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Importance of Being Earnest



Please tell me some of you are familiar with this fantastically witty play by Oscar Wilde. If not, get familiar: [link] and if you ever get the chance, go see it! There's also a great movie version that came out several years back.

My college's theater group is putting it on, and I play the part of Cecily. An eighteen-year-old girl who has a dull life in the middle of nowhere, has a massive imagination that she blurs with reality to keep from going mad with boredom, and falls in love with a guy she's never met? WOW I BARELY HAVE TO ACT AT ALL

Anyway, I did this art for the production and it's been on posters all around the school , as well as the playbill, which makes me feel quite special. Of course, there was fancypants script added on those versions, but that wasn't my doing, so you don't see it here. I hope it's caught people's attention and convinced people to come see the show.

They're in a handbag, because a handbag is very central to the plot! Also, if you're paying that much attention, it seems I left out a character- but both the butler/manservant (Lane/Merriman) are played by the same person, and therefore I did not draw him twice. He puts on a fake moustache for his latter role. It's awesome.

This picture is very very special to me, because I love this play and the people I met through it...

The Importance of Being Earnest (c) Oscar Wilde
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The handbag...!:rofl:

I'm playing Lane as a maid instead of a butler, and the show is Thursday!:excited: