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October 21. 5:00 PM. The Coralli Art Gallery, 5 Mentsynskyi St, Lviv.

Opening of the All-Ukrainian Exhibition of Photographic Art “Sense”

In the quest for it, as well as in the word itself, the authors of the art project bearing the same name have found many meanings. This is both a feeling and a sensation and a signification and finally, a sound judgment. The notion of sense became determinantal in the name of the new trend in photography, “sensitive photography”, founded in 2011 in Lviv. That was when the Ukrainian Photographic Alternative (UPHA) was transformed into The Society of Sensitive Photography with its center in Lviv. The masters of hand photography from different cities of Ukraine became its members. Among them have been Yuriy Kovalchyk, the head of the Society, Alex Pishtar, Oleksiy Frankevych (Lviv), Anastasiya Zavalo (Kyiv), Taras Perun, Vladimir Vork (Chernivtsi), and Roman Kravchenko (Yevpatoriya). Not all the exposition’s authors are the members of the Society of Sensitive Photography, but their works fully correspond to the concept of sensitivism. The exhibition will also display the works by photographers, the authors of books and albums, the participants of international photo festivals, well-known beyond the borders of Ukraine,  particularly, Oleksandr Ranchukov, Eduard Stranadko, and Yuriy Kovalchyk. The visitors will see the photographs by the authors forming the face of the young Ukrainian photography, namely, by Yuriy Salabay, Iryna Vasylenko, and “Shylo” group (Kharkiv).

This is a unique project, which is the first step to organizing international photographic festivals in Lviv. Unrepeatable authentic author’s photography fits organically into the context of ancient Lviv.

What is the main idea of the sensitivists in photography? A photograph, in its essence, has an energetic sensual nature. For the energetics of the objects of shooting, the feelings and the mood of the photographer both at the moment of shooting and in the hand processes of obtaining the image are reflected in it. At the same time, it is not enough for a work to be performed with hand technique. It should touch the feelings of the viewer: establish contact with him at the level of deep emotions, even from the sphere of unconsciousness. The photographs obtained by using analogue techniques are already artifacts and not just aesthetic objects. They are durable (fit for archival storage), have a high collector’s value, and are of limited edition. The exhibition will showcase the works made by rare unique techniques of ambrotype, oil print, gum bichromate, cyanotype, tintype, and emulsiography.

“At first, though, it was rather a game. It allegedly did not require either long learning process or many efforts or investments.  But actually the apparent ease is a big illusion. … Photography is attached to reality, and very subtle questions emerge here,” relates Yuriy Kovalchyk. “What is art photography at all? And where does its so-called photo documentarity lie? Where does the staging begin? What is reality? What is objectivity? These moments conceal very many worldview questions.”
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Welcome everyone to ALT-PROCESS-PRINTING

What is alternative process printing? Alternative process includes all different techniques that get off the beaten tracks. I explain, users of Polaroid who makes transfer or emulsion lift, also photographers who print their photos with old XIXeme printing process (cyanotype, platinum, gum dichromate and other) or photographer who don’t take the right produce for their traditional paper (lith printing). We can also talk about those who use liquid emulsion on different support.

We create this group for many reason, to bring together and share our experiences, techniques, and tricks, between members and also visitors. This group would not be for user only and won’t be too much technical. We would only make an easy way to discover and appreciate alternative process, and why not give you ideas for your next works.

In our gallery you will find one folder by processes, so you will be able to find your best.

Hope you will be interested and many of you will follow us

PS: To submit your work, use the icon submit art. after approval, they will be directly put into the gallery and our icon will be added on your page work. For non members, be free to suggest us favs and works.


for any question about a process, ask directly in the appropriate process folder as comment, we will reply as soon as we can







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