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Hello my dear watchers and friends!

It's always a pleasure for me to make this journal to feature wonderful artists,
so, here are the wonderful artworks I have seen over the last month.

As usual, Feel free to click on the images to visit their gallery, it's worth a look!
Take time to admire the art.


   So hot Succubus II by Dave Hammond by FueledbypartII 

     Present Time by Digitiel   Brothers in fate by gotman68

      Master Assassin by Kurtzan

You Only Die Once by Flobelebelebobele   Untitle by zeiruch   Drifting Away by alltelleringet   

   Eyrie by Notvitruvian   Moving Forward by Sangelus

God of heaven by Wesley-Souza         I need You by EstherPuche-Art

   Torn sails 2-Tepett vitorlak 2 by ladyjudina   Enchanted Wood 2013 by nudagimo   welcome by peroni68

A peaceful place to be by CindysArt      Le Vampire du Cimetiere by feanen-lazuli   Anna's Secret by revande

Flight of the Butterflies by AliaChek              

AWAY FROM IT ALL by SamoniaPortraits   NO SALVATION by MirellaSantana   dark lighthouse by little-one-girl   Thorns of Evil by LevanaTempest

City of Dreams by Helga-Helleborus   MemorieS by vampirekingdom   Dedication to my sister by NoviceOfAnimation

Cutting light by alltelleringet   Table Dance... by alter-eye   Come To Me by Silivrene   

Ms. BlackHeart by BrennsArtAttic   The Last Rain of the Cretaceous by frenchfox   Back to dust by StarsColdNight

Enchanted Forest by DeniseWorisch   Show Me The Way by alexnoreaga   A Nereid by AllaD8   The Scarlet Hour by nina-Y

Outcast by Blackpearls91   The Temple of the Moon by ElissandrAnne

   Noctunal Hunt by Le-Regard-des-Elfes

   Leave it All Behind by debzdezigns-lamb68   A MESSAGE OF HOPE by naradjou14

Hidden Inside by igreeny   The Test of Time by debzdezigns-lamb68   

Solitary Spirit by Celtica-Harmony   Invocation by CecileVCreation   New age by TaniaART   the moon's love by Fayde2Memory

Spotted beauty~ by ASTE-RAS   Ln.Uw.Xo by Klauzero   Supernatural by Fleurine-Retore

Paper Dreams by CrisestepArt   The Secret World by Whendell   Would you care for color if you were blind? by FallanDark

   Fate by Aeirmid   Mermaid by daChelissius

Bio Bulb by AnneLahti   The Artifact of fate by LuLebel      

The life of an Assassin by xeena-dragonkizz   Janet by babsartcreations   Silver by korbox   

Eruption by rodolfoguerreiro

      Elica The Maiden Lancer by ATKNebula   

   Sakura, the lone Samurai Girl by umbatman   Tempest in the East by Cosmic-Cherry-Tree

Amphitrite by dangerous-glow   If there was no darkness.. by ZedLord-Art   Hope by nakorabi

YinYang Mage by Makrmaniak      Lyssistrata Mordant by FairieGoodMother

Bleeding Heart by KarinClaessonArt 

3D art

Angus Young Driving a New Beetle by 3DSud     Change the rules by Y-Phil   

faces by SaphireNishi   Mi-Na by LeAndraDawn

Steampunk Voyager by Kachinadoll   Alone In The Dark - Portrait by QuanticDementia    Glamour 2 by tats2


effet de vagues by Markotxe   Violet hour by Obsessed-by   

Crouching Tiger by idaniphotography   No dinner by COCLIKO   i have lost my boat i will stay here anyway by ateist-kleranty  

Plan your revolution by KangTengri   impressions of sunset III by little-one-girl   Apatura ilia 03 by tryskell   

   Mejika 2 by ClairObscurArt   Wings of fire by m-eralp   


Katt by phoenixlu      Water Nymph by dalisacg

Ygritte by dalisacg   Cortana by MagicnaAnavi   

   Cold by AntarcticSpring   Balance of Power by AnthonyDevine   

Edward Kenway by GinebraCamelot      In Your Eyes (SPECIAL) by artistamroashry

Brigand empress by Yayashin   My friend of Misery (James Hetfield) by tubyx   Brigand empress 2 by Yayashin   

Humans are not the strongest species on the planet, we are not the fastest, nor perhaps the most intelligent, but we have an advantage over others, we are able to cooperate and help each other . We recognize ourselves in each other and we are programmed to have compassion, be heroic, feel love. This is what makes us stronger, faster and smarter. It's for this reason that we survived.

© 2013 - 2022 Altair-E
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Whendell's avatar
Thank you very much!! :highfive: :clap:
Altair-E's avatar
You're welcome my dear :hug:
Celtica-Harmony's avatar
Beautiful feature!!! Thanks for including my work :squee:
Altair-E's avatar
You're welcome dear ;-)
kimsol's avatar
Fabulous feature - thanks for including my art :)
PS ~ sorry for late reply I have been away :D
Altair-E's avatar
No problem dear, you're welcome, it's deserved ;-)
CindysArt's avatar
OMG!!! This collection are total amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy you includ my work too!! Thank you so very much :glomp:
And sorry for my late replay.
Altair-E's avatar
You're welcome it's well deserved dear Cindy and no problem fo yoyr late ;-)
tats2's avatar
Thank you for including my image in your beautiful feature, I feel very honoured :heart: :tighthug:
Altair-E's avatar
You're very welcome my dear Jan :hug:
Arden18's avatar
Great features! Thank so much for making me a part of such amazing pieces!
Altair-E's avatar
You're very welcome it's well deserved ;-)
artistamroashry's avatar
Thank you very much  for including my work to  your wonderful feature:hug:
Altair-E's avatar
You're very welcome Amro, I like your art ;-)
frenchfox's avatar
Il y a vraiment de magnifiques et époustouflantes images dans cette incroyable galerie ! :omfg: Je suis drôlement flatté d'y figurer aussi et je t'en remercie profondément ! :manhug:
mille excuses pour le retard , j'ai du mal à revenir à l'équilibre dans mes messages , avec 3 semaines d'absence à rattraper , c'est ^^; !!
Altair-E's avatar
Il n'y a pas de quoi mon cher Renard, c'est avec plaisir ;-)
C'est clair que 3 semaines d'absence ça ne se rattrape pas en un clin d’œil.

AliaChek's avatar
Thanks so much for this lovely feature, I really appreciate your kind friendship!Heart 
Altair-E's avatar
You're very welcome dear Alia, it's well deserved :hug:
DeniseWorisch's avatar
Friend ... is a great honor to see one of my works among many others so wonderful. I am immensely glad you like what I do! Thank you dear! :heart:
Altair-E's avatar
Yes, I like what you do, so it's well deserved my dear Denise :hug:
nudagimo's avatar
Thank you very much dear Eric for including my work in this amazing feature! :hug: I much appreciate your support! :heart: Hope you are doing well! :sun:
Altair-E's avatar
Yes I feel good!! Thanks so much dear Birgit, glad that you like this feature, my dear friend :hug:
nudagimo's avatar
I do like it and I'm very honoured to be included in your amazing feature! Good to hear you are doing well! :hug:
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