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A Hellsing group for those who like Alucard and Seras Victoria - whether separately or together, platonic or not, it's up to you!
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Bold truth ProloguePrologue: School crazeWaking up a girl by the name of Yui Komori found herself in a surprisingly frilly and lavished room especially considering all the occupants in the home were male. It also surprised her that she wasn't in some dark and dank dungeon chained to a wall after what they planned to do to her, nevertheless she was glad to be proven wrong in that regard. 'So it's true that I'm not the first girl here, shouldn't be surprised considering what...' she stopped mid thought to examine herself. The last thing she remembered was being in an abandoned room, almost instantly she noticed a woman with long purple hair in an admittedly beautiful dress (She guessed by the lavish jewelry that said room was that woman's) and then she had hurt terribly after gazing upon her. This had caused her to knock some books over...and one of these books caught her eye, but because of her staling she was eventually caught by the 6 brothers and they were about to.... This was bad. As bad as it could possibly get! If one, just one of those creeps got a sip of her blood, it could be game over for her! Upon inspecting herself she found that she was un-bitten. 'Thank god' she sighed but then she realized what she was wearing. It was a cute pink night gown...that she didn't own! "What happened to my clothes?" she whispered to herself. What was worse, being bitten or knowing someone in that god-awful pack of wolves saw (At the very least) her panties and bra while she was out of it."My my, that color really suits you" a familiar voice said smoothly, a voice that made her skin crawl. It was Laito right there on the corner of her bed. "That negligee really brings out your scent" he grossly complimented "I can't help but wonder if you're trying to tempt me Little Bitch." He then came crawling towards her. With the sort of man, he was it could only mean he wanted either two things, her body or her blood. Both were extremely likely given her impression of him. "But I..." she said as she backed away from him. "Hey!" cried another familiar voice, the blatantly possessive Ayato who then shoved Laito off. "Don't touch what belongs to Yours Truly without permission" he warned. "Chill Ayato" Laito said trying to calm the situation "You don't need to be so ruff." "Keep your hands off of her! She's mine!" Ayato threatened. <i>'So that means permission will never come from the likes of him</i>' Yui reasoned. "Stop it you two" she cried. She hated being the shirking violet, but this was part of her role, if she were to play the unsuspecting human she had to act like the unsuspecting human."What's going on here?" an unwavering calm voice questioned "Hurry up or you'll be late." "Shit not you again Reiji." Yui's opinion of Reiji was a simple one, which was that the house would have fallen into shambles long ago if he hadn't kept a form of order among his brothers. That was likely why he didn't seem to like any of them. "Aww and I was just starting to have fun" Laito jokingly sighed. Reiji then turned to her "And you are going to need to change." 'Huh?' she wondered "I have to change? Are we going somewhere this evening?" she asked. "I should think that would be obvious, you're going to school" he stated matter of factually. More questions just seemed to come up "To school? Now? At this time of night?" Though she has only lived a short time, she had never once heard of such a thing as a night school that wasn't for adults. 'Then again given they are vampires their appearances probably betray their actual age' she reminded herself 'Still...'"Seriously, how obtuse can you be" Reiji was clearly the easiest to annoy, followed closely by Subaru who had not only punched a hole in the wall but also destroyed her cell phone. "Must I be required to spell out every little detail for you? You will be attending Ryoutei High School Academy, a prestigious night school." 'You make it sound like I should just know this stuff buddy' Yui thought, annoyed herself. "But why do I have to attend school this late at night?" she asked. 'Correction; why do we all have to attend school this late at night?! Sunlight does nothing to you.' "Though you mortals are accustomed to keeping daylight hours we simply cannot allow you to do so" he said flatly "As long as you are in our home you will abide by our rules and adjust to our lifestyle." She almost chuckled at the mention of 'Mortals' if they only knew, but instead, she just nodded. "Now quit dilly dallying around, hurry and change into the school uniform I laid out for you" With that the boy's left...and she was free to speak her mind. "Night school" she hissed throwing off the sheets "What's wrong with a normal school?" She yanked off the night gown and started to put on her new uniform. "I mean come on" she said slipping on the blouse. She then took a look in the mirror, and for a briefest of moments there was a flash of a fang "Adjust to your lifestyle huh?"After getting dressed in probably the dressiest uniform in all of history (She was beginning to miss her old one) she summoned a black mass that revealed itself to be a book, specifically a diary, she then flipped through the pages. To the average person it was just some foreign language written but to her it was Romanian, something she could read as easy as English. The text went as followed: "I had never thought I would achieve such happiness. What would the old man think if he saw me now... I wonder if he's rolling around in his grave. I truly can't wait to see what my child, my bizarre miracle, grows to be. May her life be one of joy." Within the journal was a photo. It was of a man dressed in red, holding a tiny baby swaddled in a pink blanket. "How did you get here?" she asked aloud.