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Contest! Design a new Suzumega model!

Sun May 12, 2019, 6:22 AM
UPDATE: Death's Head Acherontia species are now banned for reaching the maximum number of designs allowed. Please choose something from here instead

Here we go with a new art contest!
If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments!
The "draw my oc" theme is getting old so let's try a new theme, and this time it's a design contest!
The theme is to design a new Suzumega armor for my characters Altair and/or Hummer!

Altair and Hummer current designs:
Akahoujaku reference by AltairSky  Hummer: Hoshihoujaku reference by AltairSky  Hummer: Benisuzume Prototype Reference 2015 by AltairSky  Hummer: Suzumega Prototype reference 2015 by AltairSky
so you basically need to draw an alternate suzumega form/armor for them!
Suzumega = Hawkmoth in Japanese, keep that in mind! So no butterfly or bee or grasshopper, or random bug armor, I want hawkmoths!


There is only one rule! You need to base your model on a real hawkmoth! You can google for interesting hawkmoth species or use the references that I provided here:
There are plenty of pictures of all the colors, so you should find something interesting enough! Many moths have a complex wing color pattern, you can, and should, simplify it! Simplification is absolutely welcome! I'm lazy and I love simple things.
When submitting your design, remember to write the scientific name of the hawkmoth it's based on! So I can verify that it's really based on a real animal.
- It is NOT mandatory to share this contest, but if you do and spread the voice in a journal or status post we might have more entries and therefore unlock more prize tiers.
- If I have less than 5 entries, there will be no winner and everyone will receive 100 points as a thank you for participating.
- the best designs MIGHT appear in the future chapters of my comic!

Tl;Dr Advanced optional tips, you can ignore these if you want.
1- If you want to have a better chance at winning, keep the design simple and compatible with the medabot universe or compatible with the robots that we currently have in the real world like Aibo. If you draw something super complex, with wires hanging out everywhere like in transformers-movie style, your entry will still be very welcome but you *might* have a reduced chance at winning. I used *might* because it's a possibility, not a certainty. You might still win if you hit the right strings.
Here are a few real life robots that are in the right simple style that I'm looking for:
IMPORTANT: I'm looking for entirely new designs in a style compatible with my comic. If, for example, you draw Hummer in Transformers style, that doesn't count as a new design but as the same design I already did but in a different lore style. 
However: the design doesn't need to be completely different or revolutionized: kid Hummer (Macroglossum stellatarum) is very similar to Hoshi Hummer (Macroglossum pyrrosticta) which is also very similar to Kageyami (Macroglossum mitchellii). In fact, they are all "macroglossum" hawkmoths. If you chose a different macroglossum species, you're very welcome to design a medabot with a design very similar to the "macroglossum" series (this means that you must use any species that has a name starting with "macroglossum" like for example Macroglossum bombylans or Macroglossum passalus. Sorry I'm geeking out, plz sb kill me).
2- I prefer Hawkmoths over moths, and of all the sphingidae family, I prefer Macroglossinae. All the animal references in this folder are macroglossinae, but if you want to use a different species it's perfectly acceptable as long as it's a real animal.
3- The new design can have no legs and be a full floater if you like so. There is no need to keep it bipedal.
4- Remember to leave the space for the medal hatch on the back.
5- Suzumega, like real hummingbird hawkmoths, are built for speed and agility so your design needs to keep this trademark characteristic into consideration.
6- If you have a good idea about a design but have no interest or no idea about designing weapons, leave weapons out. I'm looking for armor design, so you can just keep the same weapons they're using in my own designs. In fact, in the medabot lore, almost all stag beetle models use the same weapons, almost all hercules beetle models use the same weapons, so it's perfectly fine if my suzumega medabots keep using always the same weapons. However if you have a good idea about a new weapon design, go for it!
But what if you want to keep your own design and make it your own medabot?
You can keep your design as your medabot, but you can't use a suzumega medal on it because there are only 2 and they're my characters. You can either create your own fanmedal, or you can use the Akumatenga medal which is the commercial version of the suzumega medal, produced by mixing a clone of Hummer's medal with an energy core from a cat medal.

Judgement will consider, in order of importance:
1- originality of the design
2- loyalty to the color patterns and shapes of the real species of hawkmoth chosen
3- compatibility of the design with the physical and/or medabot world
4- compatibility with my characters abilities and personality (speed/infiltration/agility)
5- extra winning points if your design is based on a macroglossinae species - see list

1- Artist skill
2- weapons design
3- stats
You can design new weapons if you wish, you can write a huge description of your design with all the medaparts stats if you wish, that would DEFINITELY make me extremely happy, but it's not mandatory to win and it won't give you extra winning points, so don't be afraid to post a simple design with no text on it and no original weapons. It will be as much welcome as any other design with crazy looking weapons and lots of descriptions.

If you can't enter this contest but still wish to partecipate by donating a prize, let me know in the comments and I'll add your prize to the list! I will feature all the prize donors!


