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'My Little Safari' - Wallpaper



A minimalistic background for anyone/anypony who might be a... of MLP. of Apple Corporation. of Apple's Safari. of Webkit (and by extension, Google Chrome) of My Little Websurfers.

(or any amalgamation of the aforementioned).

Other Resolutions: [1920x1200]

I do apologise for any artefacts, graininess or any other apparent forms of compression in the image - I seem to have found some gradients that JPEG compression doesn't like. (If you would like the image saved in any other format, let me know and I can sort something out!)

Gratuities and sugary treats for inspiration are deserved for the following people:

*ParallaxMLP (for the Original "My Little Safari" vector and related My Little Websurfers series)

This wallpaper in itself is what I'd like to call a part of a "train of thought" (or a mini-series, for the sane-minded).
Others in the Series: [Google Chrome] [Firefox]

If you feel you should have been credited, but I haven't done-so, then please let me know! If for some crazy reason, you don't want to be credited, let me know. If I have illicitly used content, IP, concepts, thought patterns, etc. that you don't want me to use, let me know and we'll sort something out.
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