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My Bio

Every weekday I stream games (speedruns, challenges and casual playthroughs) and maybe even art! Drop by if you want to hang out in a fun and positive environment:

I also have a webcomic that I make with my partner! We update when we can. Most of what you'll find in my dA gallery is fan art of my favorite games, with the occasional original character of mine or commission. I'm also getting into pixel art these days. For a better idea, just take a look :)

Favourite Games
Donkey Kong Country series, Banjo-Kazooie, Mario RPGs, and lots more
Favourite Gaming Platform
I've been active on this account for over ELEVEN YEARS, and on dA under a different name for even longer than that. So I'm not going anywhere. That said, deviantArt has long since stopped being a place where I'm very active socially, because I just can't keep up with everywhere all the time. Not only that, but I try to only upload my very best stuff here, and there's a lot of simpler drawings, experiments, sillier sketches, pixel art animations, and other things that just don't suit dA's format very well, which you'll never see if you only follow me here. Seriously, if you think I don't draw very often, it's just because you're missing a lot! Twitter is where I'm most active these days (tbh I hate the site, but it's where the people are), and where I post EVERYTHING I work on: I also stream art every weekday for at least a few hours here: So if you've ever wanted to see my messy process, and just hang out and
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You might be kind of surprised I haven't said anything about this here yet! I've been super busy lately, and my family was visiting during E3. But I've been really hyped over on twitter, and the announcement has even inspired my oldest online friend group (that I met on a Banjo-Tooie forum!) to get back together more actively than we've been in like a decade. The scope of my fandom life, and the hope and excitement that comes from some of my favorite things being way more popular again, is such a change from just a year ago. It's hard to believe that back then, in trying to protect myself from heartbreak, I kept my hopes low and my expectations cynical and believed we'd never see K. Rool again. Now not only is he here, but in the same game with Banjo and Kazooie for the first time ever! This is like a little glimpse of the Rare crossover I always dreamed of as a kid, but unfortunately was never given the opportunity to come to pass after they were bought out. It's the first time
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So, uh, hey, since when is dA forcing your "scraps" folder to be visible? I logged on today and it was there with the rest of my gallery folders, giving me quite the scare. Because... I legit didn't even know I had stuff in there, and it was all like 10 years old and really terrible so I just deleted it all in a mad panic because I don't know how to hide it. No one should ever see that stuff again. It's not visible anymore since it's empty, but... it might actually be useful if filled with some decent newer things. Does anyone know if it actually notifies people now when you update "scraps", because it might not be bad to actually use it for sketchier/uncolored stuff that I wouldn't normally consider worthy of putting in my gallery at all. I don't use dA enough anymore.... it's a website that hasn't really changed all that much throughout the years, but it is now, so I'm trying to keep up!
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Hey. it's me RiverSlinky from Twitch

Hello! Just been for my first browse of your portfolio. I love your art style; everything is so vivid and colourful! My personal favourite piece is the Final Fantasy VII headshot collection; you have a talent for detailed pixel art.

Keep doing what you're doing, because DeviantART is better for having you on board. :)

Wow, thank you!! That means so much to me, especially since I'm pretty new at pixel art! :) I've definitely been enjoying it, but most of my stuff feels too minor to post here yet.

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