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Coloured hair everywhere!
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this group is exactly what im looking for lol
I just recently joined DeviantArt and I'm a hair stylist. Hopefully I will join this group soon and share some of my work with everyone ^-^
Could anyone tell me where the picture for this group comes from?
hey, not really sure how all this group stuff works yet. i submitted a few pics to the group thinking tht you would look n then mayb put them up but ive seen that they are all up...erm so sorry i feel like i should of asked now...
jenna x
I tried to submit a picture, but i'm only able to submit to "featured". Is this intented? I don't want to submit to the wrong category, that's why I ask :)
I dont know a reason why it wouldnt let you?..... :/

reeeeaaaally sorry for that inconvenience. It doesnt matter if you submit it to the wrong gallery really (unless of course you put a picture of blue hair in a category like 'red' :P)
If its more than 1 colour you could always put it in the category for 'multicoloured and two-toned hair'.....
OOORRRRR, you could message me what image it is and I can put it in for you if you like? :)
That's the picture: [link]
i think, it should go to the multicolored gallery ^^
i just have the "+" to submit in the featured folder, otherwise i would do it myself. But i'm not sure, if it's okay to just put it there ^^
Thank you for the answer :)