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ME: Space hamster

By Alteya
April 1.
Have a nice day!
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omg. This is too cute. <3
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Just to let you know that there's a group on Facebook called Mass Effect SHOP and they're selling this image, I'm assuming without your permission?
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Did you want to reply this for me?
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Space hamster cuteness level is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh my gah! So adorable! Heart Love 
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He's a true, Earth hero.
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Best hamster ever!
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That has got to be the cutest space hamster I've ever seen. :D
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Lovely to know!
Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the eyes!
Easter egg in ME series as a reference to Balder's Gate Series with Minsc and Boo.
Where Minsc refers to Boo as a giant space hamster.
He may not be a giant, but still, a cute space hamster!
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Oh, that's an interesting detail!
Thanks for sharing.
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OMG :love: I adore this little guy. I love to include him in my own works a lot :D
This drawing is simply amazing. Love the whole concept and he looks quite paralyzed by the flying cookies :D
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Thanks a lot!
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OMG, that's so perfect !
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Hey, glad you liked!
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Perfect card for April 1! ;)
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