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Photography a Crime?
Photography a Crime?
If the Metropolitan Transit Authority has anything to say about it, New York City shutterbugs will no longer be able to snap away while riding either the subway system or the bus. For the second time in 2004, the camera ban, which applies to both still photography and video, has been brought back to the table by the MTA board. The public is given a 45-day period, starting from the proposal’s announcement on November 24 and ending January 10, 2005, to speak out regarding the possible ban. The following are the proposed amendments:
1050.9.c. No photograph, film or video recording shall be made or taken on or in any conveyance or facility by any person, except members of the press holding valid press identification cards issued by the New York City Police Department or by others duly authorized in writing to engage in such activity by the authority. All photographic activity must be conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Part.
1040.4.f. No photograph
:iconshatteredlens:shatteredlens 12 480
Jark Arrested at Disneyland
News just in: I have received an email from jark's cellphone informing me that he has been arrested at Disneyland while taking a holiday with his family. It appears our beloved admin was told to 'get to the back of the line' after pushing in, and after refusing the request became abusive with security guards and nearyby onlookers.
The event took place at Disneyland in Tokyo, as Jark attempted to "cut the queue" on the illustrious "Goofy's Bounce House". Enticed by the rides features; "Kids can literally bounce off the walls and even the furniture for a jumping good time", Jark decided to take the devious option. Deftly jumping over the rails to skirt up to the front of the line, a nearyby employee of Disneyland noticed the offense and informed the "Jarkmeister" to get to the back of the queue. Frustrated that his devious tactic did not work, Jark decided to hold his ground and told the employee to "Kiss my white ass". A str
:iconarc:arc 30 86
Take 30 Photos Per Second
The Boise, Idaho-based chipmaker has come up with an 8-megapixel silicon imager for compact cameras that will allow cameras to shoot 10 8-megapixel pictures a second or 30 2-megapixel shots a second. If camera makers adopt the chip, consumers will be able to capture those '60s-style photo montages made famous in "A Hard Day's Night.
The chip will also be capable of capturing video in the 720p format, which is the entry-level version of high definition.
Many current compact and even single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras do not provide this capability. Most cameras can take two to four shots a second at maximum resolution or 10 shots at lower resolution. Most also capture video at the 480-by-640 pixel resolution.
Over the past two years, however, digital cameras have been undergoing a quiet internal revolution. Traditionally, camera makers produced their own chips. The expense and time involved in developing these chips, however, has prompted them to turn to outfits like Texas Instruments, Nu
:icondjtalyn:DJTalyn 24 22
A Day in the Life
Really, there’s no need to introduce: Ryan (liquisoft) or at least I don’t think so. Ryan is an inspiration to any aspiring designer so we decided to ask him to tell us about his “day in the life” as a creative individual.  
The following takes place from 7:30am – 5:30pm. This is the “day in the life" of a creative.
7:30AM: Wake up, eat some breakfast, get dressed, head out the door by 8:15
8:30AM: Arrive at the agency. Check e-mail, browse a handful of websites, and get into "working mode." Jason turns on some music, which bugs me a bit but is infinitely more palatable than the barbershop music that was playing the week prior.
9:00AM: Begin working on the 3rd conce
:icondepthskins:depthskins 54 51
Barenaked Ladies Contest

