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William of FranceBirth of a sonEleanor of Aquitaine would give birth to their second child, a son, William of France in 1149 in the crusade, followed by a daughter named Alice on 1153, after that, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII would separate with Eleanor focusing on Aquitaine.On the majority of William on 1164, he would be proclaimed as the Duke of Aquitaine with his own mother, Eleanor and it was proclaimed that Aquitaine would merge with the royal demesne of France on the death of his father on 1180.,Constance of FranceOn 1153, Constance of France, sister of Louis VII would announce a birth of a daughter named Adelaide of England with her husband, Eustace of England, a marriage that would take time to give a child, Louis VII would cede to Constance the County of Norman Vexin, she would give birth to a son named Stephen or the Future Stephen II of England on 1158, Constance all in all would have two surviving children, Adelaide of England and Stephen II, Constance would be riddled with miscarriages as the consort and Queen of England. The marriage of Constance would guarantee that England would not support the claims of Henry of Anjou against her husband or her father-in-law, and that France would not threaten Normandy as long as she was living.Henry of Anjou would marry Gertrude of Flanders who would fail to produce an offspring and Henry of Anjou would lose against Stephen of Blois in 1154 and killed in action which resulted in the Counties of Anjou and Touraine be divided between his siblings and Maine was seized by Stephen I of England as his ancestors have claims over it.On 1162, Eustace I of England the betrothal of Constance of Brittany with his son, Stephen.Matches of the children of Louis VIIOn 1158, Marie of France would leave France assisted by her mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, so that she would marry the future Ferdinand II of Leon, she would make a solid alliance between France and Castile-Leon or Leon only as Marie of France married Ferdinand II of Leon and the relationship between France and Leon would be better as Marie would encourage ties between Leon and France and the relationship between France and Castile would atrophy after the death of Alfonso VII of Castile and Leon.The two would have the following children:Alfonso VIII of Leon(1166), Berengaria of Leon(1170), Leonora of Leon(1172), and Ferdinand of Leon(1179).Louis VII would have Alix of France married to Stephen III of Hungary, a marriage that would create ties between France and Hungary against Barbarossa.On 1164, William XI, Duke of Aquitaine would marry Infanta Urraca of Portugal to secure an alliance between France and Portugal, creating an alliance between France and Portugal, a marriage which would result in three surviving children, named Philip(1171), Margaret(1170) and Eleanor(1180).Coronation of William IOn 1180, William XI, Duke of Aquitaine would succeed his father as William I of France and with him his wife, Urraca of Portugal, he is cultured, and his mother tongue is a dialect of the Literary Linguafranca of the Western Mediterranean, not like his own father who has the Northern dialects and Frankish as his own mother tongue which would alienate him to the Northern nobility, he would be known to the people as William the Spider, his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine would make him less close to his father and focus on the affairs of mother’s duchy and at times clashed with his father about the administration of the Kingdom of France.The first action of William I of France was to betroth, Matilda, Countess of Anjou and Maine b. 1168, the eldest surviving daughter of William Fitzempress and his wife, Enoguen of Brittany to his own son, Philip, uniting France and Anjou in the long run, Constance’s inheritance would integrate the Counties of Anjou, and Touraine to the French Royal domain, the brother of William Fitzempress, Geoffrey would die without a son as well as he also tried to fight to gain the English Kingdom on 1156 to avenge his brother Henry which resulted in his own death, William would betroth his daughter, Margaret to Otto, Count of Burgundy, the son of Barbarossa.The Anti-EmperorHe is known in his native tongue as Guilhem I de França and to the Northerners as Guilhem I de France but he would focus his own rule in the South in Bordeaux rather than in the North which would continue the status of Latin as the official language for centuries to come and Provencal and Limousin dominating over the Northern dialects. On 1190, William I of France on the death of Barbarossa