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Hubelia (T.N.B. Labyrinth Of Oblivion) by Alucus Hubelia (T.N.B. Labyrinth Of Oblivion) by Alucus
Well it's been a long time coming and a lot of work to get to just this point but I think that it was worth the effort.

So to give you some background, some of you may remember me stating that it was for a none Pokemon project, well this is the first map of that project.
A remake of mine and Cynders first R.P.G project together, T.N.B Labyrinth Of Oblivion. While it was a completed game, we both felt that the game could use a lot of work to be good. So while Jan is hard at work on the next game, I decided to jump in and start work on remaking the first one.
So The starting location and main hub of the game Hubelia, this is where the player can rest, receive quests, level up, buy equipment and chat with npc's.

The area to the north is how the player accesses The Core, a mysterious anomaly filled with strange monsters.

Okay so just for reference the overlay and the npc placement is just for reference at the moment, as is the full sized map. Obviously there is a lot in here that the player just can't see in game, so the in game map will be trimmed down to keep it running smoothly. I'm also still working on certain animations, water is done but the water fall and the ripples on rocks and lillypads still need to be made.

Just a quick note as well is that this is the very first time in all these years that I have made every single resource in a map from scratch, it's proven a challenge and very time consuming but I think it was and will be worth the effort.
P.S. Fish shadows in the water cus why not :)

Also, here is a like to the game/Deviantart page (link to the game in the description), incase anyone is interested to see what project is being remade.

All resources are made by me for private use ONLY all copyright goes to me and :icontruecynder: Do not use any of these or the currently in game resources without express permission from either of us.
Thank you.
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PeekyChew Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I understand the amount of work that goes into making this many original resources, and placing them all together into a nice map, so really good job on that front. It looks great, and luckily nothing like Pokémon, which I'm sure is what you're going for. Are you planning on making it into a full indie title or just something on the side?
bluecuban Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2018
I love the lighting effects; they make the map look more gorgeous than the environment already is. Fantastic piece.
Alucus Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Thank's for the kind words. :)
iametrine Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alucus Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! :)
Magiscarf Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018
You deserve to be proud of this. It must have taken a lot of time, but it payed off. Looks great.
Alucus Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hey thanks :) That means a lot, not gunna lie I'm pretty bad at making natual tiles, so your work has been and continues to be a huge source of inspiration and reference for this project.
Alexeis1993 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018
WOOOOOOOOOOW, are the most beautiful graphics that I've seen of this type, certainly some a masterpiece, if you do not mind I can ask you a question ?, I'm planning to make a mysterious world pokemon game and although I still need a lot to start I would like to ask you for permission to use these tiles and others that you have, because I am in the phase of gathering material for the game:).
Alucus Featured By Owner Edited Oct 26, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hey man, thanks a lot really appreciate it.

You can use anything in the "public Stuff" subfolder on my gallery heres the link…, they are all free to use with credit so go nuts with those.
These tiles however are private and for a none Pokemon project, so I'm afraid that these are off limits ;)
Best of luck with your project though, I'ma watch you cus you have me interested the project sounds like it could be fun :)
Alexeis1993 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018
Thank you very much, I still have a lot to weigh because I have to finish gathering resources, learn a bit of GML (programming language) and finish writing the story, but as soon as you start and have something you will be the first to know it, again many Thank you:).

PD: I'm looking for advice for the story, I've already had it but if you're interested in keeping an eye on the prologue to give your opinion I would be very pleased, if you do not get it or you do not want or you can not no problem :)
Alucus Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Sure I'll keep an eye out. I'm not the most active on here anymore but if I see your stuff and have the time absolutly.
Alexeis1993 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018
Once again thank you very much, I will send it to you in a message, it will take me a little because I have to pass it from a notebook to the machine but it will not take long :).
Sun-Bean Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018
Beautiful work! I wish you luck with this project, it's looking very interesting. :D
Alucus Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Thank's Sun, it's gunna be slow work (real life is a bitch) but I'm super proud of what I have so far. Again feel free to give the original game a play and watch my bf Cynder cus he is working on the sequal which also contains a lot of my work in it :)
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