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Here is a list of cell phone resolutions and color depths for many domestically-released cell phones.   I'm posting this so people will see what sort of images are and aren't acceptable in this Gallery.

:bulletblue: Hitachi:

P300 - 120x160, 4096 colors.

:bulletblue: LG:

LX5350 - 120x133, 65k colors.

:bulletblue: Motorola:

v60 color - 96x64, 4096 colors.
t720 - 120x160, 4096 colors.
t721 - 120x160, 4096 colors.
t722 - 120x160, 4096 colors.
t730 - 120x160, 4096 colors.

:bulletblue: NEC:

515 - 128x160, 65k colors.
525 - 128x160, 65k colors.

:bulletblue: Nokia:

3588 - 96x65, 4096 colors.
3589 - 95x65, 4096 colors.
ALL OTHERS - 128x128, 4096 colors.

:bulletblue: Sanyo:

4900 - 128x120, 4096  colors.
5300 - 176x132, 65k colors.
8100 - 128x160, 65k colors.
RL2000 - 128x120, 4096 colors.
RL2500 - 176x132, 65k colors.
VM4500 - 176x132, 65k colors.

:bulletblue: Samsung:

a500 - 128x160, 4096 colors.
a600 - 128x160, 65k colors.
e715 - 128x128, 65k colors.
n400 - 128x128, 4096 colors.
VGA1000 - 128x160, 65k colors.
VI660 - 128x160, 65k colors.
x105 - 128x160, 65k colors.

:bulletblue: Siemens:

ALL - 100x80, 4096 colors.

:bulletblue: Sony Ericsson:

t68 - 101x80, 256 colors.
t300 - 101x80, 256 colors.
t310 - 101x80, 256 colors.
t226 - 101x80, 4096 colors.
t230 - 101x80, 4096 colors.
t610 - 128x160, 65k colors.
z600 - 128x160, 65k colors.
z1010 - 176x220, 65k colors.

(More will be added as I come across them.)

As you can see, the 2 most common image types are 128x128 at 4096 colors, and 128x160 at 4096 colors.   Please keep this in mind when designing art for this Gallery.

Thank you.

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Manga-Drawer24 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011  Student General Artist
Thanks so much! I got a new LG today.
DoctorDeaf Featured By Owner May 23, 2009
Here's a linky to the modern phone resolutions and colour depths...


Have fun... ;)
AmazingDX Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010
Awesome! O.o
darksat Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009
Hate to throw a spanner in the works but lets say your designing a website for mobiles, how much will the scrollbar shave off the width you can use?
I think its generally 12/13px for a mobile device and 18px for a normal browser on a PC.
reddiva Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2006
i love u deviantart... looking for info about mobile phone info for work and you come up with this?! woohoooooo!! :boogie:
qlr407 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2005
Siemens SX1
screen size: 176x220
screensaver size: 176x208
wallpaper size: 132x132
all at 65k colorz
untappedx Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2005
Must be WHY he runs this gallery, lol.

Motorola V265 uses 128x128 and I'm still trying to find out the colors.
mizxecio Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2004
oh and 65k
mizxecio Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2004
Just got a Siemens M65, the res is 132 by 176
ViceKing Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2004
Motorola Vxxx
Moppy Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish there was some sorta list for international phones (not that it'd be useful much on dA), I'm not sure what the color depth or resolution is on either of my phone's screens...I have a Japanese phone, au A1304TII and it has an inside screen (big bright and awesome) and an outside one (little but just as awesome). au's website doesn't list the screen specs at all so oh well...I'll just keep taking pictures of cool things right off my screen with it. :nod:
SakumaRyuichi Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2004
Samsung A700-MM700 - 176x165 - 262k color
Nofate301 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2004  Student Writer
Anyone got the specs for the LGC1300 and maybe some deviations for it? please?
z-aw-l Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2004
Found this on LG's homepage ( [link] )

Specifications:LCDs: Internal: 65K Color STN 128 x 128 pixels, 6 lines of text
z-aw-l Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2004
about the Nokia sizes..
It is all Nokia Serie 40 phones that have the 128x128 resolution...