with the encouragement of Eleanor of Aquitaine would be the Anti-Emperor for Henry VI and opposed the expansion of Henry VI in Sicily with his wife, Constance and battled Henry VI of the HRE in 1194 and even tried his daughter, Eleanor of France to be betrothed to Roger III of Sicily but none of that would happen as Roger III would die before even Eleanor embarked to Sicily and tried to poison the relationship of his son in law, Otto with his brother but nothing would come out of this as Henry VI would become the King of Sicily.Raymond V of ToulouseOn 1152, Alice of Aquitaine would be widowed and would be used as a peace bride to Raymond V of Toulouse who is 9 years her junior, she has a proven fertility with her earlier husband and was not hesitant to marry again as the child of her husbands first wedding is already old enough to rule himself.The marriage between Alice of Aquitaine would ensure that he would be in peace with the King of France and his wife for the near future as long he is ruling and Alice of Aquitaine was alive.Alice of Aquitaine would give Raymond V the following children:Raymond VI b. 1156Adelaide or Azalais of Toulouse b. 1158Baldwin b.1165
A different second marriage for Philippe AugustePhilippe Auguste’s second marriageOn August 15, 1193, Philip II of France would marry Constance of Toulouse, the daughter of enemy of the Angevins in the South Raymond VI instead of an alliance with the Danish in the claims to England, he would instead focus on removing the Angevins in power in France at least instead of a Danish alliance seeing that the bride proposed to him was Ingeborg was not attractive to him, it was said that the other reason for not marrying her is that Philip II would choose to ally with the Count of Toulouse again against the Plantagenets which included the marriage of his sister Alix to the Count of Toulouse.Constance of Toulouse would provide Philip II of two children, namely, Marie(1195) and Constance(1198), the marriage of Constance to Philip II would provide the French a reason to annex Toulouse due to the lack of male heirs of her own father again in 1222 after the Cathar Crusade.On the death of Philip II in 1216, Constance of Toulouse is forced to retire to a convent in Paris.Louis VIII would deny his stepmother and her children her own rights to Toulouse due to his own wife being a descendant of Philippa of Toulouse.Treaty of Rouen After the issues between Richard and Philippe Auguste, the two would settle their own difference and create a peace treaty on the autumn of 1195.-Issoudun, Graçay, and the fief of André de Chauvigny in Berry were to be removed from Angevin suzerainty and put directly into that of France.-The French lands of Richard I are recognized as Fiefs of Philip II of France.-Flanders and the County of Boulogne are fiefs of the Kingdom of France not the King of England-Richard I is recognized as the Suzerain of the Duchy of Brittany.The treaty would be sealed by the marriage of Eleanor of Brittany and Louis, the son of Philip II of France with the dowry of 20,000 marks sterling as her dowry and Philip II.Constance and Arthur of BrittanyOn 1196, Constance of Brittany would also ally with Philip II of France to further the independence of her duchy.Constance of Brittany would give birth to a son named Conan, who would later succeed his brother, Arthur I of Brittany and later marry Berengaria of Portugal.On 1202, Arthur of Brittany would find a way to challenge the terms of the second treaty of Rouen due to the marriage of King John to Isabella of Angouleme and tried to conquer Aquitaine and England and he would end up being captured by John’s barons and killed got causing his inheritance of Normandy, Anjou, Maine, and Touraine to pass to his sister, Eleanor the wife of the heir of France, it did not help that his mother his only support would die on 1201 due to the birth of his own sisters.On 1204, the Barons and Vassals of John in Aquitaine would recognize Eleanor and Louis of France as the heirs of Eleanor of Aquitaine after her death causing Philip II to annex it sparing Angouleme as it is Isabella of Angouleme’s inheritance.Due to this the Duchy of Aquitaine would be subsumed to the Royal domain and its vassals would be vassals of France directly.Louis VIII and Eleanor of BrittanyOn 1195, Louis of France would marry Eleanor of Brittany to seal the treaty of Rouen for peace between Richard I and Philip II of England.On 1202, Louis of France would consummate his marriage with Eleanor of Brittany, the marriage between Louis the Lion and Eleanor of Brittany would be beneficial to France due to the annexation of the Plantagenet lands in