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Little story contest WINNER

Sat Jul 14, 2018, 1:24 PM
Thank you everyone who entered! I really enjoyed all of your stories so it was hard for me to figure out a winner. but in the end here it is!

The winner is Karnak44
Altairsky Contest Entry by Karnak44
I really enjoyed the complexity of the story, its length, and the descriptions. The characters are protrayed well (though Altair was more a-holish back then) and I loved the fact that you chose to make a prequel. 

I hope everyone had fun with this contest!

EDIT: I will extend the contest by 10 days! The new deadline is July 3. I will not extend the contest further!

So I'm kind of busy with some real life nuisances (my neighbor poisoned my garden + I had surgery + I need to move house + I hurt my art arm) hence all the inactivity.
Anyway this year I didn't have time to do a proper contest so I'll do a little one right now.
I always loved to have some fan stories about my characters written by artists, and all the attempts I made at commissioning some failed (aka, never heard back from the artists or the artists refused because it wasn't their thing).

So let's make a little story writing contest!
Write a short story, win 500 points!

:star: Theme::star:

Write a story about one or more of my OCs! I give you full artistic freedom!
You only have to write the story about one character of your choice, but if you feel confident enough you can also involve more than one (for example, you can write a short about Hummer, or a more complex story involving both Hummer and Altair. You can also decide to write something about Altair Tarazawa alone when she was in the mercenaries looking for rare medals. Surprise me! Have fun!).

- I will consider quality over quantity. You can write a story of any lenght, however if you chose to write a long story make sure to be able to give it an ending.
- You can submit multiple stories or multiple pages of the same story, there is no limit on how many times you can enter.
- Don't kill my OCs plz
- You can involve your OCs but remember that the main protagonists need to be my OCs because that's what the contest is about.
- Don't make any of my characters have babies plz. 

:star:The characters::star:
Different characters lives in different universes that can't mix together, here I will list the characters that lives in the same universe and can interact together.
More info about the characters are in their reference sheet description. If the text is too small, remember to download the reference sheet.

:star:Suzumega Medabot characters:
You can read the webcomic here: Suzumega Medabot - Comic Index (read description)
Early Timeline:
Hummer: Suzumega Prototype reference 2015 by AltairSky  Altair Tarazawa reference sheet by AltairSky
Late Timeline:
Hummer: Hoshihoujaku reference by AltairSky  Akahoujaku reference by AltairSky
Any other character that appears in the comic Suzumega Medabot can be used in their respective timeline (example: Yumi, Hana, etc.).

:star:The God Wars:
Early timeline:
Altair original form by AltairSky + Baby Terazed (see Terazed utaraptor sheet)
Late timeline
Altair Reference Sheet 2012 by AltairSky  Terazed utaraptor sheet by AltairSky

:star:Minchio the cat:
Minchio the Cat Reference sheet by AltairSky 
--> His best friend is a common blue budgie  -F2U- Blue Budgie by RariJacks

- The winner will receive 500:points:
- If real life allows me, I'll try to turn one of your stories in a comic! Maybe 2 if I can!
- I will feature all of your entries!

July 3 2018

psto1464  Contest Entry Minchio by psto1464
Karnak44  Altairsky Contest Entry by Karnak44

ghvstiiemvggiie  Make It Better, Minchio: Contest Entry
Make It Better, Minchio

If you’ve ever been in the mind of a feline, it’s not usually quite a picnic. In fact, you could only really imagine most of what they have to say would be profanity or overall hateful in nature. But no, that’s not always the case.

The mind of a cat could be full of wisdom, serenity, a peaceful place. Like a cool breeze along a field of flowers or the sounds of the water pouring down the rocks and making a big splash as they hit the rock bottom.

You do not think that is possible? Well, I digress. Those grimalkins of furballs can be quite compassionate. Maybe even as much so as a dog, it’s just not as visible.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I’m about to tell you a short story about a frantic feline who changed the opinion of many who believed cats were just spawned from Satan.

