Hello! It is nice to see you again! I see you finished a semester, eh? Good. Good! Are you ready for another one?
This is a Graduation Book. In this journal you can pass the semester/year or graduate school.
To have your progress registered, comment with the following form:
Passed semester: (first or second) Year: (first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh) Requirement drawings: (link your drawings here) Chocolate crickets used: (amount of chocolate crickets you want to use to skip classes. Please, add the name of a class you want to skip too)
After commenting, wait for your comment to be featured. You will get a reply after your semester is officially passed. You can also monitor the progress here:
Cause using dA to create complex journals is a pain! Visit the website for some more info about the group!
There are now short description of each house! Some places are still empty, waiting to be filled! Do not mind the stock pictures. They are placeholders.
"You packed your backpack with snacks and books. Eager to start your adventure at the magic school. You always felt magic in your body. It was about a time to start using it properly. You were still holding a letter you got from Alteria inviting you to join the magical world."
Welcome to Alteria-School. A roleplay group focusing on both using these old adaptable you got one day and creating and developing art.
First you need to do is decide which character you want to use. It doesn't need to be an animal nor human. Anything goes and that's the best thing! Just pick one of your old adopted characters and you are good to go!
Hm? What's that? You do not have an adopted character? Well, you can always look for one here: http://fav.me/de0cvhx
"The water was still, you sat with other students in a small boat. They moved slowly towards an island covered with midnight mist. It seemed like the boats were moving on their own. You wanted to start a conversation, but for some reason you couldn't hear any voices or noises. Finally you reached the island. A voice from nowhere welcomed you and all the students. You were all invited to the castle. As you were walking in, somebody stopped you and gave you a cape. <<Wear it, it is a school uniform>>"
Step two is drawing your character's application. You need to draw your character wearing the cape they received.
Cape reference:
Starting Capes
The character should be placed on a transparent or plain white background. You do not choose your house on the first year! All of it is just a common magic, not requiring to be in any house.
You done? That's amazing! Send the application with a joining request and you will be in!
Simple as that! Remember you need to include the original adoptable sheet/creator/toyhouse in the description of your app!
This journal belongs in a group mechanic journals.

Hello, guys and gals! Eager to start your new adventure, but do not have any adopted characters? Fear not! This journal is just for you!

Welcome in the place users can share their old/unwanted adopts and giving them away for the sake of this group.

I want to give my old adopts away!
Sure! To do so, just comment with an open adoptable! Remember it must be FREE to take with only one rule - it must be used in the group. So if you want to be sure it will be used, wait until the adopter makes a joining picture. Remember that you must allow slight design changes. Sometimes it may be a specie change, sometimes colors or markings (but not in a way the adopt is completely redesigned and doesn't even remind the original)

I want to adopt a character!
To adopt a character, simply reply on the featured comment telling which character you want to take. You may SLIGHTLY redesign a character if you want! But remember to respect the original creator! After the confirmation, you can start drawing your application. The character will be yours after posting the app to the group's gallery.

If there will be no free adopts available, I will make sure to post something from time to time :)
Remember you will be able to change the character later on due to the character development. It must be natural and not forced!

Enjoy adopting! : )

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