the continent, especially after his ascension as King Louis VIII on 1223, Eleanor of Brittany would have the temper of the Plantagenets which would affect Louis the Lion and would be inherited by his own issue with her.Eleanor of Brittany and Louis VIII would have the following issueConstance of France b. January 10, 1203 – 1240 m. Theobald I of NavarrePhilip of France b. June 4, 1205 d. 1215Louis IX of France b. April 25, 1210 d. 1270 married to Mahaut of Boulogne – no issueGeoffrey, Count of Provence b. November 11, 1214 – 1260 married to Margaret, Countess of ProvenceRobert, Count of Artois b. September 25, 1216 d. 1250 Isabelle b. March 1220 Charles, Duke of Anjou b. December 20, 1223 - 1285 Blanca of CastileOn 1204, Mafalda, the prospective bride of Ferdinand of Leon would die and Blanca of Castile was chosen as the replacement of her own sister, the wedding would be celebrated on 1205.Blanca of Castile would provide Ferdinand of Leon of many children namely Ferdinand(1208), Theresa(1211) and Alfonso(1212) but only one would survive to adulthood and it would be Theresa of Leon, she would be the new heir to the throne of Leon and she would inherit Leon on 1230 on the age of 19, a marriage between her and her half uncle, Ferdinand was not considered due to the earlier action of Innocent II on her father’s second marriage, Theresa would instead marry Alfonso of Portugal prior to her ascension.Ingeborg of DenmarkOn 1193, Ingeborg and her brother Canute would see the failure of the marriage negotiations between her and Philip II of France and married her to Welf, related his wife, which the future Otto IV, On 1195, Otto, the nephew of Richard the Lionheart would marry Ingeborg of Denmark in exchange of their support against the Hohenstauffens and that would help Otto IV’s election as the Holy Roman Emperor, the Danes continue their own alliance with the Welfs.Ingeborg of Denmark would give birth to two surviving children, namely, Henry on 1198 and a daughter named Maria on 1200 for her own husband, Otto IV, she would die on 1204, when he would marry Maria of Brabant who would be his second who would not produce any surviving issue.The Battle of baronsOn 1216, Eleanor of Brittany and Prince Louis would be summoned by the Barons in England against John of England, in the same year, John would die, and Louis would claim the English throne but a rebellion in favor of Henry III would happen, Pope Innocent III would excommunicate Prince Louis on 1217, forcing Prince Louis, Eleanor of Brittany with their infant son Robert back to the continent nullifying their victory.The betrothal of Constance of France with William the Lion would be cancelled on 1215 as well prior to the victory of Prince Louis beginning the downfall of the victory of Prince Louis, she would end up as the bride of Valdemar II of Denmark in 1215 in order to have support on their hold in England.Albigensian CrusadeJoan of England would take the veil after her return to England in the Fontravraud Abbaye in Anjou, France.On 1193, as a part of the pact between the House of Toulouse and the Capets, Raymond VI would marry Alice of France, Richard I’s old betrothed but the marriage would only result in a daughter named Margaret of Toulouse in 1198, she would die in 1199.On 1213, the Albigensian heresy had spread in the county of Toulouse forcing Simon de Montfort to fight Raymond VI, and he would defeat Raymond VI but Raymond VI and Peter II of Aragon would remarry to Marie of France after the death of Marie of Montpellier, Margaret of Toulouse would end up marrying a Roman aristocrat after their exile in Rome after the Albigensian Crusade, she would die with her child after giving birth of her child.Philip II would claim Toulouse as a reverted fief and inheritance of his wife, Constance after Simon de Montfort sold his own conquests.On 1213, Aragon would decide not to give the heretics in the South of France a refuge and instead decided to expel them in his lands and his vassals lands forcing them to North of Italy.Valdemar II On 1212, Dagmar of Bohemia would die and on 1215, he would reconsider the old alliance he made with France, this time he would be betrothed to Constance of France, Constance of France’s marriage would mean that there would be support for the conquest of England by the French even if the King of Scotland would abandon the match with the French.On the arrival of Constance of France, Valdemar II would be surprised as she is a beautiful maiden, and there are no negative legends regarding her and Valdemar would be taken by his beautiful wife, Constance of France.Constance of France would have two known following