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All grown up

....o__O my first love hina fanart , and who is it ...grown up shinobu @.@ ... i did this for Oracle , my hellsing brother :D ...because i forgot his birthday ( i think xD) this is a present...<< or somehting like that ...

geez... soft bruhs are a pain for me -__-...but i think it came out ok :3 ...proportions ar a tad messed up ...i really need to practice female figure drawing x_X .

the BG ... yeah just a picture of a street in japan ... i was gona just do a simple two toned bg ....but then a friend came over and started messing around with it and had this pic on his flashdrive thingie ...and i liked it so ...yeah ...and because i was too tired from work ...damn my boss and his little weird tasks D: .
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Oracle-kun's avatar gave me my own adult Shinobu!! :3
Now I need to get you something..say what you want and I'll give it ^^
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you don't have to do anything ^__^ ' ...

<< but if your going to i sue love me some spyco vampire nazi girl :D .... man << i really need to start figuring out why i like rip so much xD
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She's nice!! ^^
Maybe her eyes should have less brighten, but... i like it XD Hinata is so sweet dressed like that, and with long hair.. Can i draw her in this version too, some time? :3
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sure you can ^__^' you don't have to ask me that :3 ...after all akamatsu san is the owner lol .

and yeah the eyes ...<< i usually don't draw eyes in that style i guess i lost the touch ^__^' ,*writes down in note pad "not so bright eyes" * got it ^______^ , thanks for the comment :*

i'll be looking forward to you vertion of her :3 :D