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"So Police Girl, how does it feel to be among the dead?" Alucard asked as he scratched and rubbed at Malissa's ears. "Okay, I guess," I said, pulling out a compact mirror from my pocket. "I look normal enough," I thought, turning my head from side to side. I smiled at my reflection and what I saw stopped me on a dime. "FANGS!" I screeched. "What the hell!? I have fangs! What?? How in the-" Before I could finish my rant, the door swung open. Walter, the butler, walked in with a tall tan woman with long blonde hair in a dark suit. She had wire-rimmed glasses and a look of superiority on her. She stared me down with her icy blue eyes (shudders). "You're to loud, Police Girl. I don't if you're a vampire, you're still an Englishwomen. Have some manners! Even Malissa has better manners then you," the women said with shrill authority. Her face slowly dropped from a superior smirk to a disappointed frown when she looked over at Alucard. "Alucard; stop messing with Malissa's ears and put her down! She commanded. As you wish master," he said with a grin still plastered on his face as he reluctantly let her go. Her expression was that of a cat that had been supplied with cat nip. Malissa quickly shook her head and hissed, running behind Walter and glaring at Alucard with her piercing silver eyes. Walter shook his head and chuckled as if watching a conflict between toddlers instead of a vampire&fox girl. "Now that that's settled, I am Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing. We at the Hellsing Organization kill and hunt down monsters such as vampires and other supernatural things. You shall be working here from now on, understood?" she explained as she as she exhaled a cloud of cigarette smoke. "I….uh…yes understand," I mumbled. "Good. Now, you'll wear this Hellsing uniform and get ready for your first mission," she said as Walter handed me the neatly folded clothes with a smile on his face. I swallowed and took the clothes, thanking the butler. I looked over at Malissa. Her ears stood up with anticipation and excitement as she walked up to Sir Integra and started to speak.
"Will I…" Before I could ask, Sir-Stick-Up-Her-Ass interrupted me. "No, Malissa, you won't be going tonight, you need to stay here and help out Walter." My ears fell in sadness and disappointment. I balled up my fist and gritted my teeth, nut the next thing she said calmed me down a bit. "But I assure you, you will be in the next mission. This is Police Girl's night," she smiled. I let out a long sigh and replied defeatedly," yes I understand Sir." She looked at all of us and smirked "Wonderful, were all on the same page. You're dismissed," she commanded. That night all I did was clean. Hopefully tomorrow will be fun.
***The Following Night***
"Finally, my turn!" I grinned excitedly as I strapped my sword in its case on my back. I was surprised when Dad handed me the uniform*not sure if it is it didn't have the Hellsing logo*. I expected to receive the same ugly yellow uniform as Seres, but instead I was given a pair of black jeans with little pink, purple, and green; heart, butterfly, and flower shaped decals along the sides. I liked the shirt best, but I showed way to much stomach. It was black with white long sleeves and a pink heart in the middle. "I see that the clothes fit," Dad smiled. "Yeah they do. And-thanks Dad-I really didn't want to wear that yellow uniform. To me it looked too tight and way to short" I confessed as I strapped a green holster to my right thigh and stuffed a gun in it. "Did you honestly think that I, Walter C. Dorneaz, your father, would let you wear that? He asked incredously. "Well, no," I blushed. He turned to leave and said over his shoulder," hurry up, Malissa. You don't want to get left behind. You, Seres, and Alucard are on this mission; please be careful." Don't worry, Dad. I'll be fine. Promise" I assured him, tail wagging as I followed him out the room.
***Later that night***
"This…is…stupid!" I yelled, kicking a trashcan down the alley as Seres sat down on the stairs. "It's not fair! We're stuck outside while Alucard's in there shooting ghouls!" I hit the wall and Seres jumped. "C-calmed down Malissa; you're making me nervous. You'll get a turn," she stammered. "But it's not fair! He gets all the fun!" I whined as I plopped down beside her. She turned to face me and her eyebrows shot up. "Fun? You call this fun? She asked astonishedly. "Well, yeah. I've always been locked up indoors-well in my case, a cage," I said, looking around impatiently. "Oh…is that what-, she changed her sentence, Why do you have the fox ears and tail?. " My oh so 'caring' parents loved their daughter so much that they decided to use her for their sick science experiment," I said bitterly, turning away from her. She jumped. Hey! You okay?" I asked. "huh? Wh-what!? Oh! Y-yes okay!" she said looking around. "Wait-Whats wrong?" I asked worriedly. "Sorry I frightened you, Malissa it seems I'm being called up…through telepathy?" she asked more then said as she hurried into the abandon house.
"oh…..okay" I sulked as she left. Aw…is my little vixen wanting in on the action?" Alucard asked as he appeared out of know where beside me. "HOLY MOTHER OF-Don't scare me like that!" I growled, annoyed at him for startling me. He reached out to touch my ears again, nut I ducked out of his reach. He let out a short laugh as he began to rummaging*lol that's a funny word* through his red coat. He finally pulled out a medical blood bag, poked a straw throught it, and began slurping at it like it was a juice bos. "She's is better then I thought, but she'll have to be good for me to make her a blood relative," he explained through the straw.
We could hear her in there, firing off her gun. Over and over again. BOOM! BOOM! Then a ghoul smashed through a window and landed at Alucard's feet. He pulled out his Casull*that big silver gun* and shot it in the face, completely unfazed by it; whereas I jumped about 3 feet in the air. "Police Girl! When you shoot, make sure to aim for the head or heart. Humans don't become ghouls because they enjoy it! Kill them quickly and put them out of their misery".
**Inside the abandon house**
"SIR YES SIR MY MASSTER! She said in a purr as she walked deeper into the halls, reloading her gun as she moved with a sick grin plastered on her face and eyes red.
"Oooh…" he purred with a gleefully insane grin on his face. "Oooh, what? I asked, a little worried at his expression. Then there was silence as we realized something other than ghouls was in the building with Seres. "Stand up, vixen We're going in," he said, walking away. I warily trailed into the house behind him.
**Somewhere on the 2nd floor**
"Holy shit! What happened?" I asked as we walked through a magnitude of blood and body parts. He ignored my question and continued marching ahead. "looks like you're catching on to what means to be a comedian, Now that the trash has been taken out, it's time to find the host vampire and take care of him too…" he stopped talking when he saw  Seres, back turned to us. (she was standing over a ghoul she just kill by stomping on its head). A grin slowly spread onto Alucard's face. "S-Sere," I whispered. She turned around, panting from exhaustion and adrenaline of the kill. She looked down and saw that her left hand had blood from the ghoul she killed. She slowly raised it to her lips, toung out, ready to taste her first blood. Alucard's eyes widened and his sick smile got even more wider. The look on his face practically shouted, "Go on. Drink it!" I turned away in disgust and saw something silver pierce through the darkness. I turned in the direction it flew and saw that it had caught Seres in the throat. I was to shock to move as more knives flew through the air only hitting Seres: stomach, abdomen, chest. With her eyes widened in shock and fear, she fell to the floor with a THUMP, blood pouring from her mouth and wounds. AH!NGA!AHHGUUUH…" she gagged, even more blood spewing from her lips. "SERES!!!" I screamed as I ran to her aid, only to be yanked back by my tail.


Anayeli Rodriguez
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Hey everybody Im anayeli but you'll can call me annie! :) im a really fun loving, and hyper i'm a big fan of Bleach and Hellsing those are my top 2 i like the most.....and if your curious just ask the question. thank you and goodbye


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