It was a dark day in Japan, the sky was bombarded with


Thu May 24, 2018, 11:34 AM


Thu May 24, 2018, 11:34 AM


Thu May 24, 2018, 11:34 AM


Thu May 24, 2018, 11:34 AM

This is how I eat stinkbugs

Thu May 24, 2018, 11:33 AM
Many people asked me what is the most disgusting thing I ate, I actually ate so many disgusting things that it's hard to chose (eartworms, bird poop, swamp mud, etc.) but of all, I think the worst are stinkbugs. 
I ate so many stinkbugs so many times that I totally lost count. 
Yesterday while I was coming home from my weekly 50 miles ride, I managed to catch it on my dash cam, so here you go, this is me eating a stinkbug:

I went to the dentist today

Tue May 8, 2018, 11:10 AM
and after 4 hours my mouth still tastes like pig's blood.
So disgusting.
I want to get rid of the taste by eating icecreams but the cold hurts badly enough to defeat my badassitude, so I'll just keep this horrible taste until it decides to go away by itself.

I was reading about lawnmowers when this article popped up:…
Looks like someone is thinking about digitalizing human brains!
I find it extremely amusing. Are humans going to do what medalorians did back then? Quirky!

I was reading about lawnmowers (I need to buy a new lawnmower for my mother) when suddenly I bumped into this:

"It’s the beginning of the mowing season, you’ve mown your  yard a few times and you’ve seen how you’re mower is acting after a long winter. Now you have the hard decision of deciding whether or not its time to retire you’re faithful cutting machine or see if you can fix it up (or have us fix it up). We can’t speak to the sentimental bond between a man and his lawn mower [...]"

you have no idea about the sentimental bond between a woman and her lawnmower! 
We've been together for over 20 years and we took care of each other all along. Nobody touches my lawnmower. He's mah boy.

Oldest Hummer design from 2001

Fri Apr 13, 2018, 4:10 PM
I was checking some old artworks inside some old boxes and I found out this mouldy piece of paper with a hummer sketch on it!
To see the art and know more about it, check my patreon (the post should be public):…………

I kicked hypocrisy in the wee wee

Tue Apr 3, 2018, 2:47 AM
So this is official: me 1, hypocrites 0.
The justice won. by AltairSky

The message is: always fight for what you believe in. If your beliefs are in the right place, you'll win.

My dinner is crawling away

Mon Apr 2, 2018, 9:22 AM
This is gonna be my dinner for today:
Soft shelled crabs for dinner by AltairSky
It's a traditional Venetian delicacy and we call them Moeche (soft shelled crabs).
They're sold alive: we offer them tasty eggs and milk, and they'll eat them voraciously until they drown in their own food. Then we sprinkle them with flour and deep fry them.
If you want to know more about this weird food, this article is really interesting:…

So I was working to build my new greenhouse, and I had to dig a square hole of 12X12 feet, 10 inches deep,  and cover it in large marble tiles, in the garden of a new house I'll have to move in shortly.
Greenhouse WIP by AltairSky
I managed to finish the work in around 2 days, and I did most of it in undershirt even if it was just 10°C (50°F).
My future neighbor (which I didn't know yet) literally told me that I'm badass.
This was the best compliment ever.

I'll go on TV...

Fri Mar 16, 2018, 5:40 AM
I grabbed my bike and went to buy some milk.
At the traffic lights near the hospital there were 2 men dressed in black, who were jaywalking.
I almost sent them to go f* themselves for jaywalking and went ahead.
Since they were crossing the street, I decided to pass behind them, but while I was passing they suddenly changed direction and yelled "Oh here is a young woman, let's ask her!"

It was at that moment that I noticed the big-ass TV reporter camera. 

I was surrounded and there was no escape... My hairs were greasy and messed up, I was covered in sweat like a catfish because it was hot and I can't ride my bike slower than 20 mph without feeling like a wimp, I was dressed like a truck driver and my bike was completely covered in mud from a previous offroad experience.

So I accepted my destiny and stopped for them (well the other choice was to run them over), praying that they were from a small local TV and not from one of the big channels.
So I started to think:
"Well we had elections a few days ago, they'll ask about elections. Good, I really feel like talking about politics. Let's talk about politics. I'm prepared about politics. Politics. Politics. I've a few things to say about politics."
But the question was about something else:

"Do you believe in Satan?"
-.- Akahoujaku by AltairSky "uuuuuhhhhh.... No?"

"So you think Satan is just an invention of christian religion?"
-.- Akahoujaku by AltairSky "uuuuuhhhhh.... Yes?"

-.- Akahoujaku by AltairSky "..."

-.- Akahoujaku by AltairSky "..."

"Ok thank you!"

and after that I could go buy my milk.

