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I'd love to make another writing contest! You can enter anything written, from
 a poem, to a story, to a comic. In case of a comic, I will judge the story, not the art, because this is a story contest.

So let's make a little story writing contest!

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Star! Theme:Star!

Write a story about one or more of my OCs! I give you full artistic freedom!
You only have to write the story about one character of your choice, but if you feel confident enough you can also involve more than one, as long as they belongs to the same universe and timeline.
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Every participant will get 10 points, so everyone wins! You will get 10 points for every entry that you submit. You can submit maximum 3 entries.

1st place:

- The winner will receive 500Points
- I'll draw you a cell shaded artwork in this style: 
JuneBug by AltairSky Chubby Stegosaurus by AltairSky Bahookie the fennec fox by AltairSky

2nd place (unlocked only if I have more than 7 entries)
- 100:points:
- I'll draw you a flat colored chibi:
birby birb Coco by AltairSky chibi Hoot by AltairSky

3rd place  (unlocked only if I have more than 15 entries)

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29 March 2019 (my birthday ^_^)

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- I will consider quality over quantity. You can write a story of any length, however if you chose to write a long story make sure to be able to give it an ending.
- You can submit multiple stories or multiple pages of the same story, you can submit as many pages as you want of the same story, but you can only enter 3 different stories.
- Don't kill my OCs plz T_T
- You can involve your OCs but remember that, for higher chance of winning, the main protagonists have to be my OCs.
- Don't make any of my characters have babies or sex plz. 

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Star!The characters:Star!
Different characters lives in different universes that can't mix together, here I will list the characters that lives in the same universe and can interact together.
You can chose between 3 different universes:

1- suzumega medabot
2- The God Wars
3- Minchio the cat

More info about the characters are in their reference sheet description. If the text is too small, remember to download the reference sheet.

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Star!Suzumega Medabot characters:
You can find the webcomic here: Suzumega Medabot - Comic Index (read description)
Since the webcomic might be kind of too long, I summed it up in this document. I also gave you suggestion on what to write, hopefully being of inspiration.
About the writing contestFor everyone who is not familiar with my comic, I'm trying to sum it up in this document.
It's 800 pages long so it's very very summed up.
If you already read the comic, then you already know everything! Discard this document and write whatever crosses your mind! Surprise me! This document is only meant to give easy suggestions to help those who didn't read my comic yet!
The comic folder:
Everything written here in this document has already been written and told, so don't rewrite again these facts: you should try to write something original *based* on these facts. I'll help you by giving you ideas here and there.
WORLD EXPLANATION FROM THE ANIME/MANGA/GAMES (don't write anything about this, it's anime canon and it's barely mentioned in my comic)
Basically in the medabot world, 65 million years ago a meteor hit the earth causing the extinction of dinosaurs. However this meteor brought a spacesh

If you already read the comic, then skip this document.

Early Timeline:
Hummer: Suzumega Prototype reference 2015 by AltairSky  Altair Tarazawa reference sheet by AltairSky
Late Timeline:
Hummer: Hoshihoujaku reference by AltairSky  Akahoujaku reference by AltairSky
Any other character that appears in the comic Suzumega Medabot can be used in their respective timeline (example: Yumi, Hana, etc.).

Floating Hearts - divider by SugareeSweets Floating Hearts - divider by SugareeSweets

Star!The God Wars:

There is not much written about these characters, so you can really do whatever you want.

Early timeline:
this reference sheet contains a small synopsis/bio. You can really write whatever you want. The easiest suggestion I can give is, maybe some kind of adventure between teen altair and baby terazed in a prehistoric dinosaur world. Could be fun, right?
Teen Altair can have wings or can't have wings, she got the "gift" while she was a teen and Terazed was a juvenile, so you can chose if you want to give Altair wings or not. 
Altair original form by AltairSky + Baby Terazed (see Terazed utaraptor sheet)

Late timeline:
In this timeline, Altair has become a Nature god. She hates humans, and she protects nature and forests. Forests in the mountains are her favorite habitat. An easy suggestion would be something about Altair protecting some kind of natural place from the destruction caused by humans. You can also turn her into some kind of absolutely enraged godzilla wreaking havoc around human structures. Remember that she has no mercy. Also remember that she respects and protects primitive humans who live by the laws of nature, like Natives, so maybe another idea could be the random evil company who wants to destroy the Amazon forest to extract gold, evil company starts a native humans genocide and Altair gets triggered? Just have fun.
Terazed is Altair's companion, and boyfriend, he doesn't share her same hate for humans but he thinks that eating them is more fun than eating unarmed animals.
Altair Reference Sheet 2012 by AltairSky  Terazed utaraptor sheet by AltairSky

