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Absarook Empire 1530 by Selvetrica
Historiae Mutetur 510-519 by Artaxes2
Historiae Mutetur 650-659 by Artaxes2
Historiae Mutetur 670-679 by Artaxes2
Prussian Territorial Expansion (1415-1943)(AltHis) by Robeatnix
[RTL] The Anglo-Acadian Expulsions by WannabeeCartographie
After the Second Cold War: 26 Dec 2023 (Af 1 day) by Haritasever
Second Cold War: Ethnic map of the PRC (2020 cen.) by Haritasever
Emblem of Western Australia-The Black Swan Land-AH by TheWanderer88
Emblem of the Arab Kingdom of Syria-AH by TheWanderer88
Coat of Arms of the Greater Hellenic Republic-AH by TheWanderer88
Coat of Arms of the State of Turkey-AH by TheWanderer88
Booty and the Beast by Bezsoba
19+ May 9th 2021 by Svetoslawa
Balilla by Nicomhenzo
the prisoners of st Helena  by bradyhickman
Peru Flag Redesign by DeviantDane326
Ivory Coast flag redesign by DeviantDane326
Egypt flag redesign by DeviantDane326
Austria-Hungary flag redesign 6 by DeviantDane326
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AH Logos: Telesistema Filipina (1989-1996) by ramones1986
Do It Again: ITV Tynee Tees (1999-2002, Variant 1) by ramones1986
Alternate History Logo: GioSangka (since 2005) by ramones1986
Do It Again: ITV Meridian  (1999-2002) by ramones1986
TL31 - Anastasia, aka 'Anna Anderson' by Mobiyuz
TL31 - The Hakodate Crash by Mobiyuz
Special municipality of Curacao by CaptainSwan1997
An independent Saba by CaptainSwan1997
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Alternate History Logos: TikTok (Kawi) by ramones1986
AH Logos: Pepsi (Philippines - Kawi) by ramones1986
AH Stop Signage: Province of Samar (in Kawi) by ramones1986
AH Stop Signage: Bugkalot (in Kawi) by ramones1986
Alternate History Writings
VC 1920+: A history of airship developmentValkyria Chronicles 1920+Preludes to the Great War: The History of airship developments, ,,,,“When I look back to human history and the scientific progress we have achieved so far. I realized that the desire of man to conquer the skies is unquenchable.This is why airship is the greatest invention mankind has ever made. In just a few decades, humanity has done the unthinkable, the mastery of controlled, powered and sustained flight. Now, not only we used them for transportation but also for killing each other over petty squabbles and interests of the elites, a pity to be told but definitely not unexpected.”-Excerpt from Professor Theimer’s Journal, “Mankind and the Century of Flight”,1913-Airship’s origin: Hot air balloons and gas balloonsThe origin of the airships can be traced back to the first manned flight took place in Paris, Frankish Valois Kingdom in 1783, when the Montgolfier brothers, Joseph and Etienne flew in a hot air balloon made of paper and silk. They flew at a height more than 900m at a distance of 9 kilometers and landed safely after a duration of 25 minutes. Just 10 days after the Montgolfiers’ Flight, two Valois physicists, Jacques Alexander Charles and Nicholas Louis Robert successfully launched their hydrogen-filled gas-balloon. First invented in 1776 by Edinburgher scientist Henry Cavendish utilizing a mixture of sulfuric acid and iron, Hydrogen although more volatile than the inert Helium was cheaper and more abundant, and provided more lift, hence the reason it became the staple lifting gas used in most modern airship designs since 19th century onwards.By the early 19th century, gas balloons had become a popular method of air transport. Thanks to the use of ballast, Gas balloons had more lifting capacity to carry passengers and cargoes.They are also not fire-reliant to stay afloat, unlike hot air balloons, the use of ballasts also enabled them to manage flight altitude much better. Before the inventions of airships and airplanes, gas balloons were the primary method of air travel, although the inflation process of a gas balloon is very time-consuming and costly, so only people with high incomes and privileged social status can fly in one.Humble beginning in ValoisIn 1895, Valois once again marked its name in the history of aviation with the first manned flight of Henri Giffard, a Frankish engineer who designed what could be called the first dirigible airship. Powered by a Ragnite steam engine capable of producing 10 horsepower. At an average speed of 20 km/h, it successfully covered the 54km flight from Paris to Élancourt and back. Giffard’s Hydrogen-filled 44 meters long Airship was the first powered aircraft capable of sustained and controlled flight in the history of aviation, opening a new chapter in the development of airships.First aerial bombing utilizing airshipThe first military use of an airship however took place a few years prior to 1900 during the Sardegna-Abyssinian War. Due to the Sardegnan Eritrea colonial authorities prevented the transportation of arms and supplies on land, the air route is the only possible solution for the Rus’ to deliver aids for the landlocked Abyssinians. In July 1896, The East Europan semi-rigid airship Novgorod bound for the Abyssinian capital of Addis Ababa was shot at by the Sardegnan border guards using rifles while flying at a height of 500m. In response, the Rus’ crew packed the dynamites in the ship’s cargo holds into makeshift high-explosive bombs and tossed four of them at the Sargenan outposts on the ground. The retaliating attack didn’t actually cause any casualties though it did succeed in its purpose of scaring off the Sardegnans. After the incident, airships continued to be further refined and nations would begins to use them for reconnaissance and strategic bombings at the beginning of the 20th Century.Saxonian Zeppelin rigid airships and their impactsThe first year of the 20th Century would see another aviation pioneer take airships to another level. Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, a Saxonian aristocrat, designed and built the first rigid airship, LZ-1. Measured at 128 m long and 11.6 m wide,this technologically advanced airship had a specially reinforced Ragnite-Aluminium airframe made of 24 girders and 16 transverse frames. Powered by two 32 hp Ragnoline engines, it first flew in July 1900, reaching a top speed of 54 km/h at an altitude of 525m. After the LZ-1 outstanding 3rd flight covering a distance of 12km in 35 minutes, Zeppelin designs began to attract investors, with many nations following suit in designing their own rigid airships, and the word Zeppelin became an eponym to refer to all rigid airships.East Europan-Zipangu Shogunate War and the development of hybrid airshipsAt the beginning of the 20th century, the majority of airships were of the unprotected Zeppelin rigid type. However, the deadly vulnerabilities of unprotected rigid airships were soon exploited. During the Tsushima Island Air Battle of the East Europan-Zipangu Shogunate War in 1905, the Rus’ Aerial Eastern Armada suffered huge loss that saw the majority of its unprotected zeppelins destroyed by direct hits in their gas cells from rifle-caliber incendiary bullets and high explosive artillery shells by a combined efforts of the more nimble Zipangu airships and the Tsushima island’s ground defenses. This battle would be known as “Trafalgar in the Sky” for its lasting impacts, the destruction of the Rus’ Eastern Aerial Armada led to a public outcry and a failed populist revolution attempt, resulting in the peace treaty between two sides by the end of 1905. Experiences of the battle over Tsushima Island also demonstrated the need for compartmentalization and the importances of speed and protection for future military airship designs. This resulted in the creation of the hybrid airships. With compartmentalized gas cells and new protection schemes, augmented by their powerful Ragnoline or Diesel engines and supercharged by Tesla electro-static generators, these armored heavy behemoths soon replaced their lighter-than-air semi-rigid and rigid brethrens as the predominant king of the skies. Due to the added weights of their comprehensive gas cell system, their armament, and their armor, these new hybrid airships are heavier than air, requiring both their lifting gas cells and high-powered engines to stay afloat, which in some ways are similar to conventional fixed-wing aircrafts.During the First Great War, airships were mainly utilized by the Quintuple Alliance and the East Eurasian Imperial Alliance for strategic bombings and reconnaissance. The Atlantic Federation also used airships, though to a lesser degree, mostly for maritime patrols. After the war, nations around the globe would continue to build and experiment with hybrid airships with varying degrees of success.
The former California Republic-Eureka-AH by TheWanderer88
Celtiaid Am Byth - Shifting Attitudes29 Cânalarch 994 (O.S.) / 17 October 1504Dinas Ymerodraeth, Ynys YmerodrolCynfawr VI was in a bad mood. Another meeting with a French ambassador, arriving to plead peace after the most recent attack against Cherbourg. The man had sat across the table, his massive ruffled collar obnoxiously complimenting his face coated in white paint, a copy of yet another treaty placed on the table in front of him.“Greetings, your grand Celtic majesty.” He stood and bowed. “I’m so pleased that-”“Just get on with it.” He sat down with some effort, grunting as the burning feeling in his rear made him shift to try and find comfort.“Oh, uh...very well then. Shall I read the terms of this treaty?”“Let me ask, is any one of those terms that the Empire will convert to a Christian faith?”“Well...not specifically. But it is one to see that the Christian faith is given a respected-”“No.” He stood again with some effort. “We’re done here.”“Your majesty, please!” The ambassador walked out to him, the latest treaty clutched in his hands. “My lord Francis III is concerned over your unwillingness to sign any treaty, to prevent any further bloodshed! Your people decry the bloodshed and killing, yet-”“Yet what? Yet what?! What about your godsdamned religion is so fucking special that you need to force it on people who don’t want it?!”“Because our God is good and just, he only cares for the well-being of all his children!”Cynfawr turned and took a swing at the man, missing and only succeeding in aggravating his pain further. He struggled to force himself back together, gritting his teeth as he looked the man in the eye.