We at deviantART would like to present our first contest since dav5, one that will rock your world just as much as dav5 did.  It seems like we never stop rocking you guys.  In celebration of their new album, Barenaked Ladies would like YOU to design a t-shirt for their upcoming tour!
All you have to do is create a new design for Barenaked Ladies (please see below contest guideline). The top contenders will be presented to the band, and they will choose a winner, who will receive $1000 in prizes!
Barenaked Ladies (often abbreviated as BNL) are a Canadian alternative pop rock group comprised of band members Steven Page, Ed Robertson, Tyler Stewart, Kevin Hearn and Jim Creeggan.  Formed in Toronto in 1988, they are best know for their hit singles, "One Week", "Pinch Me", "If I Had $1000000" and "Brian Wilson", and have grown to become one of North America's best-loved live acts. BNL will release their eighth studio album, "Barenaked Ladies
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 98 437
deviantART v5 warm up
Benjamin: "Garth, you and I, we've never really talked."
Garth: *Stares blankly*
Benjamin: "We're thinking about giving Vanderhoff a weekly spot on the show, how do you feel about the change?"
Garth: "We fear change... "
~Wayne's World
Fellow deviants,
It's almost time! I don't know about you, but I'm anxious and excited. I've got that little bit of nervous :butterfly: and I'm ready!
Are you?
For you new deviants who don't know how things work around here; deviantART's birthday is August 7th, 2000. And we release new versions of the site each year on our birthday, with the exception of the years when we just don't. :O_o: But we are in fact releasing v5 on our birthday this year! :dance: There's a count-down counter on the front page within the "deviantART Loves You" box that you can watch.
Historically new versions have been met with some mild resentment due to attachment to the older version. We anticipate this, and refuse to believe it'll actually happen this tim
:iconspyed:spyed 43 2,581
Special Announcement! Blocking And Hiding!
Special Announcement! Blocking And Hiding!
This just in! The hide comments feature that has been discussed along with the ability to block users form your page is now live and working!
Comment Hiding
On your own user page, if suzynasty comes around and says you are a poo poo head, you can now hide that comment. Look for a small “hide” link on  any comment box on your user page, journal or artwork. This will not work on comments you make on someone else’s user page.
We recommend you use this to settle your own minor issues. For small cases now you can remove offensive, or what you view to be offensive statements off your own page which leave CEA and helpdesk free to work with the community on larger issues.
If you feel someone is truly harassing or threatening you please report it in the normal manner.
User Blocking
If there is someone you really just don’t get along with, or for whatever reason you do not wish them t
:iconlolly:lolly 239 359
matteo's first post
my first post to this site.. how interesting.. let me tell you who i am.. my name is matteo and i am the co-webmaster of this pretty little site. jark and i have been busting to get features added and everything. i plan on doing so much with this site because i've been in this community for a while now and i know how most things work. if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know cuz this site is for the community, which is essentially YOU. :) help us keep devart alive and kickin..
:iconmatteo:matteo 31 25
deviantART Turns Six!!!!
Happy Birthday deviantART!!!
deviantART is now officially six years old! :party: 6 years huh? Time certainly does seem to fly by, but then again, there is never really a dull moment at the world’s biggest and best online art community is there? It surely doesn’t feel as if it was a year ago I last bestowed these wishes on you all, but apparently it has, and what a year! The site has gotten bigger and better, and with the imminent arrival of version 5, it will completely blow all competition out of the water!
But hey, you don’t want to sit here and read the news do you? You want to check out some DA style birthday fun!
Go check out dAmn but first check out this article if you want a guide to the fun!
Also, every hour for the next 6 hours I will be clicking the <a href=>Random deviant! button and giving out 3 month subs to 6
:iconlolly:lolly 143 1,108
dA Birthday Celebrations @ the Couch
As most of you might already know, deviantArt is turning six on Monday. And, we at *designerscouch decided we should throw a party. There will be trivias and questions that will allow you to win cool prizes. It's going to be amazing time at this day long party. Come down and meet designers and non-designers alike and let's discuss the good and bad of dav5 as designers. Does it work, doesn't it? You tell us. Come kick it with us :)
When: Monday, August 7th, 2006
Where: #designerscouch, *designerscouch's official dAmn channel
Time: You can be in there anytime but prizes will be given away between 12pm and 12am.
Eleven 3-Month Subscriptions
One Print Account
One $30 Print
One dA Merch
So, come join us in #designerscouch on dAmn this Monday and celebrate deviantArt's sixth birthday!
:icondepthskins:depthskins 66 41
Cafe Cafe by Protoguy Cafe Cafe :iconprotoguy:Protoguy 189 49



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but mostly buzzing around the house on espresso
I saw you sitting on the front porch of that pretty house you sit at, and you looked like a sunset there against the grey sky, with your blue bright sparkling eyes. I dreamed we sat together there on the lawn at the world's end, hands linked forever beneath the decaying moss....apes to humans...ashes to to bone to dust.


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