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From Hell
"Our business here is finished, then."
He tilted his head, smiling only somewhat. "I suppose it is—for now," he replied in immaculate French. Smoke curled around his fingers and drifted up to his face, sickly sweet. Behind the thick smoke shrouding the room and their hushed conversation entirely in French, they were paid no heed by the others lounging in the parlour.
She pursed her lips. "And your end of the bargain?"
"We shall live up to it, sweet Béatrice."
"It's Vanessa now, Davide, and you would do well to remember that," she countered, twisting her mouth in a grimace. The warning was clear, and her business done. She stood, her long skirts falling off the chair.
But his voice kept her in the smoky room a moment longer. "A new identity to renew yourself after the death of the king? Very well. Give my regards to the prince, Vanessa, and rest assured you have the protection of my pack wherever you dare venture in London."
She scoffed and wove through the plush couches and p
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Freckles by alterrnativeWRITING Freckles :iconalterrnativewriting:alterrnativeWRITING 1 5 rehab by alterrnativeWRITING rehab :iconalterrnativewriting:alterrnativeWRITING 2 5 windblown. by alterrnativeWRITING windblown. :iconalterrnativewriting:alterrnativeWRITING 1 0 Handmaiden by alterrnativeWRITING Handmaiden :iconalterrnativewriting:alterrnativeWRITING 0 0 Pyrophoric by alterrnativeWRITING Pyrophoric :iconalterrnativewriting:alterrnativeWRITING 1 0 ain't that a kick in the head by alterrnativeWRITING ain't that a kick in the head :iconalterrnativewriting:alterrnativeWRITING 0 0 tears don't fall by alterrnativeWRITING tears don't fall :iconalterrnativewriting:alterrnativeWRITING 0 2
Of The Arena: Prologue
Throughout history, kings have risen and fallen. The first to ascend to divine power was a general of the barbarian north; but in the woodlands, he became the most honoured and powerful man in the civilized world. Not only did he conquer the Nation and bring the provinces together into a single, unified superpower, but he was known as a fair and honest ruler. He allowed each man to retain his religion and land without forcing conformity and assimilation; though he implemented taxes on the earth and harvest, he spent this newly created monarch gold on improving the infrastructure of his great Nation.
But he died, and sons took his place as time moved continually forward. And as the Nation came to realize, as they reminisced of their first great leader, all good things must come to an end eventually.
Power struggles tore the country apart. New kings were assassinated only weeks after their coronation, long before they could ever bear a son to take his place. Heirs to the divine right die
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Gunslinger: pt 2
"Papa says you got to teach me how to shoot better, Alice." He held up the pistol and smiled as innocently as he could.
She eyed her brother narrowly as she snatched her pistol from his hands and slipped it into her belt. "Brandon, I don't think you're really ready to shoot a gun," she intoned carefully. He was staring up at her with sparkling blue eyes that were half demanding, and half pleading. It was almost a disturbing sight. Despite being only three years younger than she was, he still acted like a little boy rather than a man. Uncomfortable, Alice turned away and grunted as she hoisted a crate onto the lip of the wagon. As they did every two weeks or so, the folks from the next ranch over arrived to buy supplies from the Munros. The Davidsons were still building up their own farm, and were in desperate need of seed and livestock.
"But, Alice, Papa said you're the best shot this side of Utah. Can't you help me, maybe a little? I can't even shoot the barn." Brandon sighed and brus
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The Birth of Existence
Once, very long ago, before time had name or meaning and existence was only a swirling tempest of chaotic oblivion, the only life was that of the Immortal Soul. It was the very essence of change; in one moment, the Immortal Soul was a solar wind, whipping nonsensically through the vast plains of nothing; the next, it was the single white light shining proudly in the endless dark and seething shadows. It knew not how long it had been alone in the void, but it grew bored and it grew lonely. Seeing in a strange dream a sphere of deep blue, endless green and craggy brown, the Immortal Soul decided to construct a world to consume it's boredom. It created the continents and seas, the mountains and verdant fields, the fierce storms and gentle clouds. The invention of this world forced Time to manifest, and its idea came to life. But even after it created animals to frolic and play in this new world, the Immortal Soul remained lonesome. It fashioned itself an image to cure it's empty soul, but
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Gunslinger: pt 1
With a grunt, she hoisted the hay and stacked it on top of its comrades. Sweat beaded her forehead and made her scalp itch, and her hair stick to her head, but when she stepped back, dusting her hands off on her trousers, she smiled at her accomplishment. The hay was all lashed together and shoved to the back of the barn, ready for use.
Something crunched behind her, and she turned to see her father leading two horses into the barn. His grizzled face stretched into a lined smile when he saw the impressive stack behind his daughter. "Good work, Alice," he remarked, sounding pleased.
"Thanks, Papa." She jogged up to him, boots crushing the loose hay and dirt beneath her feet, and helped him wipe down the horses and untie their tethers.
"Didn't do that all by yourself, did you?" he asked, coughing stuffily as he slapped the horses into their stall. Wiping his moustache on his sleeve, he sniffled and turned to admire her work. "Can't see as you could get all that hay up there."
"Oh, sure I
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Twilight: a rant.
As a self-proclaimed "literary purist", poorly-written books are one of my biggest pet peeves. To have a successful novel, an author requires dynamic characters, a consistently intriguing plot, and a believable setting and story, especially if writing about something fantastical. Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, possesses none of these. The success of her series can be attributed to the ignorance of the main target audience of sales: preteen girls. At these ages, girls rarely have any inkling of well-written literature. They only read Twilight for the romance between Edward and Bella, but this is a completely unhealthy relationship. Edward is overbearing and overprotective toward Bella, and yet she seems to think this is romance at its purest.
Edward as a character is flat; he has only two emotions: anger and brooding. If Stephenie Meyer intended for him to stop these and act sweet around Bella, she failed. And just as her undead lover is flat, Bella herself is lacking a few quality chara
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An essay on censorship
Censorship happens all over the world in various degrees. It is defined as the "suppression of speech or other communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body." Different types of censorship exist, such as moral, military, political, religious, and corporate. Some, like military censorship, have a meaningful purpose for the military's country of origin, but others, like political censorship, use their censorship and power to exercise control over the population.
Censorship had early beginnings in the eras of the Greek democracy and Roman Empire. Plato was the first recorded person to outline what censorship would be. Mothers and wet nurses were not permitted from telling stories that were evil or bad, enforced by official censors. Emperor Nero of Rome deported people who criticized him, and had their publications burned. Censorship has evolved fr
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Random Favourites