“A God who could make good children just as easily as bad, yet preferred to make bad ones. Who could have made every one of them happy, yet never made a single happy one. Who made them prize their bitter life, yet stingily cut it short; who gave his angels eternal happiness unearned, yet required his other children to earn it; who gave his angels painless lives, yet cursed his other children with biting miseries and maladies of mind and body; who mouths justice and mercy, and invented hell, mouths Golden Rules and forgiveness multiplied thirty times by three, and invented hell; who mouths morals to other people, and has none himself; who frowns upon crimes yet commits them all; who created man without invitation then tries to shuffle the responsibility for man's acts upon man, instead of honorably placing it where it belongs, upon himself; and finally, with altogether divine obtuseness, invites his poor abused slave to worship him! What ‘mercy’ does your god have to offer? Get out! Get out, get out, get out!”He kicked the door open and grabbed the man’s obnoxious collar, throwing him out of the room.,2 Porfa 1020 (O.S.) / 7 July 1530Deva, Province of OrdowicLlewellyn X sat quietly under the rowan tree, his eyes closed as he breathed in and out softly. It was hot but not overly hot, enough to enjoy himself as he sat under the shade of a tree and breathed in the air“My Emperor?”He was broken from his reverie by a man who bowed to him with a respectful salute. “Hello, my Emperor. I hope that I didn’t disturb you.”“I’m fine, Archbishop Wyn. Just thinking, is all.”“About what?”“The future. Every good Emperor plans for the future. My son wants to campaign into Normandy like a madman, and I worry for his well-being. He hasn’t produced any children yet.”“I’m sure there will be time.” He sat down next to him. “I had a question, if you had time.”“Ask away.”“Forgive me for asking, but...well, have you ever considered conversion?”Llewellyn X looked over at him. “In generations past, you would have been arrested on the spot for treason. Luckily for you things have changed.”“It’s a serious question, my Emperor. You yourself saw to it that the Celtic Church was created under the aegis of the Imperial Government, perhaps not the designated national religion as Druidism is, but a national church nonetheless. The Christians of this Empire revere you as a saint, you know. Imagine your legacy if you did convert.”“Archbishop, a Christian Emperor cannot rule a pagan empire.”“Constantine of Rome did.”That made him smirk. “God and Sol Invictus are different things entirely, Archbishop. But to answer your question directly, I don’t convert because I have no intention of abandoning the faith that has sustained me and my ancestors, and the entirety of this Empire, for uncounted thousands of years.”“That is your right, Emperor. I simply wished to know, is all.”,28 Gwynt 1123 / 28 April 1633Deva, Province of OrdowicArchbishop Rhonwyn approached Emperor Tamlan II, who welcomed her with open arms. “Greetings, Archbishop. Congratulations on your confirmation as Archbishop.”“Thank you, my Emperor. I’m very pleased to be able to meet you as Archbishop of the Celtic Church.”“Well, you’ll be further pleased to know that I’ve already had the Senate confirm your appointment.” He gestured for her to follow him. “Walk with me, it’s a lovely day.”Rhonwyn nodded and followed him. “I always thought it funny, my Emperor, that a Christian archbishop should need to have their confirmation be approved by the authorities of a Pagan empire.”“Think of it less as pagans confirming you and more the civil authorities. As I’ve heard it, that’s not absolutely unusual in Europe. But just because I and 73 of 75 Senators are pagans doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily pagans confirming your appointment. Our Empire’s faith is Druidic, but our law is secular.”“Secular barring the influence of the Druids, you mean.”Tamlan II smiled. “True, true, but that’s simply how our society functions. Europe is the same as well, their bishops have such power and influence they rival their kings at times. Fortunately our Druids know that their power is subservient to that of the Emperor.”“As is mine, my Emperor.” Rhonwyn smiled, then paused to reach up into a tree and begin pulling down flowers from it. “The Church is loyal to its Empire. The Christians are loyal to their Empire. All of us are Celts, and you as Emperor of All Celts are our sovereign ruler.” She began to wind the flowers and their stems through each other.“You’ve proven that more than enough. My great-great grandfather met a lot of opposition for creating the church, and ever since then I’m glad he was proven right in your loyalty.”“Of course, my Emperor.” She took the small crown of flowers and placed it on his head. “God smiles on those who live well, Christian or no. I have no doubts that you and your family will have an honored place in the World to Come.”Tamlan II adjusted the flower crown a bit, then put a hand around her shoulders. “Now, there was something more serious I wanted to talk to you about. Obviously there was a lot going on with the Invasion of the North, but now me and my advisors are increasingly aware that Europe is on the verge of yet another religious war...”
W. Australia House of Reps-The Black Swan Land-AH by TheWanderer88
Me 464A-1 Wartime Livery by Vexiphile
Holy Britannian Empire vs Three World Empire by Catholic-Ronin
Alternate History Characters
Lovers by Greenstar-lion
Alternate History Illustrations
Allied Riot Trooper by Napasitart
Blank map of Sakhalin by DinoSpain
Alternate History Stamps
TIE Hex TIE/Hx by ShadowtrooperDragon
Maps I
Donghai Confederacy as of 1998 by JonasGraf
Flags II
(Alternate) Continental Colors by ramones1986


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