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Before you begin, please read my Terms of Service first.

Status: OPEN -unlimited slots
Paypal (usd) & points ($1 = 100)

Things I will draw:
• humanoids
• anthros
• ponies
• transformers / mecha (ask)
• some muscles
• some blood / gore (ask)

Things I won't draw:
• nsfw
• excessive muscles (ask)
• ferals (sorry cant draw them that well)
• backgrounds

I have the right to decline any commission that I feel uncomfortable doing



Anika by Alterexian  Taffy! by Alterexian  [AT] Envidia by Alterexian

notes: flat colour with black / single colour shading

• head shot: $8
• bust: $10

• half body: $15
• full body: $20
Extra character :  +80% max 3

Geneva by Alterexian [C] Daemon by Alterexian  Demon girl by Alterexian
notes: semi lineless with shading and highlights

• head shot: $10
• bust: $15

• half body: $20
• full body: $25
Extra character :  +80% max 3


Juno by Alterexian  Blue moon by Alterexian
Aurora shard by Alterexian  [AT] Autumn harvest by Alterexian 
Flat coloured
• headshot: $5

• full body: $8

Full shaded
• headshot: $8
• full body: $12

Extra character :  +80% max 3


★ Commissions form:
* = Required
☆* Payment amount & method: 
☆* Type of commission(s): e.g Flat coloured half body
☆* Character reference: preferably a full body
☆ Optional: character pose/action/expression etc
☆* I [name] have read and understood the Terms of Service

Updated: 06 Oct 19 ★

Coding by SimplySilent
© 2016 - 2021 Alterexian
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Hello! I'm (assuming?) because i haven't seen anything about these being closed, that i might be able to buy one? (or a few!!!!)

★ Commissions form:

Payment amount & method: Points, 800

Type of commission(s): Flat colored Bust please!!

Character reference: (A bit old)

I use this one, (The blue version with blue eyes, not yellow)

Character(s) pose/action: Surprise me :))

I Striped-Panda1 have read and understood the Terms of Service !!!

I adore your art! <33

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Yup these are open lol i should probably edit in a status message at the top haha
Accepted & thanks for commissioning me a second time omg
You can send in the points uwu
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I’m super excited, thank you so much!! Sending now
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Ty!! Received it
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Are your commissions open? Your lineless style is super cute!!
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Djsdjjsdh sorry for the late reply! Theyre open now :0
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Payment amount/method: 1200, points
Type of commission: Half body semi-lineless
Character ref:…
Characters pose/action: Preferably a bored/tired expression!
I have read the Terms and Conditions!

If possible, could I have it done around the 24th? That’s the character owners birthday ;w; If you can’t its totally understandable! Life happens, y’know? Tysm!! 
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Aight ty! Ill try get it done by then!
You can send me the points and ill start :]
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Aw I missed them! But is there a possibility to be notified once these open? I would love to commission you sometime! :heart:
Alterexian's avatar
Sure thing!
Chances are, theyll be open at the end of the month since i have a holiday then :]
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can i be added to pinglist
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Oof i didnt see this
Wdym by pinglist? :0
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Are these open??
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Not yet sorry! Ill be updating this journal in a bit so ill let you know when im done :,)
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can I have a flat coloured full body of this character? ^^ 

Gplus4964680857815189614 by YiiFannG  
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I'mma get one ;0

★ Commissions form:
☆ Type of commission: Flat coloured full body
☆ Character reference:
☆ Character's emotion: winking and smiling with her teeth showing
☆ Character's action: hands are in her pockets (on the jacket)
☆ I [Calem] have read and understood the Terms of Service

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Accepted !!
That would be 1000 pts :^)
Also ur character is cute omg
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Thank u omg ;0 I will send momentarily
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* I Lydia (neo artifex) have read and understood the terms of service
I'd like a flat colored half body with this character,…
I'd like her to appear sort of angry or neutral 
If she's too complex or the design is unclear, I can chose another or pay a little more 
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Shes fine~
Although headdress is kind of unclear
Do you have any other images of her?
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