Do you remember Sam the cat with a broken jaw?
Sam had his surgery!I'm opening commissions to donate to this rescue center and help save this cat. He needs surgery and jaw reconstruction. I would also love to be able to adopt him.
The money will be donated to save this specific cat.
Here is his donation page with his story:

as you can notice, he looks exactly like my cat Minchio, who died 6 years ago from a mouth infection that my vets couldn't (or didn't want) to cure:

I still feel so guilty, all I had to do was to change vet and he might be still alive today... But I trusted the vets and he ended up dying from this infection. So now I want to help this cat and see if I manage to redeem myself and feel a little better (I doubt it though, unless I also manage to adopt him)
Here is the video with the link to the donation page if you feel like making a donation directly to them without me drawing s

The good news is that he's doing ok.
The bad news is that I'm not eligible to adopt him :(
I wrote to the rescue center ages ago and never got a reply from them. I know they were trying to survive an email apocalypse (due to the unexpected death of Elektra and Maria, they suddenly got over 20.000 emails to sort out) so I'm not overly disappointed or angry, but those who offers to adopt animals usually have the priority and if I didn't hear back from them it means that I'm not good enough to adopt one of their cats. 

However I really feel the need to have a cat around and I want to adopt one, but to be eligible I need to have some cat accessories ready before I actually get a cat.
This is a list of everything I'd like to buy to make my house more cat friendly:……………………

For this reason I'm opening discounted commissions again:
This is not urgent or anything, but I'd like to be able to buy a few of these things in the future so I won't be rejected the next time I get attached to a cat and wish to adopt him.
I'm currently unemployed, and I don't feel like asking my family more money than I already do, so everything helps.
only 10$ for a flat colored artwork of your pet (only real animals or simple fantasy creatures like ponies):
Magnus by AltairSky  Happy Hamster by AltairSky SS Gift: FizzyStar MLP by AltairSky  Suika by AltairSky

15 - 20$ for flat colored artwork of a FANTASY creature with more complex designs (price depends on complexity of design):

Mature Content

Amora by AltairSky
  Chibi Jonathan by AltairSky  Chibi Selene by AltairSky Nergui by AltairSky

20-40$ for a reference sheet (depending on how many shots you want and how complex your character is e.g. wings, weird markings or multiple limbs. Multiple shots of a complex creature can exceed the 40$ threshold quite easily)
  Sumea Reference Sheet by AltairSky  Minchio the Cat Reference sheet by AltairSky  Talena the cute bat reference sheet by AltairSky

25$ for a cell shaded character:
Chubby Stegosaurus by AltairSky JuneBug by AltairSky

30-35$ for a soft shaded character with no background (+10$ for background)
Trade: Driker by AltairSky  Charity by AltairSky  Pink Mallard by AltairSky SS 2017: Zwarte by AltairSky 

- If you're interested in just a headshot, ask me and we can sort the price out.
- The prices are for 1 character, if you want 2 characters the prices is doubled.
- I can draw artistic anthro/furry nudity.
- I can draw characters from description.
- Fetish art and NSFW will cost an extra fee.
- Feel free to send me a note if you're interested.


Sun Mar 4, 2018, 12:42 PM
Sony brought back AIBO. I can now remove the ban on all Sony products that I applied since sony discontinued the old robot dog 12 years ago.
This, guys, is gonna be awesome. 
Only available in Japan at the moment, at the reasonable price of 3000$

And the winner is Number 6, pastelfangs ! Thank you for partecipating!
Send me a note with your steam ID so I can send you the game!
Also let me know in the note what character you'r like me to draw!
Untitled-1 by AltairSky

Somehow I got an extra copy of Half Life 2 so I thought I could give it away in a raffle!

- The game Half life 2
- 300 DA points!
- Chibi of one character!

free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy Became a watcher!
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy Share this journal (make a new journal or a Status update and link back to your participation comment)
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy And comment here with your participation.


I will reply to your comment with a number.
I will use
There can be only ONE winner.

If the winner do not have steam I won't be able to give him the game, in that case he will only win the points and art, and I will choose a second winner for the game (using again!
If the winner doesn't have steam but he wants to give the game to one of their friends, it can be done.

Raffle will end February 16

Sam had his surgery!

