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Excuse me, my friend :iconzetsumeimaru: told me about the type of work you guys do, and I was wondering if you'd be willing to animate an episode of a show for me. You see I'm apart of an RP group here on deviantART and I thought it would be good for my group if we had our own fanime episode. To that end I searched out anime groups who might be willing to take commissions and sadly found nothing. But when I told Zet my plan, he told me about you guys and showed me some of your work, and I knew instantly that you guys were the ones I was looking for. So if you would be willing to do at least a thirty minute OVA I would be most appreciative. I must admitt that I am not a man of great means, but I would be willing to pay you for your efforts. I'm of course open to the negotion of price, if there is one.
Sorry super late reply, i haven't got much time to check DA groups I monitor. 
Search here in this club, and only request someone to do a 1 min sample for you to get more funding, u will get more takers. You should plan to fundraise 50K if you want to make a single anime style episode. 

Right now I can't take anymore jobs I am completely booked for the year until next year Feb. 
Thank you for responding, and the advice. I understand completely and I hope that all of your ventures will be successful. Particularly as your interests do not conflict with mine.
*continue thought on my last post: Animation industry is a friendship based industry, so more friends you got, more support, more success on the projects. It's not as harshly competitive as other commercial industry. (other than us being competitive in skill level) Because majority of work will be slave work...

It's frankly the best if we all can get funding on our own dream project and just work on each other's dream project. But there's only so much one can take.

If you found an animator who will work with ur budget, try to check in once a week is best, if you can manage to book him/her for the month or two.

If you can't manage to book their entire month with your budget... be prepared to wait since the best an animator can do is one second of animation for every 1-3 days, and you will need pre-production time. (And very often a freelance animator will take multiple projects.) 

hope that with these knowledge you will be able to recruit and set a working schedule for your project. Best wishes.
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nah, everyone can use more work. No conflict here, more successful the better. lol If anything, english indy anime circle is so darn small everyone needs to be best friends and help each other out. =)
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Hey, if you guys need a music composer for any of your projects please let me know!

You can check out some of my stuff here: [link]

Also, here's an animation that I wrote music for by Wami Studio: [link]

oh yeah i know your work. :) Glad to have your interest i will keep you in mind if we need someone. ^_^
Actually i am interested in getting you hooked up with my sound guy Greg Lim.