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Sniveste Contest Entry
"Just a little more...mmmhm...there it goes..."
    Speaking to himself as he worked away, Snively carefully mounted the last piece onto the device he was making. The short-but-skilled man was sitting in the middle of a makeshift workshop, the most basic of tools and wiring equipment resting on every surface that was level with his old metal stool.  Simple wooden beams with insulation visible within the walls surrounded him, the small room even less spacious thanks to the untidy pile of scrap metal and loose debris resting in the corner...It was no master laboratory like he had been accustomed to for so many years, but it was everything he needed for the task at hand. "You wouldn't think this was made from salvage...but of course I made it work." He let out a small chuckle as next to his seat he reached into a bag of sliced bread, inserting a piece into the top of his brand new toaster. With a soft, pleased smile he pushed down on the switch and watched as the wires
:iconalucard009:Alucard009 2 1
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Kiihra: The Tiara Trap (TK)
" very thoughtful of you to let me in like this. No locked doors or windows, servants taking a night on the town, and even leaving this in the open...I'll bet you got what you desired..."
    Sitting on a pedestal in the center of a large display room, a female stickletop smirked slyly as she looked down to her feet; underneath her silky smooth soles was an male orange fox, wearing a formal suit with his arms bound to his sides. "Dropping all of your defenses just to see these feet of mine. Couldn't help yourself...I can't blame you though, I could not help myself when I saw the opportunity either." In her hand she was holding a sapphire gem the size of her fist, tossing it up and down as she stroked the fox's face with her toes. "Mmmmph...beautiful mistress..." Her softly glowing eyes lit up even moreso in the darkness, if not with illumination then with delight at another man eager to worship her beautiful soles.  "Well, I'd love to continue receiving
:iconalucard009:Alucard009 24 8
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Well butter mah biscuit, ain't that a hole in the boat? Got so caught up with my job n' such that I completely missed my own dA anniversary again X___X I joined on the 17th of this month 7 years, that's a long bloody time looking back on it. 

Much has changed over the last several years...Admittedly I'm not nearly as far as I'd like to be or as close to some folks as I'd like. It is hard to hang in there and it's been a rough year for everyone it seems. Love was had and then lost, and the future seems less joyous every day...shucks, I've started hating the Holiday season more and more with every year, but I think that just comes naturally in this day n' age. Whatever magic people may see or have in this month, it sure doesn't rub off on me when stress-inducing fate lacks the same compassion, but I have to hang in there. I have to believe things will get better...that these inner demons can be felled, they can be beaten. Dark times have befallen me in recent months, and perseverance and the faintest glimmer of hope have to kindle the flames I used to have. I ain't expecting much to play in my favor naturally, so all I can do is hang in there and do what I can to survive and find something to love again.

...By Beholster's Eye, sorry if that got a tad personal. It's been a rough stretch of days in recent times, but at least I can try to accentuate the's what Bing Crosby would do! Looking back at old works definitely make me cringe, as is the norm for just about any artist XD Obtaining a tablet for my birthday resulted in hours of practice and some pics I'm modestly pleased with. I've still a long ways to go, but I'm getting better as steady as can be. At the very least I can be more proud in my work, that I've made progress I didn't even see myself making years back when I started. I'm also immeasurably grateful for the friends I've made on here that I've come closer to, recently some more than ever. There isn't a day when I don't think about the kindness of others and how they've helped keep me from falling apart, the people I can depend on and trust in my deepest, darkest hour. Such wonderful friends are worth so much more than the money I can make, and them staying by my side is the biggest thing to keep me waking up and trying every day. If I make a list it'd be a long one and I know I'd slip up and leave people out, but you all know who you are...and you have my eternal gratitude.

As the year is ready to reach its turning point, a day of new light is soon to be upon us. There are wounds to be mended and lessons to be learned, but the struggle will surely be worth it...after all, there can be no bravery without madness.
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