New Year: Review of the Best of 2017

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Time for my bi-annual feature. I may do this more often. If you see a collage that you feel should have been included please add it to the comments (by copying it's thumb number). Don't feel shy to nominate one of your own either!

These wonderful pieces of art are, as best as I can tell, submitted to the group in 2017.

The emergence of Madame Argus by ShaneGallagher Elizabethan Angel Christmas Card by hk-passey 80 West 447 by dekdav zerkleidung by elmyrone inner beauty by chidori-art   Heart in Hand by Tales-of-Torment That Difficult Conversation With Yourself (2016) by ALonelyEmu

Mature Content

Confetti (2016) by ALonelyEmu
Victorian Advertising - Florida Water by Yesterdays-Paper   Monkey! (2016) by ALonelyEmu Dada 2 by ShaneGallagher The Underlying Conditions by ShaneGallagher A sharp dressed man by ShaneGallagher   The Road to Damascus.  And Back (2015) by ALonelyEmu   The H.P. Lovecrafts (2011) by ALonelyEmu Protection by Tordo

Germanium B by fleetofgypsies Angels Come in All Sizes by hk-passey Wild by saperlipop Fishbeach by nessaaXD

Mature Content

Passport To Hell  ( repost ) by DouglasHumphries
Amalgam by ShaneGallagher Dejah  by ShaneGallagher The Lowry sisters by ShaneGallagher
:thumb696090784: Airmail: Raven by MadeleiZoo 10- Sparkle by veroklotz Lovers 4 - Till death by kriSank

Atomic by randoymwordsart Dada 2 by ShaneGallagher Embrace by ShaneGallagher The Underlying Conditions by ShaneGallagher A sharp dressed man by ShaneGallagher Full Moon by KauruKaya ce n'est pas le hasard by veroklotz Weight of the World by Pearllight180   The eye by Fisktoffla australopithecus curiosity by ScottMan2th loading by ShaneGallagher Conflict by Fisktoffla Don't you need 3D Goggles ? by valentin-mittler Olivia Night Circus by ShaneGallagher

The Crooked Kind 407 by dekdav New Years 2016 by jhutter Victorian Veil by jhutter Illusion of Creation by offermoord Two hills and a swimming pool. by annasandalaki Ladyfingers by randoymwordsart

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KauruKaya's avatar
Thank you for the feature)
great gallery Heart  
KanchanMahon's avatar
Yes we have very talented group members! 
ScottMan2th's avatar
thanks for including -australopithecus curiosity-  in this collection
KanchanMahon's avatar
Love it! Thanks for submitting and sharing your work with us all!
wildearthlingboy's avatar
thanks for adding me into the collage mixup , it's a fine selection of collage magic !
KanchanMahon's avatar
Of course, your work fascinates me! 
valentin-mittler's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature !
Happy new year everyone !2018 
KanchanMahon's avatar
Happy New Year in France! Merci! 
Tales-of-Torment's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature!!Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]  It's flattering to have my work next to
so many other fantastic pieces!:lovely:  Thank you!Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 
KanchanMahon's avatar
Thanks for submitting!
annasandalaki's avatar
Thank you so much, Kanchan. Glad to be here!
Happy new year, dear friend.
KanchanMahon's avatar
Happy New Year! 2018 is going to be a busy one!
veroklotz's avatar
merci beaucoup !!! Hug 
KanchanMahon's avatar
KanchanMahon's avatar
Nice display! Rather special!
fleetofgypsies's avatar
very flattered.. thank you
KanchanMahon's avatar
Not empty flattery! True appreciation! Look up the word sometime, I never knew till I came here and said the same thing! 
saperlipop's avatar
A big thank you for your thoughtfulness in putting together this beautiful feature and for including my work :heart:
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