Mon Jan 22, 2018, 9:19 AM
I'm opening commissions to donate to this rescue center and help save this cat. He needs surgery and jaw reconstruction. I would also love to be able to adopt him.
The money will be donated to save this specific cat.
Here is his donation page with his story:…

Untitled-1 by AltairSky

as you can notice, he looks exactly like my cat Minchio, who died 6 years ago from a mouth infection that my vets couldn't (or didn't want) to cure:
Gatto 2 by AltairSky

I still feel so guilty, all I had to do was to change vet and he might be still alive today... But I trusted the vets and he ended up dying from this infection. So now I want to help this cat and see if I manage to redeem myself and feel a little better (I doubt it though, unless I also manage to adopt him)

Here is the video with the link to the donation page if you feel like making a donation directly to them without me drawing something:
WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC FOOTAGE OF A CAT WITH A BROKEN JAW. Do not watch if you're sensitive to animals suffering. There's blood and bones exposed.…

I will draw your pet in this cute style for 10$, just send me a full body picture of your pet and I'll draw him/her. I can draw reptiles, rodents and fishes too.
Bumblebee the dog by AltairSky   Happy doggo by AltairSky   Secret Santa gift: Snowflake by AltairSky  Xing Xing by AltairSky 

I can also draw fantasy creatures and fursonas.
Twinkle the t-rex unicorn by AltairSky   SS Gift: FizzyStar MLP by AltairSky 

I can make you a reference sheet of your animal character like these for 30-40$, depending on the complexity of the character.
Minchio the Cat Reference sheet by AltairSky   

If you want to donate by yourself, you can do so by following the donation link in the aforementioned video description, however if you do so, I won't draw you anything. But if you feel in your heart that you want to help him and have nothing in return, then it's even better because paypal won't keep double fees for itself.

Thanks for your help! If you can't donate, please help me spread the world and share this journal! Sharing helps a lot!

UPDATE: I just wanted to let you know that Sam had his surgery a few days ago and he's doing relatively well. Here is the video of the surgery (WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)
UPDATE 2: I contacted the animal rescue center asking if I could adopt Sam but I never got an answer so I guess I'm not good enough to adopt him :((((((((((((((
Thank you to everyone who helped!

Featuring your best giftart!

Mon Jan 1, 2018, 1:12 AM
Thank you so much for all the gifts I received this year! I decided to start the new year featuring the most amazing art that you made for me! 
If you want to be updated on all the Suzumega Medabot fanart as soon as it's posted, feel free to join the group SuzumegaMedabot 
<da:thumb id="722968455"/>  Blanket kingdom by sorceress23  SS: Suzumega Medabot by 42Ly Hummer Commission by Quilstream  Altair Commission by Quilstream  WingHummer (art trade) by Linkedchief <da:thumb id="716657363"/> <da:thumb id="713765530"/>  request 2/3 by BreakerOfOaths  Altair for AltairSky by RinaWhite  Art Trade: Hummer by BreakerOfOaths  Altair and Hummer - Request by AltairSky by NyaroKim  High in the Sky by RichiHart  Morning Sky by MaKo85  ::Medabot Wing Hummer Request:: by Rutogirl  Altair by Roselink-Noodle <da:thumb id="667094754"/>  Sketch Commission- Altair and Hummer by Nicky-Milky  tarazawa by Alotrem  AltairSky - Akahoujaku by Uzag   Altair Akahoujaku [Request] by Wikyw  Hummer turn around by Cyber-Hand  Wing Hummer [request] by lostprophetxtian  [Commission] Ready to Fight ? by RikiyaAkai  Altair and Hummer by shywah  Altair2.0 (Trade) by RubiedSnoot  Hoshihoujaku by Penny-Dragon <da:thumb id="697360800"/>  Request altairsky by Iskawarts  DA Request 3 by GOSTFREEK  Altair Tarazawa (Secret Santa 2017) by NoContextWhatsoever  Altair Warmup by Razzifur  Art Trade: Altair by overdosage214  Altair Tarazawa ~ Commission by Antinicole  Akahoujaku  (Twitch Live Stream Day 30) by ameshin  Beautifully unique +Art trade+ by PlantFeathers  Benisuzume Commission by Quilstream  Untitled by paintedmouth 

Mature Content

Altair and the demonic deer by louizim
  AT - Altair 2.0 Akahoujaku by SassyCess  Hummer in the 20ies by Mobian-Shadowtails  oc request: altair tarazawa by solsketchy  REQUEST Altair by Inked-Vision  Never Give Up by bolthound  [REQUEST] Altair Tarazawa - AltairSky by MonstaiART <da:thumb id="670027946"/>