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Pencil Brush Toolset Ver 1.0 (Photoshop)

Pencil Brush Toolset Ver 1.0 for Photoshop.

This Toolset for photoshop contains a total of 6 Brushes in both .ABR and .TPL format.

- #1 and #2 brushes are texture free brushes, suitable for details and roughing the drawing.
- #3 and #4 brushes are almost similar to #1 and #2 brushes with textures. 
- #5 and #6 brushes are meant for shading large areas of drawing.

Though both .ABR and .TPL formats are available as download , but using .TPL format is recommended. 

This is Version 1.0 of the toolset. I will add more samples for toolset in links below.

Note: I have designed and tested the brush on Photoshop CS6. I request users who download it to test it on other versions of photoshop, I will be able to update the list then.

This is a Premium download.

Edit 1:
For samples done using the Pencil Brush Toolset visit :…

Edit 2:
As I promised, I have published a Pencil brush toolset for Photoshop. Initially, I priced it at 180-160 deviant art points. I see a lot of views but no downloads.

To help users for review, I am putting the toolset on sale of 10 points for first 20-30 downloads and then on sale of 20 points for next 80-90 downloads. I request first 100 -110 users who download it on sale to post review and sample images to help others recommending it.

Edit 3:

Sale of 10 points lot is over, 20 points lot has started.

Edit 4: I am putting the Pencil Brush Toolset back to 10 point sale.  This will be till the end of January 2016 or for first 110 downloads ( around 30 are still left), whichever reaches first. Hurry up!!

Edit 5: As stated in EDIT 4, the sale is over now. I am setting the price to 50 Points.

Edit 6:
 Merry Christmas everyone! I would like to thank you all by giving away the Pencil Brush Toolset. The free download will be available from 12 AM, 25/12/2016 IST to 12 AM, 01/01/2017 IST.
Share this post among your friends, so they might benefit as well.  And do not forget to tip me through donation widget on my deviantart page if you liked the brushset !
Here is the link:

Edit 7: I have reduced the price of Pencil Brush Toolset 1.0 to 40 points from 50 points for a limited time. Hurry up!

Edit 8:
40 points sale is over. I will put the price back to 50 Points. Although, I have put a free copy of the Toolset at a different page.
For further details and downloading the free copy go to this page: (Note: this link is temporary as I will delete the deviation at the end of 14/oct/2017)
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Thank you. Please help me spread the word. There are other resources in my gallery, free and premium. Do, check them out.

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hi!, i just wanna know if these brushes can work on Clip Studio Paint?

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Hi @Waiffleu , This particular toolset is for Photoshop only. However, I have other brushset (it is free to download as well) for Clip Studio Paint here:

Altback's Pencil Brush Pack [BETA] for CSP

Brushset for Clip Studio Paint have a different effect than the one for Photoshop. Partly because of the brush engine of the two application. Recently, I have been working with Krita more and quite like my drawing and painting experience there.

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Thank you very much!
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No problem. We have a YouTube channel as well: with related information and videos. I you find it helpful, please consider supporting by subscribing and sharing the content with fellow artists.

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I think this works with GIMP.
I may consider this.
altback's avatar
Oh wow!
Did you try it with GIMP?
I am curious enough to know how you did that.

PrincessPandaArt's avatar
The heck? I did not buy this.
I do know that Photoshop brushes are compatible with GIMP.
altback's avatar
You said "I think this works with GIMP".
And that's the reason may be you ported the brushes for GIMP.

Also, on DeviantArt  there is no way to know who has bought the brushes or not.

And, to make things clear to everyone. I don't have enough experience with GIMP, so even I don't know if these brushes would work on GIMP or not.
Hope, this makes things clear.
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Purchased! Will be using thank you!
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Thank you for the purchase.
I hope you like the brush set.

Please do post the artwork you create with the brush set.
Also, please do mention about it. 

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When will there be a new sale?
altback's avatar
Hi, I don't think I would be reducing the price anytime soon. But, I may introduce some discount on special occasions such as Christmas etc. Also, going to release new version of this set but might take me a while and price would be higher. For few days of release I would keep the price same as this one, so some of you who are willing to buy this might actually get the new one for the same price.
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this brush is so cool thank u!
altback's avatar
Thank you, glad that you like it. Do post your review.
Is there anywhere else we can purchase these brushes? I don't have points since I don't use dA much, but would love these brushes.
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Okay, so I got them but will have to wait till I have proper free time till I try them out. Still, is there any possibility that you recreate these into Paint Tool Sai brushes? Just asking since I love the program to boots, but these brushes of yours are awesome as heck!
altback's avatar
Thank you so much, I would love to recieve the feedback.

I understand, I used to work on Photoshop earlier and then I tried Manga Studio. I started liking the program. Still, there are things which only PS can do, and there are things which just CSP/MangaStudio does.

I haven't worked with PAINT SAI TOOLS yet, so I am not sure what settings it's brush engine provides. For now, it looks difficult as I am turning more towards traditional. I am going to post a YouTube video soon about a drawing pen I love.

Also, there are few free brushes available in my gallery (both for PS and CSP). Please do check them out. I would love to hear the feedback.
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Does it work wuth photoshop CC 2017?how do I add it?
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I will put this brush on a free sale on 14th Oct, 2017 (00:00 hrs -24:00hrs IST). Do check out this page for the free download, also keep your friends posted so that they can benefit from the sale too.
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hello, I have added a giveaway link in the description of this page. Please check the description :)
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Not sure if it works with CC. I tested them on CS6.
I would be putting this brushset on free download before the coming Year, you may download it then and test to see if it works.
Also, I recommend using the tpl ( toolset format). However the abr format is included as well.
you just need to copy the respective format in to the installation folders. There are several tutorials on deviantart regarding same.
I will post that link here as a reply soon.
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Hello, I just purchased this brush set, and it is awesome! Thanks for making these! 
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