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One tense car ride and a clarification of the rules later Yui had begun to start her first day at her new school. According to Reiji she was to be in the same class as Ayato and Kanato, she found it weird that Laito wasn't in that mix assuming that this was age based they should be in the same grade. 'Maybe they're too much trouble if their altogether' she reasoned. Just then she couldn't help but remember in her skirt pocket was the cranberry juice that she was given. She pulled it out and examined it. On the one hand she didn't want to drink it, but wouldn't drinking it give her cover? These boys would make good on the threat to drink her blood, there was no doubt about that, so if the juice could give her any cover for her true nature it would help. So, she caved. She took a drink of the sour liquid, but instead of just a sour taste it came out foul, practically bitter! Whatever hope she had for it being a good source of protection quickly diminished. 'I'll empty it in a bathroom sink then dispose of the box when I'm at that house' she planed 'maybe the toilet would be better.'When she entered the classroom, it was surprisingly empty. It was only her, Kanato, and Ayato. Kanato was sitting there with his teddy then proceeded to laughed like he heard a joke (One she was comfortable not knowing) and Ayato was just lying there.'Must be early' she guessed. Looking around Yui saw an assignment that was written on the blackboard "Oh we're studding food prep" She chirped out. She did like to cook every now and then and learning another countries dish would be interesting. "Food prep?" said a surprisingly alert Ayato who then let out a devious giggle. 'I don't like where this is going' Yui panicked. But where it went surprised her, in no time flat they were in some kind of home economics room. "W-What are we...?" she asked in a haze. "I wanna eat takoyaki today" he declared. '...What?' "Takoyaki?" she asked. "Make me the best takoyaki in the world" he instructed. "But I... I don't have time shouldn't we be getting to class?" "Just shut up and get on with it" he groaned "then yours truly will eat them for you, you'd better start cooking." "...I don't understand why your making me do this right now?" Ayato was surprised by Yui's small outburst, and so was she. For the first time all day her mind and mouth coincided. She almost forgot they could do that.With no other alternative she began to make the dish. It was her first time cooking any Japanese dish, but she could at least read the recipe she found. 'Never been more grateful for all those private courses in langue and culture' she beamed. Finally, she was finished. While she wouldn't be able to say it tasted good right now at least it came out looking right. Luck was on her side however because the bratty Ayato seemed satisfied. "So yummy~" he cheered. Yui did not share the same reaction "I can't believe I cut class on my very first day" she sighed. "Ya gotta stop sweating the small stuff" he reasoned. 'Unfortunately for you I don't file 'school' under the category of 'small stuff' prick' she thought. "You should try some yourself" Ayato offered. 'Gee how nice of you to let me have the food I made by myself!' It was official; Ayato was the most annoying brother. Being annoyed at Ayato aside she took one of the balls and found he was telling the truth. "Delicious" she agreed mouth still full. "Told ya" he said then popping two more balls into his mouth.Suddenly Yui, the only practical one in the room, had come upon a hard fact of life. Cooking leads to messes. "I'd better clean this up" she realized "Our next class will be starting soon." ’Plus we're not supposed to be here' she hissed in her mind. As she began to clean the dishes, she noticed that Ayato was just sitting there. "Ayato come help me" Yui called out. 'Am I dealing with a five-year-old here?!' "I only made takoyaki because you told me too" she insisted...still no movement. "Come on Aya-" but before she could finish the statement, she saw that he was right behind her, with only one goal in mind. Instinct and rationality clashed in a bizarre way. Yes, she could just leave the room...but he would follow her, there was no place on earth that a vampire couldn't follow. By that logic however she could outrun him if she tired.... but she couldn't. So, she just found herself near the window in a state of panic."Why are you trying to run away?" the predator asked, "I've been waiting so patiently since yesterday" he reasoned like a child wanting candy "Let me drink your blood." He then garbed her by the wrist keeping her in place "I'm begging you...please..." Yui pleaded. 'What do I do what do I do?!' she tried to think of a way out of this but there just wasn't one. 'If I force him off my cover is blown for sure' she reasoned 'But if he drinks my blood won't there be a chance of him noticing?' Her instincts screeched. Ayato then turned her neck to examine it. "How tempting your skin is without any fang marks on it" he praised "Yours truly will be the first to take so many different ways." Before she could react in anyway...he took a bite into her flesh. She let out a painful moan so sure that this would do her in. On the bright side she could sock it to him if he guessed correctly, but that didn't happen. "It's so good" Ayato 'complimented' "This is incredible...your blood is sweeter than anything I've ever tasted before." He had a possessed smile on his lips 'He doesn't...know?' she marveled. "I like you" he told her "You're just my type." He then took a second bite <i>’dame it! How long till he figures it out?’