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After a one year break we've an other feature for you guys. This time the one and only Kopp Photography!

Hello Daniel, let’s start right away: You seem to be an artist with quite various talents. As far as I know, you work as a VFX Artist at DICE? What kind of education / study do you have and tell as a little bit about your day-time-job working on some of the most badass computer games ever!?
I went to a school called “Futurgames” here in Stockholm Sweden. Part of the education was 6 months of internship and I did mine at DICE. After that they hired me!
So my job is to do explosions, tracers, blood and stuff like that. The first game I worked on was Battlefront, then Battlefield 1 and now I’m working on Battlefront 2.

With this kind of job many people would be fully stretched - but you are doing photography, too. How did that start and what was the first person you had in front of you lens?
It started as a fun thing me and Starfucked would do together. I had no plans I just wanted to take a part of her biggest hobby and make it something we could both enjoy. I looked at a lot of Youtube tutorials about how a camera works and then I just went out and bought a secondhand Canon 5D Mark II and a 85mm lens. Working with her helped in the beginning, she has got a very high standard so I got to jump in at the deep end straight away.

The next one is a question everybody wants to know. You are happily engaged with Starfucked, so how did you two meet and do you have any tips how to get a fetish icon to go on a date with you? ;)
We are not Engaged, yet, but we have been together for over 8 years. When we met we were both super young, just had fun and did not know what we wanted from life. She was interested in both modeling and latex (shiny stuff in general) so she started to explore that. I am super happy to have been there from the start of her journey and watch her grow as a model and person. I’m extremely proud of her, and she still after 8 years constantly surprises me with her professionalism, creativity and kindness.
On the “date a fetish model” part, just be a kind person, with a big heart, most of the models boyfriends are just great guys in general. I would say if you want to go out with a model because she is “hot” and or is a “fetish model” you might be barking up the wrong tree. You date a person because they are amazing, fun and loving, the fetish model part is just a plus.

Do you have any goals in your photographic career you’d like to achieve?
No I don’t think so, I do not aim to get very far with it career wise, just have fun and enjoy the moment. I’m very happy that people like the pictures I take and that models want to shoot with me, and I have a few models I would love to shoot and I would love to do more cosplay shoots, but no real goals except get better at it in general.

You also have the WIWTSWW (Woman I want to shoot with Wednesday) on Instagram. Tell us the top three models in this category right away.
This is hard! It’s on a day to day basis you know, sometimes you really want to shoot fashion latex so this person is the one you want to shoot with, other days you want to shoot more heavy rubber so this person is the clear choice. But I think Rubberdoll is a given, Latex Lucy would be super fun as well and I would love to do a cosplay shoot with Jessica Nigri.

Do you like to do another list for us? But this time your most favorite photographers?
Another hard one but I think in no special order, Belinda Bärtzner, Cojac and Bommi, but there are so many great ones out there! I’m thinking of starting a weekly shootout to photographers as well.

Let’s switch topic a bit for the next question. You know the latex-community for quite a while now and I’m curious what you think about the fact that there are so many fetish artists from your country? I mean Sweden (together with Germany and maybe the Netherlands) seem to be the center of Europe regarding to (latex) fetishism. Are all other countries that prude?
As a fetish photographer I love that we have a lot of models and photographers here and it seems to pop up a few new ones ever year. It’s great to help the creativity flow.
I’m not sure but I think Sweden is a very openminded country, and it’s widely accepted to be who you are and that helps. I think and hope that people don’t have to hide who they are.

After we learned that, you’ve actually no spare time left to fill. I still like to know how you spent your time of. Any hobbies besides the things we already know about you?
I play a lot of video games, read a bit of comics and stuff like that. I’m in the process of taking my drivers license for Motorcycle so that takes up a bit of time as well. Then all the other things like hanging with friends drinking a lot of beer all that good stuff!

Most important question for our female deviants. How do you maintain your hair and keep it that fresh? ;)
That is easy, I use the blood of my fallen enemy’s to wash it ever two days, and then tears of an angel as conditioner but only in the tips.

Thank you Daniel for you time and this interview. At the end you can do some self promotion and share you social media channels with us so we can follow you everywhere in the world wide web.
Thank you for having me! You can find me on Facebook at “Daniel Kopp – Photography” or Deviantart at “kopp-photography” but I’m most active on Instagram at “danielkopp_photo”.

Thank you Daniel for your time and you fellow group member can look forward to the next feature ;)
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Daniel is a very kind and honest person, glad to had some chances in meeting him on some events.
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