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not to be too overly dramatic but I miss you
Let me know where I was up to for transferring smurf episodes to you over Dropbox and I'll start it up again. =)

I'm leaving for China on the 15th of Feb, and DeviantART is blocked over there, coming back in July. Do you happen to have a skype, by any chance? Perhaps we could chat over there - which is (I am pretty sure) not blocked in China? :aww:
Thanks for the fav  Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
Don't hesitate to follow my facebook , for news and sometimes lottery Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
Aah, should probably let you know that you still need to download the Japanese version of AAI2 separately (you need to patch the translation yourself). I don't have a link at the moment but I can get it if you need it...!
[sees you're apparently online]
so uh. You're gonna be waiting a lot longer for my smurf responses, if you're waiting for my responses before providing yours... I recommend you don't. You already have messages from me to respond to. ^^; SO, it would be a great idea to respond to your  stuff in the meantime?? XD
The reason my response is still ages from reaching you? Well, guess who's recently discovered, and become obsessed with, Ace Attorney???? xDDD
Oh! It has been a while. :XD:

I'll try to remember to comb through my messages tonight and start with a couple. I have discovered Steam and through that I've discovered Don't Starve. I totally know how you're feeling with Ace Attorney right now, I'm presuming Don't Starve has done the same to me. Can't... stop... playing! And if I'm not playing, I'm blabbing about it on reddit.

Also, Ace Attorney is definitely awesome! Have you seen BrentalFloss's Phoenix Wright lyrics?
Ahhhhhh. I'm finally up to Dual Destinies! Haven't started playing it yet, but I will soon (when uni work clears/lets up a little bit)! Have you played all the AA games? Even the second Investigations that didn't get localised? There's a fan translation out of that, you know! =) (YOU SHOULD LIKE. PLAY AAI2 IF YOU HAVEN'T. XD)

By the way, I was aware of that song before you linked it to me, but I hadn't listened to it. =) I left the link sitting in my inbox for a while because I was unsure if it would contain any spoilers or reference a game I hadn't played yet or whatever, and yeah that fear was definitely unfounded haha. Anyway I listened to it the other day and... That was interesting? XD Not what I expected. I expected... Something better. XD. But it was alright. =)