children;Sophia of Denmark b. 1217Eric of Denmark b. 1220Sanchia of Aragon, Queen of SicilyOn 1206, Constance, the Dowager Queen of Hungary would decide to take the veil as a nun and suggested that her sister, Sanchia would be the one who would marry Frederick of Sicily, she would embark on a journey and marry Frederick I of Sicily in order to help an annulment to the marriage of Peter the Catholic which would end in the death of Maria of Montpellier in 1210 and he would remarry to Marie of France.On 1209, Sanchia of Aragon would marry Frederick of Sicily, she would give birth to a son named Henry(1211) and a daughter named Beatrice(1213), she would die of Malaria on 1218 and Frederick would remarry to Maria of Brunswick, the daughter of Otto IV as the successor of Philip I of HRE.Isabella of AngoulemeOn 1216, Queen Isabella of Angouleme would return to France and remarry to a Lusignan who told how she was still beautiful and left her children to France and negotiated a match between Louis IX and her daughter Joanna but the match was axed when the pope would not allow the marriage, the Plantagenets would lose their own lands in the Continent and her two sons would be Kings and her remarriage would provide her of heirs to the County of Angouleme.Isabella of Angouleme would instead make a marriage match between her daughter, Joanna and Frederick II of Holy Roman Empire in 1226 giving her sons an ally against the French.Latin Empire and Philip I, the Holy Roman EmperorOn 1204, the Duke of Flanders would be made the King of the Latin Empire after the sack of Constantinople after the death of the rival Angeloi Claimant, Alexios Angelos which would be the start of the formation of the Latin Empire, the claims were supported by Philip, the King of the Romans who is a relative of his via his own wife, Irene Angelina.On 1204, Baldwin, of Flanders and VI Hainaut would be crowned as the Latin Emperor establishing the Latin Empire beginning the Frankokratia in the lands of the Eastern Roman Empire.The former Eastern Roman Empire would be ruled by the Latins except for the Empire of Nicaea and the Despotate of Epirus which would both vie for the claim of the claimant to the successor of the Eastern Roman Empire.On 1214, Philip I would prevail against Otto IV but he would marry his daughter, Beatrice to Henry of Brunswick, the son of Otto IV, Beatrice would die on 1217 and Henry of Brunswick would predecease his father on 1220, he would not have any sons and he would die on 1223 being replaced by his nephew, Frederick II who would come from Sicily on 1214 as he would have secured his own place as the successor of Philip II.His line would continue in the lines of Maria(1199) who married Henry II of Brabant, Kunigunde(1200) who married Wenceslaus of Bohemia, Elizabeth/Beatrice of Swabia, who married Ferdinand III of Castile.Margaret of AustriaIn the Imperial City of Nuremberg, on November 29, 1225, the 21 year old Margaret of Babenberg was married to the 14 year old Henry, eldest son of Emperor Frederick II and elected King of the Romans since 1222.Margaret’s coronation as the Queen of the Romans took place on March 23, 1227 in Aachen Cathedral, Henry and Queen Margaret would two shortlived sons, Henry(d. 1242), Frederick(1251) and a daughter named Constance of Swabia who would marry the future Rudolf I of Germany, the ruler of Alsace, starting the rise of the Habsburg family in the future, Constance of Swabia and her husband would contest the rule of Gertrude of Austria and Vladislaus III of Bohemia in Austria.According to Mathew of Paris, the cause of death of the sons of Henry (VII), Henry and Frederick were said to be poison.
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I am pleased to announce to my English-speaking comrades, that ‘Au Bord de l’Abîme Cycle 2’ is available in English under the title ‘At the Edge of the Abyss Cycle 2’.
Here is the blurb:
The Iron Curtain divides Europe and the tension rises. Two blocs oppose each other: the communists on one side with the USSR and then China as the main spearhead; the anti-communists on the other with the United States, Japan and the former colonial powers. Decolonization begins in the post-war chaos; insurrections and civil wars flourish. In this alternate history and even more chaotic world, there is little chance of avoiding the sometimes little-known horrors and tragedies of a war that is not so cold.Welcome back At the Edge of the Abyss (contains more than two hundred elements of illustrations).
At the Edge of the Abyss - Cycle 2 Cover
The book is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle format . You can read some excerpts on Amazon.
At the Edge of the Abyss is not a classic alternate history novel. It is an Epistolary novel, a chronicle of its time through articles, book excerpts or web pages. All fictional, of course. The book also contains about a hundred illustrative elements (maps, flags, illustrations, portraits).
Here are some of the Illustrations:
Au Bord de l'Abime - Battle for Hanoi
Au Bord de l'Abime -Battleship Yamato - Korean War
Au Bord de l'Abime - Operation Vulture - Indochina
Au Bord de l'Abime - X-Force landing in Trinidad
Au Bord de l'Abime - Battle of Kampong Siem
Au Bord de l'Abime - Operation Swordbreaker
Au Bord de l'Abime - Ruins of Hanoi
Au Bord de l'Abime - Soviet intervention in Poland
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AlternateLiterature Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2019  Student Writer
Hello, everyone. Im not quite sure of how the guidelines regarding the advertisement of art/literature work, here. However I'd like to try and get my third Alternative History piece out in the woodworks. Any criticisms/comments regarding the subject would be most greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoy.  A side note, if I am doing anything wrong, I will gladly remove this post. I haven't been back for a while due to my college work, so again, if theres a proper way for me to do it, by all means! Please tell me!  THE FLAME OF NAPOLI | CHAPTER 3: The Elephant  The peak of Mount Etna appeared three times taller, and four times colder that year, as his regiment halted outside of Randazzo. With the state of his now only 87 man regiment, it was hard to settle in his "comfortable" tent. The images of The Avola still fervent in his mind. He shook himself out of that quite quickly, however, and returned to finishing his report to Headquarters. While messages of this kind were considered too risky to ride towards the command post near Vicari in the west, due to several reports of the infamous Sardinian 13th Light Infantry Regiment. A 90 strong band of "godless island dwellers", as General d'Cissini remarked once. Despite their reported ferocity and skill in combat, the Young Capitano found them fascinating. Their organization and efficiency was that rivaling even the best of line infantry that The Confederacy could provide. Ever since they had left Napoli for Messina, Emillio was slowly forming what most Commissioned Officers in this country
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Hi, everyone. Im a writer of Alternative History Literature. I've 2 pieces relating to Italy during the late 1700s. If anyone would be interested, Ill link them here for you

The Flame of Napoli Chapter 1: From humble origin.Loosely inspired by true events.
A wise king once said that Imagination rules the world.
Our story begins in the year 1750, in a small farming village near modern day Naples. A young boy so carefully named, Emellio d'Castagno, was born. His mother took her next of kin into a warm embrace, smiling up to her ears. "Isn't he such a gift, Elmondo?" She asked the boy's father. "His sparkling brown eyes, his beautiful voice. Even if I only hear his cries of confusion, he speaks to me in a way i've never heard before..."
Ten years pass. His father has taught him how to fish. The young boy is now in an expensive school. His mother and father continue to age, however they remained caring and faithful. Almost to the point of spoiling him. Emellio seemed more of a class clown than a boy who valued his education, which was unlike most of his time. Despite this, his grades were rather high. He never found the concept of education interesting, nor did he see the point in going to school as a whole.
 Part 1

The Flame of Napoli |Chapter 2: Arrival at SiciliaChapter 2: Arrival at Sicilia
  The entire party began stampeding down the hallway, out of the front door. Pushing the old man out of the way. They mounted their horses, hopped in their carriages, some even sprinted. However no one asked what they were doing! If Emilio had any brains left, he knew exactly where they were going.
  It is April the 18th, of 1778. It had been a mere 3 month after the news of the war reached Emellio and his comrades. He, just like every man in that ballroom on that day, went straight for the closest recruitment office. Following their re-enlistment, they were sent immediately to the old Neapolitan Military Academy, where Emellio learned the art of soldiery in his early years. Seeing that the confederation was not only low on manpower but also officers. He stepped out of the Academy doors, clad in a Captain's uniform. With colors of dark green, red, and white. His torso boasted golden Chevrons, Epaulets, and a row of 10 buttons. His cloth belt on h
 Part 2

I hope those interested enjoy, and share it with your friends! (Its a long read. So bring a snack!)
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