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April 2018 Sketchdump by ALS123 April 2018 Sketchdump by ALS123
This month's theme for the art challenge I'm doing with MimmiMe was clothes, objects, and city backgrounds. This month was a little rough and I didn't have as much time as I hoped, and the deadline kind of snuck up on me, so there's not much to see. Mainly clothes. I'll try to do more for May ^^;

Left to right, top to bottom:
-CherlnIDA introduced me to this little gem of a movie called Rock and Rule that was made back in the 80s by an animation studio in Canada I think. It was a flop and it's kind of easy to see why, but honestly I enjoyed it. It's set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans and rats sort of mutated into human-rat hybrids. I used more of my style of drawing rodents here, in the movie they look like humans with rat ears and noses. They don't even have tails! :XD: So much more could have been done with the storyline, and the villain was awesome, and the ending was pretty epic. I love the animation style too, reminded me of cartoons I used to watch as a kid. And a ton of catchy songs :D
But anyway, I had to draw two of the main characters, Angel and Omar. This was Omar's expression through almost the entire movie :XD: And I just had to draw this moment in the final scene of the movie where it looks like the good guys are about to lose. Just an kind of awesome moment for Angel and Omar right after this part. You have to watch it to see :D
-Next is Emma from Once Upon a Time. I have become addicted to this show, guys. I hate that I can't draw humans because I REALLY want to draw the characters in this show. I cringe looking at this attempt to draw Emma, but I gotta start somewhere, eh?
-Next, I played dress up with Fane, Maria, and Basil. Yes, Fane is wearing a tropical shirt and jeans (CherlnIDA asked for that because this is what he wears in her latest fic :XD: ) Maria's dress and Fane's next outfit I found on Pinterest I think. I tried to bulk Fane up a bit because I always draw him way too skinny. And I really wanted to show the height difference and sort of body type between him and Basil. They're about the same height, but Basil is thinner. And Basil's outfit I referred from a photo of Benedict Cumberbatch :meow:
-Next is a colored sketch of a street scene I found... honestly I don't remember where it came from :ohnoes: 
-And finally are some random objects in my room :aww:

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Gyrforce Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely laughed when I saw the Rock and Rule art!  I didn't think anybody else watched it!  Omar looks like he smells something bad the entire movie, you're so right. :rofl:

Your human drawing skills are definitely improving, though!  I cant totally see it.

Fane on the far left looks like he went on vacation a la Merlin from Sword in the Stone and isn't sure he likes it. :lmao:  I really, really love how you draw them all, too! :love:

That street sketch is pretty dang good, too!  If I'm correct, I want to say it's from a street in Spain and they have a procession there on Easter (?) or around there and they do flower petal art in the streets, as well.  I was actually there a couple years ago during the flower festival thing (can't remember if it was around Easter) and that sketch looks very much like a famous street we walked down.  I could be wrong, but that building to the right might actually be a church and that's a side door.  We were only there half a day...
ALS123 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha aww, funny thing is I never heard of Rock and Rule until :iconcherlnida: mentioned it to me and she got me to watch it. It was something, man. Omar had me rolling the whole time. His "No, Angel, don't," was just so hilarious, like it was such a serious moment and he just seemed to have no emotion :XD:

Haha I enjoyed putting Fane in attire he's not used to :rofl:

Oh man I wish I could remember where that street was from, but you're probably right. The photo looked so surreal, like the golden tones were so peaceful :aww:
Amaryllex Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ROCK AND RULE! :heart:
Shrewgirl Featured By Owner Edited May 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh I forgot to add: I read on an animation blog years ago Ratigan’s design was inspired by Mok. I can totally see it, mannerisms and all.
Shrewgirl Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I think you captured Angel and Omar very well. Rock n rule was a favourite of mine from my childhood. The studio that created it (Nelvana) almost went bankrupt because of this movie(so the story goes...), but they went on to create the Care Bears tv series and other shows. Anyway, my favourite songs are Triumph and Send Love through (Angel and Omar version)
kareja Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
Rock and Rule!, an underrated but awesomly good movie :)

And all of these - Heart 
MimmiMeArt Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This month's theme is perfect for us that can't draw humans. Theme is objects and human faces!

But these look great! Love the folds on Maria's dress!
JasperQuill Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Student Filmographer
That Emma character sketch actually isn't too bad; you're improving with human faces more than you realize. Only thing you'd probably have to tweak regarding the face would be the alignment and sizing of the smaller eye. Maybe consider defining a clear eyeline when sketching your characters' heads next time, that can really help. :aww:

And dang, you weren't kidding about Fane being depicted as too thin. I never really noticed it before, but the slightly bulkier body type you gave him in the second sketch makes a world of difference in showing his physical power and prestige, perfectly fitting for his character. Wonderful job on that sketch, Amber; I'd definitely consider cleaning it up a bit for a potential reference sheet or a finished art piece. He looks amazing! SPARKLESPARKLESPARKLE 
6SeaCat9 Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Holy frick I remember Rock and Rule! Holy shit that movie was messed up! But good! :D
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