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Shinku ::Rozen Maiden::

It's been awhile since last time I draw her - -:
hmmm I know this may looks similar =o but I did draw it on what I remember in my head too *ref from T2
- -" eheh just training duh - -" still so manything to learn T-T I'll try something next time - -: and next next next *pokes* o... ocuh - -"

things didn't go too well, the examination's coming next week ... - -" I must prepare well this time ... - -"

draw and color in photoshop CS

when i went out and use the other's computer
and I look at my pics
they're abit different from what i see from my monitor * - -
I wonder if my monitor's ok - -" perhaps I need to change it

edit abit - -
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Shinku est magnifique ^^
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Great job! I love her face! ^^
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lovely pic of Shinku.
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she looks so lovely
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Beautiful draw of Shinku <3
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Very cute and so beautiful!
Shinku is my most favorite Rozen Maiden doll.
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She looks so cute.
I want to draw like that!
Great piece of art :heart:
OMG amzing is all to say, i really like rozen maiden and shinku is my fav! it is so good i wish i could draw like that...
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I love your style.
It definitely complements Shinku <3

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She looks cute :D
The sketchy lineart fits the overall drawing very well :thumbsup:
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It is absolutely amazing!~
I want to ask you if you could draw for me for mii manga, Heavenly Love. I am creating a Romance anime called Heavenly Love about a carefree high school girl who is sent from heaven and four boys appear claiming to be her eternal servants. But love happens... I cannot draw, but I am a wonderful writer and if you want to see what I've come up with, e-mail me at and I'll show you the characters names (I have all their names) and their info. The main character is Saori Miyazaki. Oh and if you want to test my writing skills, read my fanfiction on called Forbidden Love (by lilcandy-78) and its a SakuraXDeidara story. It only has five chapters so far I'm afraid. But I have more stories.
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-*- oh I don't have much time to do so far - -
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oh wow I cant believe how beautiful this is. :jawdrop:
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O.o!! HUH!?!?!? this is sooo TONY TAKA!!! XDDDD omg the eyes XDDDD
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