</i> she cursed. "S-Stop it!" she cried out. "Let me go this instant!" She said shoving him away. Looking at the red liquid at the corner of his mouth a strong sting was felt on her neck and she instantly covered it letting out a soft sob in the process."Stupid girl" he mocked "Don't you realize it'll only hurt more when you pull away from me like that?" She could feel tears brimming around her eyes; she had never felt so helpless in her life. "That really turns me on" Ayato admitted "Your tears and that look of pain on your face really do it for me." He then wiped off the blood drool "Please stop it" she pleaded covering her rage. Though she did have some fear 'What if he drinks more? What if that's what causes him to find out?' "Can't we take a little break?" she reasoned. "Like hell we can" before Yui knew it Ayato was on top of her slowly and painfully draining her life force. Because of that his strength was much greater that hers. She couldn't shove him off even if she tried, and soon she lost consciousness."You are such a disgrace" said a voice from behind, a voice that the trouble making red head knew all too well. "I can't believe you'd engage in this sort of thing in school." "Damn it Reiji I was getting to the best part." As always nothing that was said affected him. "Please be responsible and see that she gets home safely" he instructed. Ayato just grunted at the second oldest then turned off the lights and left.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This time when Yui came to she found herself a swimming area (Which she felt was ridiculously posh). Her blazer and top ribbon where missing, but she soon saw where said ribbon had gone to. "Yo, you awake yet?" Ayato called out ribbon in hand. He then made his way towards her. "You stay right there" she warned...but not in the way she would have liked "I'd like to know why you're doing this to me." Annoyed, Ayato answered her question "I guess you haven't gotten it threw that thick skull of yours." With that he lifted her up bridle style and made his way towards the pool. "Your life is completely at the mercy of Yours Truly, I can do whatever I want with you so stop quibbling over every little thing!" Suddenly as he finished, he threw her into the deep end of the pool. Slowly she began to sink but could still hear him "Now tell me, tell me I'm the best of all my brothers" he commanded "Then tell me I'm better than anyone else and that you belong to me exclusively!" Yui then surfaced "A-Ayato I-I can't swim!" she cried out struggling to keep her head above water. It was true, she barely knew the basics of swimming and what Ayato did threw her so off guard she was no better than a rock in this situation. Despite her obvious struggle Ayato was unfazed...or so she thought. Ayato stared and at first, he felt nothing. But then he saw it, that scene, one from so long ago but still so fresh in his mind. He was in this exact scenario when he was a boy, tossed into the nearby lake begging for that never came. Then he heard her final plead "Help me."Naturally a vampire would have no real fear of drowning, but Ayato was under the impression he was the only vampire in the room, so Yui had an idea. She would stop struggling and let herself sink and see what would happen. 'They were told I was not to die and yet here I am 'dying' right in front of him' she snickered humorlessly. 'I wonder what would happen if I faked my own death...I could just wait for him to leave, then I could walk out of the pool and find a phone to make the call back home' she planned. 'If he saves me...well I do have some questions I'd like answered' she admitted to herself. And to her surprise he came.Hearing Yui's cry for help something in Ayato snapped and he raced towards the water. He grabbed her by the wrist before she hit bottom, pulled her close and then...well, it started as him pumping air back in her lungs but then it morphed into...a kiss. She slowly opened her eyes almost wanting to thank him, but then he pulled down her shirt kissed her collar bone, then bit her neck again! 'This guy won't quit!' she thought. They then surfaced and she hacked out the water in her lungs. "Your blood flows threw me" he commented "I feel it coursing through my body and it is compliantly overwhelming." "...Please....make it stop" she pleaded shivering from the whole ordeal. He turned to her seeing the state she was in. "You're completely hopeless" he sighed "I guess that will have to be enough for the day." He pulled them out of the pool then tossed a towel on her head turned and left.Yui traced her lips. This technically was her second kiss, but she felt something...something different. Immediately she shook off that feeling. 'Your mother didn't raise a flighty girl who would fall for a creep like him...especially a soon to be dead creep' she scolded herself then a wicked grin dawned on her face. "Thanks for the proof...dummy" she said to herself "Now all I gotta do is just call it in." after a quick stop to her room Yui then made her way towards the room she had found yesterday. But it wasn't to go in, it was for the lock that surprisingly lay where she found it originally all busted up. 'The place must be so big it takes the staff a while to keep up' she thought. But that worked just fine for her as she took out a hankie that she acquired form her room, scooping up the broken lock then tying a loose string around it for a makeshift pouch. "Now how did you get so busted up?" she asked. That was one of her many questions she had of this place.
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