1st place (unlocks after 5 entries):
- 800 points
- Ohhh, what kind of egg is this?
Mistery Egg by AltairSky
- Full shaded artwork of one of your character with a simple background, examples:
Pink Mallard by AltairSky  Xavier by AltairSky


2nd place (unlocks after 10 entries):
- 200 points
- Rhodonite Deergonfly egg
Rhodonite by AltairSky
- Cell shaded artwork of one of your character, examples:
Scraps by AltairSky


3rd place (unlocks after 15 entries):
- 100 points
- Zircon Deergonfly egg
Zircon by AltairSky
- Flat color artwork of one of your character, examples:
Trade: Falling by AltairSky


4th place (unlocks after 20 entries):
- 50 points
- Mistyraptor citrine egg
Mistyraptor egg by AltairSky

Entries so far:
:iconcelticmultiverse:  Kachidoki Model 2019 by CelticMultiverse Eumorpha Pandorus

:icontheapprentice225:  Hawk Moth Type Medabot HJK-16 by TheApprentice225 Agrius cingulatus

:iconrammalamamoth:  Contest Entry: The Koszume Model by RammaLamaMOTH  Theretra japonica

:iconmidnightdj-sk:  Medabot_oc: HJK-000BA 'Black Arc' by MidnightDJ-SK   Lymantria Monacha

:iconashyrvir:  Cephonodes Kingii by Ashyrvir 
Cephonodes Kingii

:iconthedoctorbatman:  AltairSky Contest Entry by theDoctorBatman Cephonodes Kingii

:iconkaleidechse:  Contest Entry: Daphnis Protrudens Armor by Kaleidechse Daphnis protrudens

 :iconblackgearcompany:  1559228841915299632115  Kopia by BlackGearCompany

:iconhexidextrous:   Suzumega Contest Entry - Achereaper Medabot by Hexidextrous  Achereaper - Medabots Vital Stats by Hexidextrous  Acherontia lachesis

:iconrazmakai:  ~Suzumega Contest: Styxmoth, the Infiltrator~ by Razmakai Acherontia Styx

:iconjohnbrasser:  Contest Entry: Amphion Floridensis Design by JohnBrasser 
Amphion Floridensis


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How did the ancient medalorian/fiyunese looked like? I'd love to do something about Hummer's past, but there is no official source of how the aliens looked like in their organic form... 

52 deviants said Just design something yourself and don't worry about canon
20 deviants said They should look like the grey alien from the anime
10 deviants said They should look like cosmo-aliens


I think I poisoned myself with solanine again.
I hope I'm not gonna puke my soul out like 2 years ago.
Note to myself: don't eat potato skin ever again. 
Contest situation update and rules clarification

Acherontia issue 
I already have 4 death's-head hawkmoth designs, 2 from the contest and 2 from my comic
answers Hummer #3 by AltairSky  Finale 026 - Sacrifice - Suzumega Medabot by AltairSky ~Suzumega Contest: Styxmoth, the Infiltrator~ by Razmakai   Suzumega Contest Entry - Achereaper Medabot by Hexidextrous
This species is extremely overrated, now it's good to have a couple of Acherontia species entered in the contest, but no more than that because I'm looking for originality and adding more death's-head hawkmoth designs to the ones that are already entered will kind of defeat the purpose of the contest, which is originality.
For this reason, any further Acherontia design that will be submitted from today on, will take an originality penalty that could lower the chance at winning. There are literally hundreds of amazing hawkmoth species to chose from, with stunning colors and shapes, so why do we have to limit ourselves to pop culture cliches? If you need to chose a hawkmoth species that is 100% compatible with my medabots and also meet all the optional requirements (rare, underrated, original macroglossinae) feel free to chose one from this list:
Up to 4 designs of the same species are perfectly acceptable (for example, the benisuzume model is based on Deilephila elpenor, I can accept 3 more entries based on this species).

I forgot to specify the judgement rules in my contest description (or at least they weren't written clearly) so I added them now, here they are:

Judgement will consider, in order of importance:
1- originality of the design (something we haven't seen before)
2- loyalty to the color patterns and shapes of the real species of hawkmoth chosen (if you chose an orange species, you can't make it green - however if you're colorblind let me know and I will not consider any color misunderstandings that your entry might contain. Also, simplification of complex color patterns that the real species might have are very welcome)
3- compatibility of the design with the physical and/or medabot world (if your design is 100 feet tall, that's not a medabot, it's Voltron. If your design has exposed wires, those will short circuit under the rain or inside the clouds)
4- compatibility with my characters abilities and personality (speed/infiltration/agility) Suzumega trademark abilities are speed, agility, damage, paired with very low armor and no defense. Aerodynamic, streamlined designs > Blocky designs
5- extra winning points if your design is based on a macroglossinae species - see list

1- Artist skill. If you think you're not skilled enough, you're wrong. Everyone who has a good idea can enter, and win.
2- weapons design. Even though I'd love to see original weapons, these are not required to win. You can still keep a blade and a puncher, or a blade and a gun, or a sniper and a gatling, or any combination of those. After all, it's better to play it safe and keep the default weapons than design a weapon that's out of character.
3- stats. Stats are appreciated, but not required to win. So if you're not a medabot expert and you don't know how stats works, don't be discouraged and feel free to design a bot and leave stats out.
I need your help on webtoons to make my comic more visible, so I basically need more faves and higher ratings, so if you can help me with this, here's the link:…
I need more hearts and more stars, and if you feel like following and commenting that would be awesome, but I mostly need clicks on the hearts and stars. You can log in with your google account.
On webtoons, there is no DA watermark and I basically redrew every single face of Altair in the first 300 pages, so it's sort of revamped.
Thank you to everyone who reads this!
omg I'm so happy I want to cry
Request - Altair [VIDEO] by Deydranos
now go and give Deydranos the love she deserve!



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