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PokeMario 7: Francis

Francis (from Super Paper Mario) is a shiny hunter and a Vivillon collector! I'm particularly proud of the composition on this one- I recreated every part of the background from scratch!

See the rest of the series by starting here and following the links in the comments:…
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Reasons why Francis has each pokemon he has:

Vivillion: Because Francis collects butterflies.

Kecleon: Because Francis is like a chameleon too!

Porygon: Because science!

Rotom: To power said science, and maybe his computer.

Gardevior: Because W A I F U

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this guy should DEFINITELY have Kecleon, Lopunny, Gardevoir, Salazzle, Glaceon, and Meowth

a chameleon, 4 Waifu, and a meowmaid reference

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Though, Maybe a shiny Vavillion is better than Glaceon, the rest of my suggestions are good

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Ok, I guess all of my suggestions should probably be shiny, considering the shiny hunter thing

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That texturing you use on his and Kecleon's scales is really cool.

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congrats on that wonderful tile pattern! it looks like it was not quick to recreate, but it adds a lot of character to the picture and is just faded and small enough to not overwhelm your work with the characters.

i love the pokemon choices. they're perfect. of course he would have a gardevoir, of course he would. he looks so proud of himself haha, ready to catch a pic of that next vivillon variant he spots.

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Dang, that background really is gorgeous! Great job!

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Heheh, of course he'd have all shinies. That Vivillon pattern is so pretty

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