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In the first feature you got introduced to guldorphotography - so this time we switch things up and you get to know the Swedish model 'Pandalie'!

Hey Emelie! :) First of all: Why Pandas!? As far as I can see you name is mix of these fluffy animals and your first name – is this right?
That's correct. :) When i was in my 16 to 22-ish+ i dressed like a ”Panda-pop” girl. It comes from a subculture in the Swedish indie-pop music and more precise band Broder Daniel (=Brother Daniel). So, since i was the only ”Panda” in a gang of Synth & goth peeps my nickname became Panda.
Long story but thats it! I also collect stuffed pandas, my boyfriend says i have insane amounts ... but its only like ... 30 of them? Haha. I have actually used them as props for a shoot i did like 3 years ago.

You are from Stockholm. Please give us a little guide for visiting your city. What are the three coolest places to visit?
Out partying i really enjoy The fetish club Dekadance and synth, industrial & EBM clubs and some Techno at Slakthuset. We also have a pretty good selection of Museums, nice Architecture and wile in Stockholm you must have a “fika”. There is no english word to describe “fika” but it means that your sitting down with someone for at least 2 h drinking coffee, eating something and just do nothing other than basically talk about things. Haha. I do this a lot with my friends and family. At home, at there house or at a cafe.

You are known as a model for a few years now. Is this your main job or do you have a regular employment?
No, modeling is just a side thing. But I would like it to be more then that but on the more “commercial” everyday stuff. :) I also work part time at one H&M in Stockholm.

Tell us a little bit about the first time you stood in front of the camera. Who was your first photographer? How you do you met and what was the topic of your first photo-shoot?
My first photo shoot was in 2010 with Pandapod. I thought it was really fun and I wanted to do more shoots but I never really got started back then.
It wasn’t until my friend and photographer Simon Mogren 2 years later asked me if he could try out a photo idea that he had. I said yes, and after that we just kept on going. We work really good together and he is full of creative ideas.

Nowadays you model a lot of different latex outfits. What do you love about wearing rubber and how did you get in touch with it?
First time i wore latex was back in 2007 i think. I love the feeling and how flattering it is to your body. And the smell, I actually do like it..! :)

You’ve a degree of one of Sweden’s leading fashion schools. Do you create your own outfits and have you already worked with latex in your study?
Yes. I create a lot of the outfits i shoot in, i always wright what outfit i have done. During school we never worked with latex, no.

Have you ever thought about doing you own (latex-) fashion-label?
Yes, but i'm happy where i'm now with Latex, doing things for myself and the ones close to me. But I have been thinking about other materials and designs ...

Let’s get back into photography. Do you’ve any artists you’d love to work with in future?
Yes, hopefully Photographer Bommi and i will get a chance too shoot, if we can make our schedules work the next time. Mew-Chiel would be really fun too. He seams like I guys with my sense of humor. Haha! I think we have a lot of talented swedish photographers as well that would be fun to shoot with. To many to drop names! Other than that i would love work with more designers of all kind.
Hopefully i'm going to Amsterdam or London this sumer and can make some magic happen! :)

Why do you think are there so less male latex-models compared to the amount of females? Would you like to work with a male model in a latex or fetish related photo-shoot?
I actually don't know...!! I've thought about that myself! I would be super fun to work with a male latex-model as well.

When you browse through you latex photography it is pretty fashionable. Have you ever considered doing some kinkier and BDSM related modeling?
Yes and no, but that is not really my style.. My style has more of a fashion and beauty feel to it. More artsy I would say. If I were to do more BDSM/nude it would be more artsy edited and still with that editorial feel to it.

For the last couple of questions we move to more personal topics. What are you doing with your free time? Any other hobbies besides fashion and modeling?
Yes! I'm a make up addict and cant seem to stop buying and trying out new products. I love sewing and designing cloths and watch movies. Most of my time goes to tv-shows and gaming, preferably Fallout 4, Heavy Rain (from time to time, love this game so much), random “Zombie” games and FPS like Killzone. Just to name a few!
As we speak i'm drinking my tea in my Fallout Vaultboy cup and I actually got my boyfriend to stry and start playing Fallout 4!

For me as a German it is quite interesting that you seem to speak not only Swedish and English but German as well? How did that happen?
Well, i don't speak german yet but I'm studying on my free time. :) Some of the grammar is killing me! Haha.

At the end of the interview there is plenty of room for self-promotion. Please feel free to share all you social networks with us!
You can also find me on Tumblr and Pinterest under “Pandalie” :)

That's the end of this times feature. Give Emelie some love and follow her work and stay tuned for the next journal entries!
I founded this group at the beginning of 2016 to collect and promote the best of deviantArts fetish and alternative photography. Besides managing a place to share the art I wanted to give the members the opportunity to get to know the person behind the camera or the model in front of it as well.

So today we start off with our monthly showcase interview of group members with Marc from ‘guldorphotography’:

Hi Marc. First lets us know some basics about yourself. How old are you and where are you from?
I’m from the Netherlands, and currently still living there. For my age, I like it way more to keep that a mystery even for good friends. Partly because no one grows up at the same rate and some of us never do.

I read in your profile that you got an Art Degree. What did you study?
I got a degree in fine art. I have studied Film, but I did a lot of extra stuff like stop-motion animation, visuals, photography and autonomous art.

Let’s get into business. When did you start doing photography? And have you always done portraits?
I slowly glided into it at the first year of the Art Academy and turned out to really love it and be good at it. I did a project with mirrors in the first year that was used to promote the academy for new students the upcoming year.

Who was the first person you shot? Tell us a little something about that?
I have never shot anybody, I don’t even have a gun... ;)

Is being a photographer your main job or do you have any other employment?
Yes, I have been living solely from it about 3 years now. Mainly from real-estate and product Photography, with the occasionally art, fashion or portrait shoot.

Now some more kinky questions. Why fetish photography? Would you consider yourself a fetishist as well?
I use my deviant page now solely for fetish photography because most of my followers only care about it. I do other forms of photography before but it got way less views and responses so I stopped putting them here. But in general I do more latex fashion work then fashion with my free work. I do have a latex fetish but that’s not the reason for it, I love subculture as a whole and latex clothing has more diversity then say a Goth look for a photographer.

You have a lot of photos with models wearing latex. Where do you get the clothes from? Any source for great latex fashion?
When I started with latex, I emailed a only sexshop with a big latex section and bad photography and in the end got a deal to shoot there latex. I could pick the clothing and they would send it to me and I could keep it in return of photos. So I ended up with a big collection of latex and something new for shoots every time. But that’s something from the past. Now I mostly work with designers, I approach them to borrow something or the model does. And occasionally it’s the other way around.

Which person / model you’d love to work with in future?
There is a long list of famous fetish models that I would love to shoot with, I always love to work with for me new faces. So this list will be forever chancing. There is no one in particular really.

What kind of equipment do you use?
Camera and studio equipment :P

You’ve already spent 8 years on deviantArt – that’s a long time – what do you say makes it different from all the other networks?
It started with drawings and random things. And I have had periods of a year or 3 in total where I was not really active. It was the first one for me and at the start I loved it, now I have people following me here and I decided to put all my fetish work on here just because people who like that already follow me and deviant art seems to be very sex oriented today and latex works with that.

Now is the time for self-promotion. Do you have any other social media profiles you’d like to share?……… (not super active with this one)… (want to sell something before it start updating again, seems useless for now)

I have tried (many) others but they just didn’t work for me ...

That is the end of the first deviant showcase. Did you like it? Do you want to get to know more group members? What do you think about Marc’s statement that he is only posting his fetish photos? Are you interested in his fashion, too?

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