassment.  I apologize though if I missed over some people.  I admit I probably missed a few I wanted to keep here or there, but I had a HUGE list.   I may go through again, but for now I like my more meaningful list of people I admire <3

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Turn It All Around

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 17, 2010, 9:15 AM
So I've noticed this whole Deviation Storage thing a lot recently.  Confused the hell outta me when I first started seeing it, but of course I looked into what it is.  I totally understand the reasoning for it and I guess why people use it, but I personally don't like it.  It's somewhat annoying when I look into my favorites and see almost full pages of "Deviation in Storage."  From what I can tell too there really isn't a way to remove it from your favorites once it's there.  I don't really like not remembering what used to be there either.  Again, I get what some people choose to do that.  Not bitching at the people who do. Just not liking the way it makes pages look now.

I miss the arts too ;.;

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Death is a Charade

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 1:10 PM
I've never really gone out of my way for things I was interested in.  I don't go many places.  Though for once I did.

I stumbled upon a rather interesting up and coming music artist. Lights.  She's currently on tour and I managed to catch a show at a small bar in a college town not far from here.  I was blown away.  I'm a huge fan of her and her music, so being able to see her in person was a huge deal for me.  And the best part?  I met her.  It was a very small venue so there was a chance to meet and talk with her after the show.  She's a very sweet down to earth person.  Very relate able. At least to me.  She has an amazing stage presence as well.  Over all the show was fantastic and I'm so glad I took the opportunity to go. She was a lot of fun.  Even if she is Alli..

I recommend getting her debut album.  Good stuff.  Show her some support.

Aaand I got an autograph on a T-shirt <3

000_0574 000_0575 <- Go to her site.  Now.

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Paper Dolls

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 4, 2009, 10:09 PM
Went into my gallery and moved a bunch of things to scraps.  I've been re-evaluating a lot of things, obviously about my art.  It's been pointed out to me that I'm not really applying myself.  I'm inclined to agree, but I'm also very intimidated by the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone.  I suppose there's nothing else I can really do but just jump into it and see what happens.

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Talk with Your Hips

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 17, 2009, 5:51 PM
I wanted to address something on the off chance it became an issue.  Nip in the bud you could say.  I've gotten into the habit of not specifying who the subjects of my portraits are.  That is intentional.  I'm not sure if that falls into the realm of not giving credit or some such like that, but I do have reasons.  I'm trying hard to improve and make my portraits look like who they're ACTUALLY supposed to be.  I'm basically leaving that information out to not influence the viewer in hopes that maybe I succeeded in some sort of resemblance to the subject I intended.  So the names are left out.  I can edit them back in if it does become an issue, but for now I leave them out.

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What looks like Chaos

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2009, 10:47 PM
So I've had some sort of cosmic moment.  I finally stopped and said "I'm living life wrong."  So I've yet made more changes, this time they feel more drastic, more set in stone.  This covers a few aspects in my life, but I will only talk about the art aspect of it. (If you want to talk to me about the rest, just contact me)

I've had a lot of inspiration and motivation to actually work on my art.  I feel like it's slipped a lot, gone down hill.  It shouldn't be this way.  I don't exactly call myself an artist, but I finally agree that there is some talent there and I'm letting it go to waste.  I've made a certain someone slightly upset at me cause I just never seemed to care about it.  Well it's different now.  I'm actually drawing every day.  Not a lot, but I do something, keep my sketch book with me always.  I've also tried my had at digital colouring more too.  Not my own line art (which may change someday) but it's still been pleasant.  I'm really enjoying it and it's also helping me.  I really want to make some effort at improving my art, even if it's little steps at a time.  I've also been told to start drawing more people and less photographs.  I may still draw from them, but I'm going to focus more on drawing people, drawing the flesh.

Any advice or tips are welcome.  I have been talking to someone about it, but if anyone knows something that will help or something that they do for practice anything, I'm all ears.  Hopefully I'll be posting more in the future.

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I felt it was already time to get rid of that horribly depressing last post.  Thinks are looking better and I'd like to stay on the positive side.  So I'm going to do just some random update.

I realize that I'm really not much of a social person.  I'd like to be.  Even on DA alone there are people I've come close to striking up conversations with and then I just let it die. Why?  Well it's not intentional.  A lot of times I feel like chatting up someone on DA who is relatively famous on here, but I don't.  After a couple back and forth posts I just get intimidated and realize they have no reason to talk to me, so I stop.  I'm also a part of a couple socializing websites.  I've decided I'm going to whore myself out in the attempts of maybe meeting more interesting people to chat with.  So at the end of this post I'll list a few ways for anyone to contact me.  Despite the fact that I am a little anti-social and shy, I really do love to talk to people.  I just have to find that connection with them then I'm chatting all the time.  (There's a certain someone who can confirm I do in fact talk too much. <3) So I dunno.  I do hope I can break out of my shell a little bit and have a bigger social circle. So feel free to hit me up on any of it at any time.  I'll also add more to the list as I get them.