Nokia are makeing alot of new phones with different resolutions like the 7600 which have a resolution on 128 x 160
And the 6600 have a resolution on 176 x 208 pixel ... ( info from [link] )

So I think that you have to update the list abit..

Other than that i think it's great that someone is makeing this list.. because there are millions of forumposts with people asking for their phone resolution...

Keep up the good work alteredreality
luvknight Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2004
For the Nokia 6600, the wallpaper resolution would be 176x144
simbolo Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2004
I have a Nokia 6230 which has a TFT screen able to show millions of colours. size still 128 x 128; somebody please make some animated gif files for screensavers.

Im sick of the built in ones. Nokia do such a good job at making amazing phone, and give them out with crappy wallpapers and stuff.
komala Featured By Owner May 31, 2004
Just wanted to plug specs for the Motorola V300 - 176x220, 65k colours. It's brilliant that you're maintaining a list though!
almawardi Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2004
how to decrease a true color picture to 4096 color depth???
Mash5 Featured By Owner May 29, 2004   Photographer
I am also desperately trying to find this out as I just spent 30 on a usb cable for my nokia :O

bloody ripoff
AtooMobile Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2004
Hi folks,

First of all let me say that I have finally found *the* place where I think our company will get the kind of cell phone imagery that we have been looking for for quite some time. I'd like to say a big "Thank you!" to the managers of this place - great work, absolutely!

Now let me write a few thoughts on screen dimensions. While it is certainly useful to have screen dimension listings available when creating stuff for our own phones, things are totally different when using the imagery commercially. Worldwide there are more than 200 popular color WAP phones out on the market, and screen sizes vary a lot. OK, this is not new and it is not rocket science. However, if an image whatsoever is to be offered to the public, the best thing to do is automatic device recognition through database driven systems that know the devices and that can deliver the imagery as required by a specific device. We have been hand croppping and trimming all of our images until we found a mobile server system that does in on-the-fly.
rawr90 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2004
what about the lg vx6000?!?!
melui Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2004
vunce Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
Never mind, found it already:

N341i : 162 x 216 pixels @ 56k
vunce Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks man, i was just searching for such a list.
Too bad my phone isnt in the list, i have a Nec N341i
ZpoN Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2004
sorry about all my posts, but nokia have other resolutions than 96x65 and 128x128. It's realy not a reliable list, you may consider to take a look at the companys homepages befor you trust the list at the top!

sorry abouth my english

alteredreality Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004
I did. Pulled these numbers right off the white pages for their current line.
ZpoN Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2004
By the way, S55 is only 256 colors, and the resolution is 101x80 for all of siemens color fones.
ZpoN Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2004

T68i 256 101x80
T230 4.096 101x80
T300 - 101x80
T310 256 101x80
T600 - 100x65
T610 65.536 128x160
T630 65.536 128x160
P800 4.096 208x144
P900 65.536 108x208
Z200 4.096 128x128
Z600 65.536 128x160
BronzeRocket Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
awww ryan you must be lonely in this tier :P
there there
rmpaul Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2004  Professional Photographer
How does one set graphics to 4096 colors (12-bit depth)? :o
alteredreality Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2004
As odd as it sounds, thats what those screens can do.
zero7 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2004
Good stuff man, this should be really useful for anyone submitting to this gallery, only problem being it'll have to be updated quite often to meet the specs of new phones. For example, Nokia will soon be releasing phones with a larger display and higher colour depth. In fact, I'm sure some are avaliable now.

Are there any plans to integrate the model of phone into the browsing of the gallery somehow. Once the gallery really takes off it'd be a pretty useful feature.
alteredreality Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2004
Seeing as I sell phones, i know when new ones come out, and will update the list at regular intervals. =P
zero7 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
That job must come in pretty handy running this gallery.
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