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GE-Kano doodle01

I haven't draw anything for a big big while...

today I did killing time with this while I waited for the dinner = ="
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x--animelove--x's avatar
I wish i had a cloak like that :P
tursiops33's avatar
She has a wonderful face expression
AMO17's avatar
welcome back from the grave :)

Glad to see something from a favorite artist of mine and as usual your style is awesome!
Aluciz's avatar
haha a walking dead!
MaewPoo's avatar
ไม่ได้เห็นอลูวาดอะไรมานาน มว๊ากกก! T^T
Aluciz's avatar
หะหะ นั่นสินะ - -
HonooNoKarite's avatar
Yes, it feels like you've been gone for quite a long time, the last time I remembered you was when your style was visibly closer to Tony Taka... no offense. Now that's starting to change and that's a good thing... also, no offense. To be honest with myself I quite liked it myself :D
RainingBullets's avatar
Jesus, I thought you were dead D:

Anyway, putting the surprise aside, great art as usual :D
Aluciz's avatar
hehe I've been busy with rl works and stuffs - -
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Aluciz's avatar
woa so fast xD
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