Messengers - All posted here on DA

Myspace -

Shelfari -

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In light of recent (horrid) events  I've decided I need to step back and really look at some things.  I guess I should take this time to evaluate some stuff.  I realize obviously I'm not someone worth being with.  Okay.  Maybe I should take this time to change that.  I think one of my biggest faults is that I don't value myself as a person.  Seems kinda selfish I know.  But it's true.  I think that's my biggest issue.  I don't take care of myself because I don't think very highly of myself.  It's been rough trying to adjust and honestly the effort has gone no where.  I've struggled a bit with trying not to get back into some of my old habits.  Some I've managed to avoid, others, not so much.  I need to change that.  I need to become a better person so that someday maybe I can be a person worth coming back to.

: /
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I finally got around to updating my review journal thing.  I don't know if anyone was really honestly interested in reading what I have to say, but I'm gonna try updating more again.  So go check it out if you'd like.  There will be more on the way.
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I've been thinking a lot about the whole 'WIP' thing.  I'm not sure how I feel about them.  I mean, yea it's kinda neat to see the creative process on some things.  I do like that and in fact sometimes it helps me take notes on different things I can use to improve.  In the same light though I don't like seeing it before it's finished.  Kinda takes the excitement out of it ya know?  I sometimes feel like the finished product doesn't mean as much because you could kinda already "see" it before through the little teasers.  

So I was wondering if anyone else had opinions on this.  Do you post 'WIP' deviations?  Why? If no then why not?  What you feel about them? etc...
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Seriously there's nothing left of value in my car.  What reason do people possibly have to continuing to get in it?!?  I hope they feel really stupid though.  All that was left was my Pirates of the Caribbean and Kingdom Hearts soundtracks.  They were pirated copies anyways.  Enjoy crackheads >.<

In other news, I'm not sure I like the new DA.  It's all right I guess.  Just gonna take some time to get used to.  Things take longer to load now which is annoying.  No point in complaining though.  Can't exactly change it.
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Not really anything to update, just wanna get the birthday thing off my front page.  So I'll just spout some random stuff.

I've liked being 21, though I still haven't really gone out yet.  A little sad about that.

I STILL haven't worked on anything.  My girlfriend asked me to design a tattoo for her which I've sketched, but gotten nowhere on.  I'm really not good at these sorts of things.

Someone tried to break into my car... again.  In a crowded movie theater parking lot, 1 o'clock in the afternoon my brother and I leave after the movie and BAM!  My locks are broken off my doors.  The driver side was bad, pretty torn up, passenger, just the lock itself.  They didn't get in luckily, though as a friend pointed out now every lock on my car is broken.  (the trunk from the previous time this happened, and they succeeded.  In the parking lot of my apartment complex.  They got the system out of my car.  It was nice ;.;)  But yea, really annoyed about that.

Not really much else exciting going on.  Some comics came out that I'm really excited to finish, so I'm off to do that.
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I'm 21 today. Yay me.

Gonna try to get the tattoo I originally wanted way back when.

I'm curious what other people did for their 21st.  Or just their last birthday if you're not quite there yet, or if you live somewhere where being 21 doesn't mean anything special.
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So I've finally actually sat down and start the blog idea I wanted to do.  It's nothing fancy.  Still working on the layout and things, but I have a few entries going, so yey.  Check it out if you want, no pressure.  

Here's my subjection into the bandwagon club
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I decided to update for the hell of it.

I'm really glad my parents are so supportive of my art.  It's not great yea, but I'm getting better bit by bit.  My father keeps me on my toes though which I'm soooo happy about.  I don't really have a lot to draw at my mothers, but my father is always finding things he wants me to draw.  I guess you could say he commissions me a lot.  I got another one, actually more from his girlfriend and I'm excited about it.  They want it to be a present. I won't give any details yet.  I'd really like to make it my best one yet, so I'll be really studying some of my favorite deviants, talking to them, studying tutorials etc.  

I'm also doing my version of one of those "look how I've improved" things. (I can't remember what they're called)  More info on that when I get around to actually continuing it.

And I leave off with an amusing story about your's truely.  

I went to my fathers the other day because I had left a Redbox movie there that I needed to return.  Keep in mind  my father lives about 45 minutes away.  So I'm alllllmost there when I realize I forgot his house key.  No worries!  I just call him at work.  I stop in and he gives me the garage clicker since his girlfriend has one too.  So I get the movie, leave the clicker on the table and go out through the side door since it locks behind you.  Out in my car I realize.....I left my keys inside.  No way back in now.  Every thing's locked.  My downstairs room window was even locked.  Weird concept right?  So I call him again, his boss let's him take his brake a little early.  He drives up to the house, clicks the button for the garage and drives back away to work, laughing the whole time. -.-

This is the kind of thing that happen in my life..... daily.

Aaaaand.  I recently purchased a life size Buffy Cardboard standup.  She sleeps next to my bed.  ^-^

I <3

Edit 4.29.08
I locked my keys in my car today.  Luckily I was able to nearly dislocate my elbow getting my arm through the cracked window and opened it.  My mother was on stand-by just in case.

I'm telling ya, daily.
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I'm uber excited!

I got my signed copy of Echo issue #1 today!

I know I'm not the only one to get one, but YEY anyhow!