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Gargoyle 2-1
Part II: The Specimen

Chapter 1
The sun fell behind the low clouds, casting an aureate light that overwhelmed the grey of the week's stormy weather. Below in the darkening city, cars rushed past one another and pedestrians made their way home for the night, stopping every now and then to wait for their turn to cross the streets as fumes rose from the manholes and sewer plates. Jonathan Sicari could see them all; he saw the mothers and fathers leading their children away from the toy store windows, all the teenagers rushing home to meet curfew, all the lovers clasping hands as they made their way to wherever the wind took them. He smirked. They were all so unaware, so wonderfully ignorant of his presence in their lives…
From the highest floor of Sicari Tower, Jonathan watched the clouds roll in through a window covering more than half the wall of his office. At night the city lights erupted into dancing displays of neon, and they had begun to glow in the suns
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Cheap,  Dirty Webcomic Tricks by creatureart Cheap, Dirty Webcomic Tricks :iconcreatureart:creatureart 61 39 TZH Webcomic Tutorial by Ashwings TZH Webcomic Tutorial :iconashwings:Ashwings 2,818 316





Jessica Paige, Esq.
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cat's out of the bag on that one. who puts cats in bags anyways? cats hate bags.

it is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.

The Library: an Interactive Reading Extravaganza!

Okay, deviantART, listen up!

I know I don't hang around here much anymore, and I'm sorry for it. I don't imagine I'll post anything any time soon save for the odd journal - but I do plan to keep you generally up to date on that.

I was looking at my book list recently, and realized that there are so many that I haven't read, despite having owned them for years. I was originally going to go through alphabetically and just chug through them all until they were all read and done.

Last night, I had the crazy idea to let other people choose what I read next. This way, not only do others get to possibly humiliate me (because there are some pretty questionable titles in there) but it will force me to read something I might otherwise not pick up any time soon, and it will encourage me to post more reviews on my website. Who knows, maybe someone will see something they're interested in, and by getting me to read and review it first, they might start it themselves?

Even if someone isn't inspired to read (or even do the same), at the very least I hope they're entertained by the option to choose what another person reads.

So here's my job for you, dA pals - click this link to my website. There will be a link there to a .pdf of my current library. If you see something you want me to read, vote on the genre on the post - or just comment on the book title if you're super adamant!

This will just take a minute of your time. You don't even have to look at the library file if you don't want - just pick your favourite genre on the poll. Vote as many times as you like, and get your friends to vote, too. No emotional investment here!

Just please don't make me read the dictionary.

An update on Purity

That little vampire ditty, Purity, is now available everywhere. My last update, she was only available on Amazon Kindle products. Times, they are a-changin'.

This link is for my website page on Purity, which has the most information about the book and whatnot, but to put it simply,

Purity is now available everywhere. Amazon Kindle (the e-reader, as well as the app and computer software, both free), Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple Books, and Smashwords, all for $4.99.

That being said, the Smashwords store is currently hosting a sale, and Purity is 75% off for the next 3 days - the sale ends on March 8.

I said before and I'll say it again - and for the rest of time - but I'm so thankful for all the support from you all at dA over the years, especially as I was developing as a writer. It means the world to me.

And if you ever need to get in touch,

This all is where I hang out.

Come hang out :)


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