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Star!Minchio the cat:
there is nothing written about him, and nothing planned, so you can really write whatever you wish. His best friend is a male common blue budgie called Picia
Minchio the Cat Reference sheet by AltairSky  Minchio expression sheet by AltairSky Minchio and Picia by AltairSky

Floating Hearts - divider by SugareeSweets Floating Hearts - divider by SugareeSweets

Entries so far:

Contest Entry     The sun peered over the horizon on two unlikely friends. The small bird woke with a start, falling out of his dream. “Oi Minchio! It’s mornin’! Get up you lazy cat!”
     “No rush.. just five more-“
     The feisty bird cut him off, sharply chirping “NO MORE MINUTES!”
     “Calm down! I am going. What is the rush anyhow?”
     “Well, if you listened to me once in a while you would know what day it is.”
     “What day is it Picia? What could be so important you ruin my beauty sleep?” Minchio rolled over, his belly up. He began stretching his limbs, preparing for his daily treachery.. getting off the floor.
     “Beauty sleep? You are fatter than fat! Today is the day I set to bust out of this place!”
     “Picia, you know your my friend right? And friends tell fri

:iconevilcharcoal:  Minchino's High School YearsMinchino was third born in a litter of six. He was really strong when he was born, but also very patient. He has always waited patiently for his turn for milk. When he was waiting, he has always looked at the moon. The moon always looked so beautiful no matter what moon phase it was that night. Minchino was playful, but he one day, when all were growing up, with his older sister; Soryu, his "playtime" turned into REAL fighting. They were arguing over a mouse they captured. This fascicle turned violent and Soryu's claw pierced Minchino's ear. He cried out loud and their owner whom was cooking came rushing in to see a few drips of blood and Minchino holding his ear.
The owner had enough cause 6 months after the 6 kitten's mother entered the spirit world from old age, the owner wanted to take care of them. She promised to do her best, but she just couldn't handle 6 cats. She decided to take The oldest female, Soryu and the youngest brother, Maxamus. She had to say goodbye to everyone espe

Minchio and Picia Small DiscoveryMinchio was following his friend picia outside because picia had something to show him
Minchio: (following them) picia, You are going to fast how am i suppose to catch up
Picia: (flying) oh sorry (stops for a bit)
Minchio: are we almost there?
Picia: yeah just a little more and you'll see it! (They flapped their wings)
Minchio: Okay...(starts running at Picia's way
Picia lead him to a forest, It looked beautiful, It had all sorst of flowers, ladybugs and butterflys flying around and mushrooms
Minchio: (amazed) Woooow, This is beautiful (smells a rose)
Picia: Yeah (sits on top of a amanita mushroom)
Suddenly a small Fae appeard, They looked to be wearing soft fabric, Kinda like how christmas elfs look like but wearing brown instead
Elf: Hello there?
Minchio: Hi my name is Minchio and this is my friend picia (smiles down at the elf) what are you?
Elf: I'm an elf (bows down) are you guys here to visit our town
Picia: (tilts head) town?
Elf: yeah come here and I'll show you two (starts wal

:icontaluja:  Conest Entry PoemFrom night to day. Like lions of a pride. I can't think of someone I'd rather have by my side. Medabots are cool this one's the coolest. Cool as ice. which is oh so nice. From spring to fall, Winter to Summer. I can't think of anyone better than Hummer.


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To everyone who read, or is currently reading my comic.
Since I've got new watchers lately (thank you to all of you! It really means a lot to me!) and I don't want to ruin their experience, I decided that in my future artworks, I'll add the tag [ spoiler ] to the title of the artworks that might contain spoilers or reference to Season 2.
If you already read the comic, nothing will change for you, if you haven't you know that you need to avoid all the artworks with the SPOILER tag. Do you think this is a good idea? Let me know your opinion in the comments (but please don't put spoilers in the comments XD)!
I need your help on webtoons to make my comic more visible, so I basically need more faves and higher ratings, so if you can help me with this, here's the link:…
I need more hearts and more stars, and if you feel like following and commenting that would be awesome, but I mostly need clicks on the hearts and stars. You can log in with your google account.
On webtoons, there is no DA watermark and I basically redrew every single face of Altair in the first 300 pages, so it's sort of revamped.
Thank you to everyone who reads this!
omg I'm so happy I want to cry
Request - Altair [VIDEO] by Deydranos
now go and give Deydranos the love she deserve!



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