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A B O U T T I M E ! I've been thinking that I should definitely get a RedBubble for probably a year or two. Said I would set one up before Christmas, but then I forgot all about it in the Xmas rush.... And then I got obsessed with portfolio stuff. Long story short, I kept forgetting about it like a dum-dum. BUT NOW IT'S HERE, WOOH!

For now I've put all of my Zodiac Calendar stuff up there, both thermal and stone variants. I also put 9 pieces of fanart up, but 6 of them got taken down immediately and are right now awaiting judgement..... So hopefully those will be back soon. I certainly see tons of other fanart designs, so I thought it would be alright...? We'll see.

I'm probably mostly gonna post fanart (so far as it doesn't keep getting removed, lul wazzup!?) since I think that's what sells best, perhaps. But if I make something that just looks cool I might as well throw that up too! I'm also planning on making a few OC designs, just because I'd like to buy them myself :lol:

If I have anything in my gallery you'd like to see on a shirt or other merch, do tell me! If you want a shirt of your OC, you can also commission me to draw something and tell me to make it available on RedBubble! ^________^ (And take it down again after your package has shipped if you don't want anyone else to have one too)

I'll look into getting TeePublic and TeeSpring and what else soon. Those are the three biggest shirt sites I know of. Might find others too, eeey.

  ★ ★

Commission are OPEN: Alta's Commission Chart by Altarior

I have a RedBubble, YAY!… </b>


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Altarior Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2019   Digital Artist
Already got Misnagius, but thank you, appreciate the heads up :XD: :D
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2019
ps: your masquerain gallery is now online  :)…
Altarior Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2019   Digital Artist
Looks awesome, yays! Thanks for the kind words too xP
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2019
arrrrgh ;D 
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