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Pierre Bouvier - Heart On

"And my, heart, heart, heart is so Jet Lagged. Heart, heart, heart is so Jet Lagged!"

Hey oh! It's Pierre Bouvier from Simple Plan y'all! Get Your Heart On!! Whoo, can't wait! Just two more days till Get Your Heart On is out!

I really wanted to do a new portrait of Pierre Bouvier. Especially before 21 June. Kinda wanted to give homage to Simple Plan's newest album, hence the self-proclaimed dateline! Definitely a no-brainer to do Pierre, I've been a Simple Plan fan for 9 years!! -Right when they started out. Can't believe how much time flew.

Basically, I was also waiting for HQ references of Pierre to use. Since he changed his hair style... I wanted a more recent picture of him to use. Fortunately they released the photos from the shoot of "Get Your Heart On!", and I was able to use one of it. There was a more common picture of Pierre, the one where he's doing his "trademark" facial expression and he's pointing right at ya. That picture was really high in quality, which was great, but I decided to go with another picture as in that picture, Pierre's eyebrows were almost invisible... which if I WERE to draw it, it'll probably look weird and I'll hate myself. Hah. So I went with another one, which wasn't that high quality, so most of the details I had to reference from other pictures and one screenshot of him from the "Jet Lag" video.

Pretty hard to make out the tones and shades, they were all very subtle, so I took my time to get it right

One of the most hardest expects of this drawing to be honest. You can see it's pretty dark around his eyes, or at least I mean the area from his eye lid to his eye, and with a crappy resolution ref picture, it was difficult to make things out. Luckily his expression in the "Jet Lag" video was the same, so I used a screenshot of that to base his eyes on

The thing with Pierre's eyebrows, is that it's quite light.. So in certain pictures, it looks pretty thin, or even invisible. His brows were pretty dark in the picture I chose to use, (one reason why I chose the picture). Still had to make use of various other pictures to do his eyebrows!

Hair was actually okay. Dark all around the back. I added more highlights to certain areas to make the drawing pop, didn't want his hair to look too dull

Fairly easy to do both, as his shirt had that rough texture, that was equivalent to pencil shading before the tissue hits. Same for the background, actually manage to finish it faster then I expected.

"Get Your Heart On!"

2H to 8B graphite pencils
Eraser, Clic Eraser
A4 Cartridge Pad
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looks like alan wake