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The Stars Weep by RvBOMally
The Left Opposition by RvBOMally
Vinland: 1687 by ART5EC
Kunoin Pazeng Prefecture by tylero79
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Crown of Saint Stephen by kazumikikuchi
The Federal Republic of Scandinavia by Regicollis
Flag of the Danubian Federation of Soviet Republic by kyuzoaoi
Flag of the European-Defensive League by Matthew-Travelmaster
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Takur Ghar by BeignetBison
Richelieu in the Storm by BeignetBison
AH-22 IJALA by BeignetBison
AH-22 IJNSNLF by BeignetBison
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Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Map Making Tutorial by IntrepidTee
Map Making with Sapiento by Sapiento
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Map template by 33k7
Erdiushairte, 3500 BC by VulcanTrekkie45
Blank Europe map by Neethis
Venus Political Map, blank by 1Wyrmshadow1

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Turn A Gundam: North Ameria CC 2345 by mdc01957 Turn A Gundam: North Ameria CC 2345 :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 59 58 Czechoslovakia Coat of Arms by FederalRepublic Czechoslovakia Coat of Arms :iconfederalrepublic:FederalRepublic 27 6 Alt. Byzantine flag by fennomanic Alt. Byzantine flag :iconfennomanic:fennomanic 46 10 Let The Bodies Hit The [Ocean] Floor by SoFDMC Let The Bodies Hit The [Ocean] Floor :iconsofdmc:SoFDMC 71 28 Hammerhead Main Gun Overhaul by SoFDMC Hammerhead Main Gun Overhaul :iconsofdmc:SoFDMC 44 7 Bourbon Poland-Bohemia-Hungary-Lithuania by kazumikikuchi Bourbon Poland-Bohemia-Hungary-Lithuania :iconkazumikikuchi:kazumikikuchi 8 2 Alt Flag - The Republic of Uyghuristan by AlienSquid Alt Flag - The Republic of Uyghuristan :iconaliensquid:AlienSquid 49 7 Alt Flag - Principality of Manchuria by AlienSquid Alt Flag - Principality of Manchuria :iconaliensquid:AlienSquid 85 10 Alt Flag - People's Republic of Hainan #2 by AlienSquid Alt Flag - People's Republic of Hainan #2 :iconaliensquid:AlienSquid 6 9 Alt Flag - People's Republic of Hainan #1 by AlienSquid Alt Flag - People's Republic of Hainan #1 :iconaliensquid:AlienSquid 13 0 Danubian League by kazi2000 Danubian League :iconkazi2000:kazi2000 14 33 Pontic League by kazi2000 Pontic League :iconkazi2000:kazi2000 9 11 CHINESE FEDERATION Time Zones by LongXiaolong CHINESE FEDERATION Time Zones :iconlongxiaolong:LongXiaolong 17 4 Beijing CHINESE FEDERATION Capital by LongXiaolong Beijing CHINESE FEDERATION Capital :iconlongxiaolong:LongXiaolong 10 0 Chinese Revolution by LongXiaolong Chinese Revolution :iconlongxiaolong:LongXiaolong 13 8 Concept of 'The Continent' Holocene by Jaldithas Concept of 'The Continent' Holocene :iconjaldithas:Jaldithas 15 27

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Hello everyone!

Due to some unfortunate events on I've become dissatisfied with the administration there, along with a number of other AH.commers, and as such I've created a new discussion forum! It's called AltHistoria and can be found here:

We're very new (like, maybe 6 hours old as of this post) but we intend to be a warm, inclusive community welcoming the full spectrum of LGBTQQIA people as well as people of any race, religion, sexuality, creed, and so forth, and we intend to administrate this board through relatively lenient and accountable moderation systems (so even my own decisions are subject to scrutiny, and I won't just ignore or shut down debates on the subject).

