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PokeMario 11: Tutankoopa


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PokeMario 11: Tutankoopa


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Solar Boy Django [Boktai]

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6th Birthday! [The Fourth]

The Fourth

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PokeMario 11: Tutankoopa


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Welcome to Crocodile Isle [Donkey Kong Country 2]

Donkey Kong

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Boltymon: Aerodactyl

BKNB Vehicles

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Anamnesis [Superstar Saga]

Anamnesis [mass noun]: Recollection, especially of a supposed previous existence. --- It was getting late, although there was no way to tell from the hideout. It was underground: in fact, once the basement of a house in the country outskirts of Castle Town. The structure had long been demolished, leaving only the abandoned cellar, its wooden door concealed by bushes and overgrowth. In the unlikely event anyone happened upon this door now, broke past its lock, and climbed down its stairs, they would find a surprise: a large and astonishingly cozy space - something of a dorm room, with a little bed, some thick and colorful rugs, a couple cha

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PokeMario 11: Tutankoopa


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Joustus Pals [Shovel Knight]

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Where You'll Find Me Now

Super Amateur Photography

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The Man Who Would Bee King

The head honcho of Hivory Towers, the insect known only as Capital B, pressed his gloved fingers to his face, rubbing the space between his disparately bloodshot eyes. In his other hand he held a distressing report on the productivity (or lack thereof) of his newest acquisition, the former Quackcorp. Some kind of illness was running through the employees, rendering them totally - instead of just mostly - useless. It had been a long day. With a sigh he set the paper down and lifted his hexagonal mug to his crooked teeth. It was his fourth cup of coffee that day - or was it his fifth? He needed to check if the office manager had changed brands without his permission. He could swear it was less bitter than it used to be, and he did like it bitter. The CEO tried to distract himself with something more pleasant while waiting for his next conference call. Initial tests of the Noveliser 64 were proving successful - while the ultimate goal of a total monopoly on all literature was still a


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