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Doctor, Doctor, REAL Doctor

Two of these people are not like the others...

Because they're not cosplayers! They're the real deal. Well okay, as it turns out The Doctor and Amy Pond are cosplaying as Matt Smith and Karen Gillan... And they even got their hair right!

Bit of a crazy story behind this one- We were doing another Eleven Doctors photo shoot (as well photos with lots of Doctor Who costumers of all kinds in attendance) at the San Diego Comic Con 2011 when a film crew that was hired by BBC America to film all the goings-on joined in on taking photos and doing video interviews with us.

Matt & Karen were just about to finish up their autograph signing on the other side of the huge convention center to which Bob Mitsch, our organizer (dressed in the photos as the First Doctor), was told by the very strict convention security there was no way any of us would be allowed to take photos with the actors at all. But with the BBCA film crew promising to help smooth things over if necessary -who also thought it would be great to get a group photo with the actors- we all started to head as a caravan to the autograph signing area to see if we could catch them as they were leaving.

Well we did- Just as they were being escorted outside in fact and even with the BBCA film crew following us their handlers started objecting, saying things like, "No, sorry they have to be going," and things like that... But after Matt and Karen saw us, they flipped out, ignored the handlers completely and said, "Yes of course. We'd love to get a photo with you guys!" The staffers had to relent and then changed their tone to, "Well....Okay, but make it fast! They have other engagements." Of course after Matt and Karen were really getting into it, the lead handler gave in as well saying, "Oh heck, I’ve got to get a photo of this myself!"

It was all very quick but I do recall Karen flipping out about how much I look like Tennant. She spotted me, came over with a squeal and said, "Oh my gosh this guy's a dead-ringer for David!" then snapped a photo of me on her camera. Matt chimed in with, "Yeah, that's uncanny." MAN that woman is TALL! I had to look up at her when she approached me and she wasn't wearing heels that were all that high either. After a couple regular shots, we all struck a "Doctor Who" pose at Matt's suggestion and then it was time to say our hurried "thank you's" and "good byes."

Upon re-entering the convention center through the doors behind us some additional security people (who I guess had been called in well after the fact) started shouting at us in the best threatening tone they could muster, "NOT COOL guys. That was NOT COOL!" To which one of our group responded, "Actually, it was cool. In fact, it might have been the coolest thing EVER!"

It was quite the funny sight seeing all of us walking by them looking cool as ice, half oblivious to what their problem was with huge grins on our faces while these people in yellow security shirts bellowed and gave us scowls.

I really did at first have no idea what they were going on about since I thought the BBCA crew had sort of unofficially led us there, but I guess not. Regardless, either because no real harm was done and Matt & Karen seemed to enjoy the brief encounter or because there were just too many of us to grab & kick out, all they did was yell and our group walked away with some great pictures and a new private in-joke for the phrase, “NOT COOL GUYS!”

UPDATE- For those who maybe didn't believe the story I told about our group meeting Matt Smith & Karen Gillian at this past summer's Comic Con and having them snap photos of us for themselves on their mobile devices, well have a look at this clip from the Friday Dec 23rd, Graham Norton Show

YOUTUBE LINK---> [link]
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I’m conceptualizing a Doctor Who-esque show/comic book/novel/whatever I come up with. It’s about a archaeologist named Doctor Diana Wells, who lived in the late 21st century, until a freak accident gave her the ability to manipulate time. She is later abducted and taken offworld, to prevent humanity from developing time travel technology prematurely. And through her adventures across space and time, she poses as a goddess, assembles a crew, fights cyborg zombies, duels for honour, ends inequality, prevents a long-presumed-dead tyrant from getting even with the people who cast him away, frees an energy being from exploitation, maps a planet’s underground biosphere, investigates a murder, thwarts an alien invasion, ends a war by assembling two swords of cosmic power, and more.

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It IS cool, guys. It is really cool. Great!
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The cosplayer looks more like David Tennant that Matt looks like himself 😆 I love it.
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i remember this foto from the graham norten show (i just watch the Doctor Who parts of it)
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AH! I would have DIED! I met Matt and Karen in Cleveland ComicCon in 2016. I was star-struck! OMG! I was shaking and almost started crying after talking to Matt. He complimented my cosplay and everything!
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I think it WAS/IS cool! :D
But, it can vary depending on points of views.

I think from the point they DID let you guys do it and they DIDN't deny anything about the meeting and photo shooting, from that moment it was all fine. No one "could have" tell them it wasn't cool.
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Mattew smith ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️✨✨✨✨✨❤️❤️❤️♥️❤️♥️♥️😻❤️❤️♥️😻😻♥️♥️✨😻♥️✨😻😻💋😍😍💋😍💋😍😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋👋👋👋
Pure awesome.
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I'm years late to this, but I'm a fairly new DW fan in the last year. (I must've been in a coma since 2005. I think the entire scope of it between classic and new overwhelmed me then.) This is completely awesome. My gosh you do look a lot like David Tennant!! Amazing. :) Fantastic picture, and it's great how Matt and Karen were such good sports and had fun with the whole thing. Okay, I can almost swear I *know* Doctor 1 next to Karen. I snagged a picture of him dressed as Classic Superman and he posed with actor Gerard Christopher. (He played Superboy on TV in the early nineties) He graciously supplied me a story of that meeting for Gerard Christopher's website i worked on. 

I totally believe a group meeting like this. A lot of actors are very down to earth and would love to hang out with fans, it's the security and personnel that get all snippy and want to keep things moving along. I get they're doing their jobs, but they kind of cast a pall over the whole meeting with actors. 
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That IS David Tenant, right?
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dude. you ARE a dead ringer for Tennant I thought you were at first lol
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This is really cool!
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Oh my goodness! :wow: That is AWESOME! :D
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All the doctors
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That is one awesome happy accident!
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Awesome guys!! I met Matt and Karen they are wonderful :D
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That's just freakin' cool.  Good for you!  It's nice to know that your efforts are appreciated.
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Of course Matt is the one that LOVED meeting fans at ComicCon!  Love his attitude!
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you really do look just like david tennant
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Are you the people who did The Doctor Games?
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