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About alt-dot-lawndale

alt.lawndale is a group that was created to make a home for alternate universe/alternate reality Daria fan fiction and art.

Recolored Daria pics will not cut it.

Regular fan art will not qualify.

If it is alternate--be it gender bent or the entire cast as sea monkies--it is welcome here.

Welcome, and make yourselves at home!


A journal from our own :iconbloodywilliam:.

From January 1 to January 15 nominations are collected for the annual DARIA FANWORKS AWARDS. Right now the Daria fan community is collecting noms for fan fiction AND visual arts posted to the web in 2012. I am mentioning this here because apparently there have been few nominations in the visual arts category for some reason. The Daria fan community is very active, but I suppose they are more into the fan fic than the fan pics. Me, on the other hand, I am all about the fan art. TOTALLY ABOUT IT. It makes me sad that there are low turn outs for fan art nominations when I KNOW IT'S OUT THERE (which may lead to fewer awards being handed out. Too few nominations means fewer categories!).

The thing of it is, you have to be a member of the Daria fan forum Paper Pusher Message Board (or PPMB for short) to nominate and vote. You can become a member pretty much just by asking at the log in page here [link] then posting somewhere on the board within 48 hours so everyone knows you are a human and not a spammy spam bot of doom. When I joined the forum, my account was activated within 24 hours. Once you are in, you can review the rules and nomination categories here: [link] Sorry, but you cannot even LOOK at the forum unless you are a member. That's just how it is. But if you are an active fan of Daria, you may like joining. The members are pretty cool and they talk about topics other than Daria. It's fairly busy in there, too.

Keep in mind that if you are scheming.... YOU CANNOT NOMINATE YOURSELF. I know. That stinks, but come on now. Be a sport. It's all in good fun.

Last year I won the Best New Daria Fan Artist for 2011. I would really be saddened if this faded away immediately after. It'd be like I cursed it or something.

And if you need ideas for fan art nominations, try these great groups:
Daria Fans [link]
Daria's Sick Sad World [link]
alt dot lawndale [link]

Thank you for your consideration.
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