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Big big Love,

Is there a way to get a reason why this one was declined?
~Maedchen in Uniform~ by AyraLeona
I've read the rules and thought this was fitting for the full length folder.
It's alternative modeling, I haven't submitted here and it was done during a professional shoot so I it can't really be the quality, can it?

Sorry to bother you, just wondering and want to know before I try to submit again.
I get declined a lot too... I'm not sure what's going on with thes group but it's not very fruitful for me anymore, I'm leaving ^^; Sorry bout it not getting approved!
I'm not sure which moderator turned it down. I would have approved it, personally.
It's aboslutly ok, I just wanted to know what the problem with it was :)
Sorry I can't be of more help.