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sweet little slaughterfish, crazy with the hist,
swaying and swerving and gnawing and gnashing—and what sharp little teeth you enlist!

a bloody mess is the poor muddy mud crab,
sweet little slaughterfish, eating whatever you grab.

bowmen, bandits, Bosmer, Bretons, begging for a chance,
but sweet little slaughterfish hasn’t a glance.

sweet little slaughterfish, the Rumare is your home,
the rock is your bed and the beach is your loam.

sweet little slaughterfish, my words do you hear?
sweet little slaughterfish, you’ve got a fin on your rear.

the scales you wear stink quite the fume-ah,
sweet little slaughterfish, I really want some skooma.
I made it up on the spot when I was writing, and it made me laugh. I thought I'd share.

It isn't supposed to make sense. It's the psychotic ravings of a drug addict.

If you aren't accustomed to the Elder Scrolls universe, skooma is a very addictive, dangerous drug. Like Tamriel's equivalent of crack-cocaine, or something ridiculous like that.

If you're still confused, go to and look up whatever's irking you.

That being said, everything referenced in here belongs to Bethesda, not me, for they created TES IV: Oblivion, and alas, I cannot take credit for such a funderful eden.
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"Skooma a Day, Keeps the Mages away"
... M'aiq