If that sounds good to you, we'd love to have you on the forum! Registration is quick and easy, especially if you already have a ProBoards account, and there are always people happy to greet you and help you with any issues you have. :)

Be good to yourself and those you love,
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ShahAbbas1571 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is the group still idle? It seems like you guys never respond to anything since the last one below.
AlternateLiterature Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2018  Student Writer
BTW how could one get their work featured? Im relatively new to this.
AlternateLiterature Featured By Owner Edited Aug 20, 2018  Student Writer
Hi, everyone. Im a writer of Alternative History Literature. I've 2 pieces relating to Italy during the late 1700s. If anyone would be interested, Ill link them here for you

The Flame of Napoli Chapter 1: From humble origin.Loosely inspired by true events.
A wise king once said that Imagination rules the world.
Our story begins in the year 1750, in a small farming village near modern day Naples. A young boy so carefully named, Emellio d'Castagno, was born. His mother took her next of kin into a warm embrace, smiling up to her ears. "Isn't he such a gift, Elmondo?" She asked the boy's father. "His sparkling brown eyes, his beautiful voice. Even if I only hear his cries of confusion, he speaks to me in a way i've never heard before..."
Ten years pass. His father has taught him how to fish. The young boy is now in an expensive school. His mother and father continue to age, however they remained caring and faithful. Almost to the point of spoiling him. Emellio seemed more of a class clown than a boy who valued his education, which was unlike most of his time. Despite this, his grades were rather high. He never found the concept of education interesting, nor did he see the point in going to school as a whole.
 Part 1

The Flame of Napoli |Chapter 2: Arrival at SiciliaChapter 2: Arrival at Sicilia
  The entire party began stampeding down the hallway, out of the front door. Pushing the old man out of the way. They mounted their horses, hopped in their carriages, some even sprinted. However no one asked what they were doing! If Emilio had any brains left, he knew exactly where they were going.
  It is April the 18th, of 1778. It had been a mere 3 month after the news of the war reached Emellio and his comrades. He, just like every man in that ballroom on that day, went straight for the closest recruitment office. Following their re-enlistment, they were sent immediately to the old Neapolitan Military Academy, where Emellio learned the art of soldiery in his early years. Seeing that the confederation was not only low on manpower but also officers. He stepped out of the Academy doors, clad in a Captain's uniform. With colors of dark green, red, and white. His torso boasted golden Chevrons, Epaulets, and a row of 10 buttons. His cloth belt on h
 Part 2

I hope those interested enjoy, and share it with your friends! (Its a long read. So bring a snack!)
Vexillographist Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello. How can I submit a work of mine to the group? Thanks.
Hello, Alternate Worlds community. I dislike being the bearer of bad news, but I'd like to sincerely warn everyone about this particular user on DA:… This guy has plagiarized works of tens of people over at He's stolen over a decade's worth of various maps, flags, alternate military illustrations and other AH themed artwork from We have an ongoing discussion about it in this discussion thread (should be visible to any of you who have an account on the site):… When we politely asked him to remove the stolen artwork, he kept doggedly hiding our comments or claiming that it's all right and he isn't doing anything wrong by stealing our art. The one thing I ask of you:
Please do not accept any of this guy's artworks to this group. He doesn't seem to have a single original work on his account, and has ransacked other people's artwork from other places besides our site. Thank you for ignoring him.

P.S. We're currently mulling over our legal options, including asking whether our site's staff could alert the DA administration about this. It's not just one or two artworks stolen, this guy has appropriated at least a hundred from various parts of our site, from tens of different authors. If anyone has any experience with alerting DA about plagiarism this big, we welcome any reasonable advice. Thanks again.
Jdailey1991 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018
Not only can I not submit my work here, but I can't even suggest it.  What's going on with this group?
ShahAbbas1571 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey guys, I'm wondering If I can submit future-history type of content? I need to know this before I do something arbitrary.
Addy-bose Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
Thanks for having me in here. I'd like to be able to post my scenarios to the group. How can I do it ?
Jdailey1991 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018
Can I volunteer to be Contributor?
kazumikikuchi Featured By Owner Edited Feb 16, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Perhaps you can ask lamnay.
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